Sims Mobile: How To Unlock the Photography Career & Complete the ASOS Fashion Event

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There’s a new quest based event for The Sims Mobile! The ASOS Fashion Show quests are now available for a limited time, giving players 12 days to complete the necessary steps that will reward them with the Photography Career, new heirlooms, and career stories.

To begin this quest, select the “Quests” tab on the right side of your screen. If you do not see the Limited Edition “Catwalk This Way” Quest, restart your game. It is required you have the latest game update in order to complete this quest.

The ASOS Event Quests are marked with a golden “Limited Time” banner

The event requires you to collect ASOS Coins to progress, and these can be collected by performing everyday tasks like socializing, finishing short work shifts, or interacting with other Sims. The bulk of these coins can be collected by completing events at the ASOS set up in Market Square, and the 11 associated event quests.

ASOS related events are marked with an “a”

To complete the “Catwalk This Way” ASOS Event, you must complete 11 individual quests in the game. Below is the list of quests (in the order they appear) that you need to complete, along with rewards and requirements.



All 11 quests will grant you 110 ASOS coins, but you will need 3000 to unlock all the prizes in this event. There is a cool down period for events in Market Square, so unless you spend SimCash to speed up the event timer, you’ll have to wait 8 hours for them to unlock.


Collecting ASOS Coins is just the start. To unlock the new career stories and Photography Career, you are required to purchase the custom ASOS clothing items for your Sims. You can access these items and check current activities by clicking the ASOS logo on the top right side of your screen. The prize tracker will show your progress as you purchase items.

❗ The prize tracker fills as you purchase the special ASOS clothing from this screen.

❗ You will need a minimum of 2200 ASOS Coins to unlock the Photography Skill.

❗ You will need all 3000 ASOS Coins to receive the special photography career story.

Once you have purchased all clothing items and completed the event, you will be granted a unique 20% discount code by the ASOS team. Find your code by clicking the “Activities” tab while in the prize tracker screen. Discount codes expire May 4th.


Photography Career & Stories

One of the prizes you can unlock in this event is the Photography Career. According to the verbiage on the event details page, this event will grant “early unlock” of the career. It is unknown if this career will be available at a later date, but the wording sounds promising.


Once you’ve unlocked this career (requires at least 2200 ASOS Coins) your Sims can join the career and partake in the special career stories.

To join the Photography Career, you will need to place the “Photo Studio” inside the Fashion Studio lot in Market Square. This object is found in the Career section of buy mode.

Once you place the Photo Studio, a new career option becomes available. Joining the career allows Sims to tell one of two stories, depending on if you’ve unlocked both stories via the ASOS event. Available stories are: “Focused and Fearless” & “ASOS Fashion Focused”.



the special ASOS story is only available if you collect 3000 ASOS coins from the event and use them to purchase all clothing in the prize booth. Both stories unlock new reward items.


New Fashion Career Story

One of the first prizes unlocked during the Fashion Event is the brand new Fashion Career story. When collecting and spending at least 1400 ASOS Coins this prize will unlock. The “ASOS Fashion Forecast” story unlocks new reward items for your Sims.