Origin Update: April 10th, 2018

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There’s a new update available in Origin: Version – 0

Version 10.5.16

  • The download manager needed some serious attention this week: the progress bar wasn’t displaying properly for games with progressive installation, some of the controls weren’t clearly labeled and if you made your Origin client window very small the download manager would shove the profile tile on top of the notifications tile. The bar’s been tweaked, we used our label maker to take care of the buttons and gave the download manager a stern talking-to about respecting others’ personal space.
  • You can now resize Origin chat windows when they’re popped out, instead of having to accept whatever default size they feel like being that day.
  • Have your text-to-speech messages sounded alittlelikethisrecently? It’s hard to hear anything when people are talking too fast or interrupting each other, so we’ve slowed things down a bit. Now messages should sound more like a conversation and less like an auction.
  • Now the Origin installation window shows off more recent games in its image loop, because we love our children and want to brag about them.