The Sims 4 Jungle Adventure: Selvadorada Live Stream Info/Q&A (RECAP)

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In today’s Sims 4 Jungle Adventure Live Stream, SimGurus provided info and answered questions about the game pack. This live stream was focused on the World, CAS, and some jungle exploration. The next live stream is on February 23rd.


Jungle Adventure Overview

The gurus kicked off today’s stream showing off Selvadorada. Selvadorada is a vacation destination world with editable lots. From home, gurus used the phone to set up a vacation in the world, and then rented a villa. The first lot shown was the “Cantina” which is an editable venue lot that is available in the new world. The Cantina is a great place to mingle with locals and learn a little “Culture Skill”.


The gurus proceeded to show off a bit more of the world. The first part they showed was the “river” area that has a nice view of the waterfall, a deck for sims to relax, and fishing spots to catch some fish. (beware what’s in the water, you don’t know what you’ll catch).


They also showed off the new museum of Selvadorada, which is one of the three editable venues. Museums are a must for a Sim’s archaeology collection and skill.


The following images shows off the path to the museum and local marketplace.


In the first neighborhood there are are 2 villas Sims can rent. This neighborhood is the “Market District” which has a few rentable villas, the Cantina venue, and the museum.



In the Cantina, we are met with a Sim who is salsa dancing outside. There are also more than one type of dancing types as stated by SimGuruGeorge. (This Sim is doing “one of” the new dances available with this pack)

There are also two brand new radio stations: Latin Pop and Traditional Latin.

Gurus also showed off some of the new build objects in the cantina.

Visiting the market place is a good way to prepare before heading into the jungle. This is the best place to grab some snacks, or something to drink. The market place has several new stands, one of them being the new food vendor stall. New food items are available:


Working on the “Culture Skill” will help Sims learn the new recipes so they can make them at home. This is similar to the food items from City Living, except you have to gain skill in order to learn them.


Eating a nice meal before visiting the jungle is a good way to fuel up, but you will get hungry as you explore the jungle. This means you will need to purchase something for the road. Vendor tables have a variety of adventure gear and food items to purchase.

The items on vendor tables will rotate out every so often, so you won’t see all the items at once. Having a higher Culture Skill will unlock unique items as well.

The following food and adventure gear were seen during the stream:

Grilled Cheese Ready to Eat – The GCRE is a compact and nutritious grilled cheese sandwich for an on-the-go explorer. Use now or in 100 years. It will taste the same.


Dr. Parker’s Spider Repellent – Dr. Parker developed 8 scientifically proven defenses against those with 8 legs and up to 8 eyes. These defenses have now been transformed into this handy spray.

Water in a Bottle – This simple solution will quickly and completely remove the grime from your body and leave you feeling fresh and clean. It’s more than just water. We swear.

Liquid Rush – Packed full of more energy per ounce than any other liquid. A great item to take on long hikes.


Plasma Bat Bait – Why would you want a box of flies? If you’ve ever encountered the Salvadoradian Plasma Bat, you know why. Toss in the general direction of nearby bats to cause distraction.

Guzmania Pollenis Flowerdescription not shown

They proceeded to show off the “Madre Cosecha” (Mother Harvest) statue which is right next to the local vendors. She is the town founder according to gurus, and you will want to remember her location. From what the gurus said, you will want to visit her if you were to get into trouble. She is very good at helping Sims.

SimGuruNinja also gave some backstory. While you are vacationing in Salvadorada, the locals that you are meeting are part of the current society. There is still a much older society that you will be investigating in the jungle. Before embarking on your jungle adventure, it’s a good idea to ask the local for tips and any info they can provide to help you prepare for the journey.


They then showed off the official world map of Selvadorada, giving us a look at the two new neighborhoods included with the game.


Puerto Llamante Marketplace – Come enjoy the sights and sounds of Selvadorada! Pack some gear before heading out to the jungle, or relax and experience different food and culture. Swing by the Marketplace, right by the Cantina.


Jungle District – Determined explorers who forge a path through thick jungle can uncover secluded spots where rare treasures can be found. Local legends describe a temple that mystically rearranges itself hidden deep in the Omiscan ruins.



