The Sims 4: Developers *Really* Want Post-apocalyptic Gameplay

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German gaming site sat down with SimGuruGrant and SimGuruDuke to talk about The Sims 4 and what type of content players can expect in the future. After the usual “Maxis doesn’t talk about future content” bit, the folks at GamePro asked the Gurus what type of gameplay they would like to see implemented.

“Many members of our team are fans of Fallout or The Walking Dead, an expansion that we talk a lot about and which we would like to make would be one with a post-apocalyptic setting .”

“I think the idea is funny that Sims – as stupid as they are now – suddenly find themselves in such a terrible situation and would live in a vault or a camp, and I find the combination of crazy people and a post-apocalyptic setting pretty funny. “

With the Gurus expressing the team’s desire to implement this type of gameplay to The Sims 4, can it actually be done? Looking back at a survey from August 2015, the concept of an “apocalypse” was included among the many ideas listed in the survey.


Rebuild – The apocalypse has struck The Sims 4! Explore abandoned neighborhoods, rescue survivors, rebuild your town into a thriving community, & fight off Zombies to protect your town. 

If the development team really wants to make this type of concept a reality, could we be seeing something post-apocalyptic in the future? Is this something that would be well received by the community? Only time will tell. For now, we await The Sims 4 Cats & Dogs Expansion pack and await the upcoming content teasers in the coming year.

Hat Tip: SimTimes