The Sims 4’s FREE Holiday Celebration Pack Gets An Update!

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With today’s Sims 4 game patch comes an update for the free Sims 4 Holiday Celebration Pack. In today’s update you will find the following items added to the game.

This update brings with it an update to the Holiday Celebration Pack – Diwali!

9 new objects and 9 new Create a Sim assets to help you celebrate Diwali.

You will need to download the Holiday Celebration Pack (if you have not already done so), completely free, in order to access these new assets. Just click on the Holiday Celebration Pack from the Main menu “Your Collection” section, and add it to your game… freely free!


Once in game, you can find them by looking for the Holiday Pack filter in Create a Sim and Build Mode.


New Create a Sim assets in the Holiday Celebration Pack:

  • Full body outfits for adults
  • Full body outfits for children
  • A female adult bracelet accessory
  • A female child earring accessory
  • Adult, female hair
  • Child, female hair
  • Child, male shoes

New objects in the Holiday Celebration Pack:

  • Diya, a clay lamp
  • 3 rangoli inspired rugs, each with several colorful patterns
  • A 3×3 grid of candle lights that you can place on top of other objects, such as the rangoli inspired rugs.
    • Warning: The placement of open flames on top of your favorite rug is NOT recommended in the IRL dream.
  • 4 different wall hanging string “not real but they do glow like they were real” lights, that can be mixed, matched, and overlapped to create interesting displays of festive (not) lights.