Belomisia Jungle – The jungle is teeming with wondrous sights and hidden dangers. Brave adventurers can explore the ruins of the ancient Omiscans. Skilled Sims and those equipped with gear from the marketplace will do well here.

The question marks that are seen around the world are locked areas that can only be unlocked as you discover the jungle. You can only travel to 7 lots when starting off.

The Gurus proceeded to enter Belomisia Trailhead, an editable lot where Sims can begin their adventure into the jungle. There are two additional villas that Sims can rent here.



This specific location brings you directly to the entrance of the jungle. To begin their journey, Sims can either click on the entrance billboard for information on poison and preparation, or they can enter the jungle by clicking the fallen tree branches. Sims will have to try and clear the path with a Machete, or with their bare hands.

Clear Path with Machete – Clears the path faster without hurting one’s hands, but the Machete may be lost. Purchase a machete at the marketplace.

Clear Path with Hands – Sims with higher Gardening Skill clear faster and are less likely to hurt their hands.


Clear paths will yield new interactions: Travel Through and Travel Through With

Once the path is cleared, the Sim is swept away and a notification appears. The pop up lets you know what is happening with the Sim, and what skills should be raised for that Sim to have better results. Results vary based on the selection you make.


From there, the Sims entered a hidden part of the jungle to begin their exploration. Gurus also pointed out the new “Pee/Poo/Woohoo” bush that is available in the jungle.

Once inside the forest, Sims can find new harvestables or enjoy the new scenery. There will be additional areas of the jungle to unlock, and some dangers along the way.



One of the Sims encountered dangerous spiders, but because the sim had the repellent with him, he was able to spray himself to avoid the danger. There was also an unexpected jungle snake that was slithering in the background.


After crossing the jungle walkway, the sims found a new archaeology dig. Sims who have the Archaeology Scholar Aspiration or skill should dig in these spots to find hidden artifacts.

“Establish Excavation Site”, “Excavate Together” and “Excavate” were shown as the available interactions. Establishing an Excavation Site allows multiple Sims to dig at once and quarter off the area so artifacts do not get damaged. This interaction is available to Sims who have a higher Archaeology skill. Sims who raise this skill will locate more dig piles as well using the “Survey for Dig Piles” Interaction.


While excavating, one of the Sims was attacked by bees and was able to “calmly” and “logically” get through it.

While excavating, one of the Sims dug up an “Unauthenticated Knife”. The Sim placed the pop up archaeology bench from his inventory into the world so they can uncover what this artifact is. Sims with a higher archaeology skill seem to have better results.

Pop Up Archaeology Work Bench – “Archaeology is a fast, competitive, on the move science. This work bench was designed to keep up with scientists in the field or working from home.


Once the bench is placed in the world, Sims have the option to “Authenticate Artifact”. This brings up a panel that lists all the unauthenticated items found while excavating.


After some time, the Sim was able to authenticate the artifact. The artifact will then display information on rarity and quality. There can also be fake artifacts as well.

The item can now be collected as part of a new “Ancient Omiscan Artifacts” Collection. There are a total of 16 new artifacts that can be discovered with various qualities.


Speaking of collections, there are two brand new collections added with Jungle Adventure called Ancient Omiscan Artifacts and Omiscan Treasures.

Ancient Omiscan Artifactsdescription not shown

Omiscan Treaures – The Omiscan people treasured collectible plates and souvenir frogs. Sims can find these treasures within the treasure chests hidden throughout the jungle.

Additionally, when Gurus scrolled down the list, we also saw 9 new harvestables added to the Gardening collection, including Avocados.

There is also evidence that the bug and flower collections received new items as well. Seen throughout the stream was a “Live Blue Slug” and “Guzmania Pollenis Flower”.


Once they finished authenticating the artifacts, they showed off yet another uncleared path in the jungle, but went back to the first path to hack through it.


❗ SIDE NOTE: SimGuruNinja spoke about bringing other Sims with on an adventure. You will be able to bring NPC Sims, other household members, pets, toddlers, and more. 

Once the new path was cleared, the Sim is swept away and a notification appears. The pop up lets you know what is happening with the Sim, and what skills should be raised for that Sim to have better results. Results vary based on the selection you make.


