Community Blog: A Day in the Life of a Jungle Adventure

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The Sims team has released a new Sims 4 Jungle Adventure Blog

The Sims 4 Jungle Adventure* comes out swinging February 27, and this game pack will introduce your Sims to an entirely new cultural destination: Selvadorada. With so much to explore, think of us as your tour guide with a little advice on how to get the most out of a day in the jungle.

First, head to Puerto Lllamante, the local marketplace that offers survival gear, trinkets, photo ops, and more to get your Sims ready for their trip. Some items can keep your Sims safe on their journey, like spider repellent and poison antidote. Plus, level up your Selvadoradian Culture skill to get secret adventure gear, which will help Sims on their travels. Okay, you’re now ready to explore. Let’s go!


Hold up. Roaring falls. Chirping birds. Wow, this gorgeous landscape deserves a second look! Before diving into any potential mayhem, take a moment for your Sims to appreciate how lush and green Selvadorada truly is. It’s no wonder they call this place a natural, well, wonder.

All right, squad, moving on! Once you get your bearings, you can search to find the Omiscan Temple. And once you do, your Sims can find riches beyond their wildest dreams! But, not so fast. There are lots of traps to look out for, and some are even deadly. Solving them will help your Sims go deeper into the temple, where there are surprises at every turn. Make sure to return to the Secret Temple several times. Because it has magical powers, each time your Sims visit, it’s different. Whoa.

How’d they do that? When you get back to base camp, beef up your Archeology skill when you examine all the goods you’ve collected. You can discover artifacts, mystical relics, and crystals. Your Sims can even take these home as mementos (or proof!) of their wild adventures.


After all that exploring, your Sims will need to blow off some steam! Head to the cantina to celebrate your courageous day and get to the know the locals, and learn their traditions. Dance the night away with some spicy moves, and raise a glass to your Jungle Adventure!