The Sims 4 Gallery Spotlight


Love is in the air and Sims in every neighborhood are planning dates, seeking proposal destinations, or, for those that are tremendously confident, shopping venues for the celebration.  Create lovely memories and have some fun at these playful and free for download Gallery creations.  Amore!


1. Ristorante Amore by Ninnster, §155,117

Rustic brick warms the exterior of this lovely restaurant.  The first floor has many seating options and restrooms.  The second floor is ideal for receptions and features a more private seating area with chocolate fountain, and lounge with dance floor, mic, piano, violin and bar.  The grounds have many photo opportunities like bench cuddle spots and an outdoor fountain.  Once the date is a success, seal the deal with the wedding arch in the back garden.



2. Ristorante Da Valentino by Cevans1962, §134,426

A dinner date destination, this restaurant doubles as a wedding hall with two places to tie the knot.  The first floor has a charming indoor seating area and a lounge area with dance floor, bar, piano, guitar, violin and mic.  Upstairs there’s an office for all those registration needs, a wedding arch and restrooms.  The grounds offer an outdoor seating area with barbecue and a wedding arch.



3. Valentines Proposal by LeashaLoves,  §159,916

Mossy ponds flank the front of this stylish restaurant and wedding location.  The first floor has several dining areas plus outdoor seating with access to the dance floor and entertainment area with piano and violin.  The second floor holds a bar and reception seating with a table for friends and family as well as one for the couple; adjacent is the balcony with the outdoor wedding arch.



4. Will You Marry Me? by VivianKramer, §48,027

Location is everything when finding a quiet place to grow closer to a loved one.  This park offers a hot tub, seating for two, chocolate fountain and restroom; all the ambiance needed for that ‘yes’.



5. Brockmere Park by nikkamore,  §100,559

For a low key date look no farther than this lovely park.  An impressive statue overlook offers birds-eye views of the swimmable lake.  The chess area features a fountain and a hot dog vendor is on hand.



6. Vampire Valentine wedding gothkittymimi, §181,604

Immortals who’ve found their eternal partner can celebrate the occasion with their fellow creatures of the night at this enchanting wedding location.  The main feature is the outdoor wedding arch and cross shaped red ponds; the fun happens in the crypt below where there’s a globe bar and a pipe organ.


7. Heartbreak Hotel by BryonyRae, §162,432

So, your Sim is totally over all this lovey dovey Valentine’s Day nonsense and is ready to move on…that’s just fine!  Pass the time in the equal and divided heartbreak hotel where there are no double beds and the day is like any other.  The first floor holds open layout kitchens and living areas with fireplaces, the second floor has home offices/work out rooms with computer, treadmill, stereo; one has an easel and the other a game table plus bathrooms.  The third floor is the bedroom with two twin beds, bookshelf and en suite bath.  The back gardens of each have yoga mats, swimming pools and outdoor seating.