Inspiration Corner: Pillows Everywhere!

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I have to say, as much as I enjoy finding out about new features in The Sims packs, one thing I really like is to go through the new items and gather ideas of how to mix and match them with stuff we already had in the game. It wasn’t different when they first released The Sims 4 Toddlers Stuff Pack trailer a couple weeks ago when a single item really caught my eye: a stack of pillows.

That’s right, amidst colorful gigantic rugs, a cute set of painted tree stumps and the most discord causing playground equipment this series has ever seen, what really made me think about my future builds was this very simple, easy to miss set of three pillows that works as any regular lounge chair in the game. Why? Because I think they present us with a wide range of possibilities when decorating.

First of all, they made the set of pillows cheap (90 simoleons), so they come handy for your starter families. Then, they are presented with a good variety of color swatches, which makes it easier to match them with other content. And last but not least, pillows are great at transforming any room into a warm, fun and comfortable environment.

So in order to inspire you to use the pillows in more ways than the outdoor purpose from the pack, I created a few different scenarios using the same room as a base. I hope this will give you ideas for your next build, or to renovate a room in your current played household.

1. The rundown TV room

Nothing says “we can’t afford better furniture” then having pillows on the floor instead of a couch. The overall messiness does help a lot.

2. Making a living room feel more comfortable

I find that the trick is to combine the set of pillows with yet more pillows. Not necessarily pillows overload, but it brings a more cohesive feel to the room.


3. Pretentiously casual

You know those rooms that are meticulously relaxed? Like when it seems that people actually put a lot of thought into making they feel like no thoughts were given into decorating them? A carefully placed stack of pillows is great for that feel.

4. Comfy kids rooms

Wether they’re providing seating for friends who come over to play or even serving as protection from more (fun) dangerous games around the room, pillows are a great addition to making any play area more comfortable for your little ones.

5. Home studio

Pillows and rugs absorb sound, thus ensuring recording quality. Whenever I play musician sims, I usually convert one of the rooms in the house into a home studio, and pillows also give them an extra warmth that is very welcome in a creative environment.