The Sims 4 Cats & Dogs: Sims Camp Gameplay Overviews (LIST)

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Multiple Sims Camp attendees are reporting that the embargo for their Sims 4 Cats & Dogs Gameplay overview ends tomorrow. Starting October 30th at 7am Pacific Time, they will be able to share their gameplay overviews, videos, & info with the community. From what is being said, this is the final embargo lift for the event.

This post serves as a list of links to images, articles, and videos that are released during the embargo lift. (Bookmark it!) For more info on the embargo dates, see here.




Lot Sizes by The Sims 

Complete and Thorough World Overview by SimTimes

Interactive Seagulls Screenshot by Iron Seagull

Complete Game Overview by Sims Online

Cat Riding a Roomba by Sims Online

Ghost Dog by Sims Online

New World and Lot Sizes by DotSim

Variety of Cats & Dogs Info by DotSim 

32 Screenshots from Cats & Dogs by DotSim

November Game Patch Info by DotSim

• Gameplay Preview and Impressions by L’Univers Sims

Brindleton Bay’s Districts by Iron Seagull

Cows in the Distance by Iron Seagull

New Woohoo Spot by Iron Seagull

Brindleton Bay Overview by L’Univers Sims




• Gameplay, Objects, ‎Brindleton Bay by Vixella

First Impressions, New World, & Vet Career by Xmiramira

First Look and Gameplay by KrystinMyrieXo

First Impressions by Iron Seagull

Speed Build by DutchSims4Master 

Build & Buy Mode by SpringSims

First Impressions, Build/Buy, and Puppy Training by Jessamica92

Build & Buy Mode by xUrbanSimsx

First Impressions, Live & Buy/Build Mode by AndrewArcade

Speed Build by Kaleidow

Cats & Dogs Gameplay by The Sim Supply

New Interactions and World Overview by Deligracy

Dine Out Restaurant in Brindleton Bay by Iron Seagull

First Look at Gameplay by EnglishSimmer

Random Gameplay by Fezet

Build and Buy Mode by Deligracy

Gameplay Preview by Make2

Livestream Overview by RoryPlays

Gameplay Overview by PIXIA

Speed Build by Hatsy

Lighthouse Woohoo & Pet Adoption by xUrbanSimsx

House Building by Steph0Sims