Sim-mates in Heaven: The Story of Rosana & Wouter (Part 2)

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Sometimes there is much more than a video game that brings people together, and Rosana & Wouter are the perfect example of Sim-mates in heaven! In a multi-part blog, Electronic Arts has published the story of Rosana & Wouter, veterans of the Simming community!

Video games can bring people together like no other form of entertainment. In Part I, we introduced you to Rosana and Wouter, a Dutch couple who fell in love through their shared passion for The Sims. In Part II, we’ll relive their Sims-themed wedding.


How did you get the idea of a Sims themed wedding?

Wouter: We met because of the game, but we didn’t really discuss the theme much at the beginning, but as we decided on decorations (mostly by Rosana just ordering things online) it ended up being Sims-themed.

Rosana: The theme…just sort of happened. Wouter isn’t really into decorating so he mostly left it to me. I started looking for plumbob decorations and soon found that I had to create most of the special Sims decorations myself.

What was it like to share your special day with your family and friends

Wouter: It was very special. I was amazed.

Rosana: Awesome! I think the majority of our relatives had no idea how we had met and our wedding day changed that. And I loved that at the end of the day relatives had learned Sims terminology from our Simming friends. They now even know what “woohoo” means.