Official Statement: “The Sims 4 is Doing Great”

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With the release of The Sims Mobile, many PC players have expressed concern regarding the state of The Sims 4 and the amount of content being produced. Gurus have made sure to let everyone know that The Sims Mobile does not affect the development of The Sims 4 (here, here, and here), but many have been expressing concern on the forums.

One of the most talked about issues on the forums is Gurus being transferred from The Sims 4 over to The Sims Mobile, and the slow down of Sims 4 Expansion Pack releases compared to previous iterations of The Sims.


Today, SimGuruDrake popped into the forum thread to address some of the comments. She ensures players that The Sims Mobile has “zero impact” on development for The Sims 4, and that players wouldn’t have “noticed the change” if SimGuruMeg hadn’t said it.