From there, the Sims entered yet another hidden part of the jungle. The Sim who entered this area was hungry and sleepy, so they gave her a “Grilled Cheese Ready to Eat” and a can of “Liquid Rush”. This helped bring the Sim back into the green.

Their first mission in this new part of the jungle was to open up a treasure chest sitting on the ground. One of the Sims made their way over and discovered a Mystical Relic, earned some simoleons, and received some adventure gear in her inventory.


During this part of the stream, the gurus hovered over something called “Plasma Bat Bait” that was found in the treasure chest. This is an item that can be purchased at the vendor tables in the marketplace. It’s assumed “bats” are dangers like bees and spiders.


The Totecallama Mystical Relic that was discovered is just one part of a complete relic. This relic looks to be the top part as it has a llama head. When the “relic base” is discovered, you can can use the “Fuse” interaction to fuse the two together.

According to Gurus there are multiple pieces to mystical relics that when fused together create “cursed” and “blessed” things. There are also wood and gold relic types.

Later on in the stream, Gurus went back into live mode and showed off a completed relic they had from a previous game session. When fused together with a special crystal, the Llama relic is called the “Golden Totecallama Death Relic”. Normal crystals in the game can be placed on the archaeology work bench and refined into special gems.


Golden Totecallama Death Relic – This relic contains a uncommon crystal. Place in Sim’s inventory to learn more. (Top, Base, + Crystal)

When placing this item in a Sim’s inventory, they can activate its powers on themselves or on others depending on the type of mystical relic. When the Sim in the stream did this, a colorful skeleton helper appeared! The skeleton is a maid of sorts that helps clean up around the house.


❗ Service Skeletons and Skeleton afflictions are available in the game. Afflictions are temporary and can be cured, but Service Skeletons can’t be added to your household. 


❗ Sims can learn a special joke from service skeletons.

❗ Skeletons don’t have to eat or use the washroom.

Another mystical relic power was shown on the stream, where a Sim activated the Skeleton affliction on herself. At this point most needs/motives were disabled temporarily. Food consumed as a skeleton will pile up on the floor next the Sim.


Toward the end of the stream, Gurus also showed off the new Collection Case in the game for Sims to place different treasures and relics. There are multiple slots.

The world is randomized to an extent. This means that gameplay will not be repetitive every time as some paths paths might be locked off the next time, or different treasures and relics will be found. Gurus encourage multiple trips to the jungle.


Next up the Gurus opened up a 3rd path in the jungle. The Sim was swept away once again and a notification appeared. The pop up lets you know what is happening with the Sim, and what skills should be raised for that Sim to have better results. Results vary.

❗ In this scenario, because the Sim did not have a Guzmania Pollenis Flower, he was unable to use Option #3. (greyed out)


Since the next live stream will show off the Hidden Temple, they continued into CAS to show off some of the new assets for Sims. They mentioned that children and toddlers will also get some new items in CAS, but they didn’t have a child or toddler to model for us.




From there they jumped back into the game to show off some of the milestones of the new aspirations. The Jungle Explorer and Archaeology Scholar Aspirations were shown during gameplay:



The following new skills were mentioned as well:

Selvadoradean Culture Skill – Allows you to talk to locals, ask about the jungle, and unlocks new interactions. This helps Sims when they visit the local marketplace.

Archaeology Skill – Allows you to excavate dig piles, discover dig piles, and uncover artifacts on the Archaeology Table.



Lastly, they also showed us a brand new Portable Toddler Bed that will be launching with the next game patch. This bed is meant to be a portable bed Sims can take with them whenever a toddler joins them on a jungle adventure. This is being added via a patch since Toddlers were not available when Outdoor Retreat was launched.

Random Info Bits

• They showed off the world map and icon


• Iguanas, Parrots, Snakes, Bees, and other small animals that are flying around the jungle are not available for Sims to take home. They stay in the wild.

• There is a new death in the game

• Waterfalls are romantic. Parts of the world are dangerous, but there are areas that help your Sims out.

• New Lot Traits include the Creepy Crawlies Lot Trait and Peace and Quiet Lot Trait

• There was an Avocado Harvestable Tree found in the jungle.


• The following moodlets appeared in the game: