The Sims 4: Guide to That Random Lump of Clay

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In the “Toy” section of build mode of The Sims 4 base game, there is an object called Lump of Clay that appears to be nothing more than a blob. But upon closer inspection, this is an interactive object able to be used by Sims for different moodlet effects.

The Lump of Clay costs §150 in Build Mode and has a level 4 fun effect on Sims. It is an object that may be placed on surfaces such as desks and dressers. There are not any recolor options, so the only available color is the dull light brown color.

Description: A simple lump of clay awaits you.

Upon clicking on the Lump of Clay, there are two actions that your Sim may perform on the object: Put in Inventory is one option, and Mold Clay or Mold Something New is the other. Since the object is portable and is able to be interacted with from the Sim’s inventory, the Put in Inventory interaction makes it so Sims can carry the lump of clay with them wherever they go.

Mold Clay allows Sims to sculpt with the clay in their hands. By doing this, one of five different designs may be created to be put on display. Very often, though, this option can also either keeps the clay as a ball (which is the default), or change the molded item back into a ball of clay. If the clay is already sculpted into something, the option changes to Mold Something New. However, if the Sim has already molded the clay without any sculpted result, that option may appear during this case as well.



While molding the clay, the Sim performing the action will stretch and press together the lump until it turns into a different design or for a certain amount of time that produces no physical change.

Even if the action produces no physical result, completing the Mold Clay or Mold Something New action allows for an Inspired +1 moodlet, providing for a slight boost of creativity for 4 hours.

Description: Clay has so much potential. All the possibilities are inspiring!

When a small sculpture is created through the molding clay interaction, the result will either be a replica of the Eiffel Tower, a geometric star-like shape, a sphere with sticks pointing out of the top and bottom of it, a rabbit, or a tea kettle. All but one of these designs do not have any function to them, so they are merely different textures of the lump of clay.

The geometric star-like shape, however, provides a Focused +1 moodlet as it becomes focused décor with emotional aura turned on.

All designs created by the molding interaction may be displayed on a surface and interacted with again just like the original form of the Lump of Clay.