What to Expect From EA, Maxis, and The Sims During Gamescom 2017

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UPDATE: The Sims 4 Toddler Stuff is confirmed playable at Gamescom 2017.

See here for additional information!

Electronic Arts is once again attending the annual Gamescom Expo in Cologne, Germany, giving players a chance to check out upcoming games first hand. EA will host their press conference on Monday, August 21st at 9:30am PDT/ 12:30pm ET/ 5:30 pm BST.

During public access dates (August 22nd to 26th) players and media with access to EA’s Business Lounge and Friends and Family Zone on the show floor, will be able to check out The Sims 4 on Console first hand. It has also been stated video and photo capture of the game will not be allowed. No word yet if those who get a first look will be able to share their written experience though.


It is also very likely that The Sims Mobile will make an appearance at the show seeing as it was a part of the Maxis/Sims 4 Booth at EA Play. The Sims Mobile was announced on May 9th, and also soft launched in Brazil, but there has been zero information since. Perhaps EA will share some additional information during their Gamescom conference.

Lastly, with regard to The Sims 4 on PC, there has been zero information or confirmation that Maxis and EA will be making an announcement for an upcoming game. Does that rule it out? No. We will have to watch and see what EA has planned for their press conference and whether or not The Sims 4 on PC is worth their time slots.