Maxis Update: Multiple Sims 4 Gurus Laid Off, Others Moved to Mobile Teams

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We’ve just received information from sources familiar with current events at Maxis that multiple Sims 4 Gurus have been laid off from EA, and others have joined The Sims Mobile.

According to one source, EA has stated that budget cuts and other financial structuring is to blame, and others have stated that EA is shifting towards a mobile gaming structure for The Sims since mobile games are currently a money maker for EA.


We have also been shown evidence of a fractured EA-Maxis relationship which has caused development problems within the studio recently. There’s no telling where this leaves The Sims 4 in the long run, but these events are obviously not great news for the series.

In recent months, some of the more public Sims 4 Gurus announced their move over to the Sims Mobile team, and others have updated their Linkedin profiles to note changes to their employment. News of layoffs at EA began yesterday when SimGuruDaniel announced his departure from the team, and even though he didn’t specifically mention he was laid off, our sources have confirmed that he was one of many who were laid off or moved to mobile.

With news of EA giving veteran Gurus the boot, we can’t help but wonder what will happen to the game. Is that “exciting news” still planned? Will they announce another game at EA Play this year? We’ll have to wait and see.