The Sims 4: Custom Sliders and Presets Mod Now Available

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Think the modding community can’t get any better? You’re wrong. Talented modder Lumia Sims has just released Experimental Presets and Custom Sliders for The Sims 4!

This mod allows you to manipulate several points on a Sim including, fingers, hand size, ears, and facial asymmetry. For more information on the mod and to add this beauty into your game, head over to Lumia Sims’ Tumblr!


The Sims as a franchise might be headed toward a fiery death in the near future but that doesn’t stop us modders from making the game our own!

Introducing a Sims 4 first–custom sliders and presets! The first of many to come.

This began mainly as an experiment, debugging and testing out countless iterations of MorphMaker, developed by the ingenious CmarNYC, and the results of my experimentation turned out to be quite useful to release!

As this is a brand new type of mod, I can’t verify its stability over time which is why I gave it the EXPERIMENTAL title.


Don’t let the big scary EXPERIMENTAL stamp scare you, however. As far as I know, this mod is purely cosmetic and will not break your game. (For example, if you download a Sim that is using one of these mods, and you don’t have it in your game, the Sim will revert to default presets.)

Lets get into the nitty-gritty of the mods, shall we?