How To Complete the World of Luxury Event (Bubble Blower) in The Sims Mobile

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There’s a new quest in The Sims Mobile! The World of Luxury Event is now available for a limited time, giving players 14 days to complete the necessary steps that will reward them with the final “Luxuriously Ornate Double Door & Window” rewards. This event also grants Sims special “Deluxe Coins” for completing everyday and event related tasks.

These coins can be used to purchase items from the Ornate and Luxury Ornate boxes. Both boxes contain the same items, the only difference is that you have a choice of purchasing with Deluxe Coins (50) or SimCash (75). More on this later in the post.


To begin this quest, select the “Quests” tab on the right side of your screen. If you do not see the Limited Time World of Luxury Event, restart your game.

The World of Luxury Event is marked with a golden “Limited Time” banner

To complete the World of Luxury Event, you will have to complete 14 individual quests in the game. You will receive rewards and Luxury Coins along the way (the new event related currency), and be rewarded the “Luxuriously Ornate Double Door & Window” once you complete the final quest. Below is the list of quests (in the order they appear) that you need to complete, along with rewards and requirements.

❗ NOTE: Only 11 of the 14 quests are shown below as the 11th quest requires that a 2nd “To Do List” is completed. Since To Do Lists are only available once per day, you will have to wait before moving forward.


❗ Once I am able to complete the 2nd To Do List tomorrow, I’ll add info on the additional 3 quests to this post. Check back tomorrow!



How to Complete Each Quest (Info)

Tapping the info button on each quest lets you know what you need to do to complete each task. To access the special events, click the “World of Luxury” icon on the top right side of your screen. From here you can easily attend special events in the game.

  • Quest #1 – Socialize with friends and “Talk About the World of Luxury Event”
  • Quest #2 – Go to the Cafe and tap on the microphone to start the Tea Event
  • Quest #3 – Place the Tea Set reward from quest #2 in your home
  • Quest #4 – Tap the Little Luxuries Tea Set and “Share Tea Knowledge”
  • Quest #5 – At home, tap a sofa and start the “Luxurious Leisure” event
  • Quest #6 – At home, tap a sofa and “Consider Home Decor”
  • Quest #7 – Attend a Foodie, Concert, or Studio Party from the side menu
  • Quest #8 – At home, tap a sofa and start the “Luxurious Leisure” event
  • Quest #9 – Complete all the Tasks on your To Do List (refreshes daily)
  • Quest #10 – Tap the fridge at the Restaurant to start the “Spice it Up Cooking” event
  • Quest #11 – Complete all the Tasks on your To Do List (refreshes daily)
  • Quest #12 – At home, tap a sofa and start the “Luxurious Leisure” event
  • Quest #13Socialize with friends and complete the “Friendly Insights” event 
  • Quest #14Earn 1700 Deluxe Coins – NOTE: This is a clean slate. Any coins collected previously are not counted in this total. The only coins that count towards this quest are the ones you earn AFTER you get to Quest #14. 

Once you have completed all 14 quests for this event, you’ll unlock the Luxuriously Ornate Double Door and Window set. You can find these items in build/buy or a Sim’s inventory.



Purchasing Items From Ornate Boxes

While completing quests and events related to the World of Luxury Event, or by performing everyday random tasks in the world, Sims will earn special “Deluxe Coins”. These coins can then be redeemed for special CAS and Build/Buy items in the game.

There are two types of Ornate Boxes: Ornate and Luxurious Ornate. The only difference between the two is that items purchased in the Ornate box require 50 Deluxe Coins, and items from the Luxurious Ornate box require 75 SimCash. The Simcash option essentially allows you to have a go at unlocking items with SimCash instead of Deluxe Coins.

❗ To access the Ornate boxes, select the World of Luxury Event icon on the upper right side of the screen, or select the “Store” icon on the top left of the screen. 


The World of Luxury Collections consists of CAS and Build/Buy Items, including the brand new interactive Bubble Blower object. Items are listed by “rarity” (Common, Uncommon, and Rare) and your chances of receiving them depend on the game. There are also some other rewards includes like Fashions Gems and SimCash.

❗ For the purposes of this guide I used the SimCash option to unlock all the items. It took approximately 8,000 SimCash for me to unlock all 53 items in the collection. 

The entire collection includes the following items: 

  • Create-a-Sim Items
    • (1) Geo Boho Shirt
    • (1) Boho-Chic Tank
    • (1) Posh Printed Pants
    • (1) Bounty of Bracelets
  • Build/Buy Items
    • (2) Bubble Blowers
    • (3) Lavish Loveseats
    • (4) Elegant Mirrors
    • (6) Hanging Lanterns
    • (6) Sumptuous Rugs***
    • (6) Accent Tables
    • (6) Tapestries
    • (8) Ornate Dividers
    • (8) Plush Poufs***
  • Other Rewards
    • Fashion Gems
    • Super Home Tickets
    • SimCash
    • Heirloom Tickets
    • Sim Tickets
    • Home Tickets

*** In order to unlock ALL interactions on the Bubble Blower object, you must collect at least one of each of the Rug and Pouf objects.

Tap the box to retrieve your prize

When clicking the currency button in each box and “buying it”, you are technically “rolling the dice” so to speak. Realistically, these are chance boxes. You are not guaranteed to get different items each time, you will receive many duplicates, and you are not able to select what you receive either. The item you receive varies and is based on “chance”.

Items are tagged by rarity. This means you have a 60% chance to unlock Common items, a 25% chance to unlock Uncommon items, and a 15% chance of unlocking Rare items. Select the information icon in the Ornate Box to view color tags for each item.

With the way this system is set up, you will end up receiving plenty of duplicates. This is ok in the beginning as you may need to collect multiples of items to complete the set, but this will eventually lead to an excess of items. When this happens, items will be converted into special rewards that vary depending on the rarity of the item.


The following reward conversions are made when receiving duplicates: 

  • Common Items
    • 25 Super Home Tickets
    • 30 Sim Tickets
  • Uncommon Items
    • 40 Sim Tickets
    • 600 Simoleons
  • Rare Items
    • 20 Fashion Gems
    • 800 Simoleons


Bubble Blower Interactive Object

As you purchase items from the Ornate chance boxes, you may eventually unlock the new Bubble Blower interactive object. This object comes with new gameplay for Sims, adding 4 new interactions to the game. The item does require at least one dining chair.

❗ You will need to collect at least one “Sumptuous Rug” and one “Plush Pouf” from the Ornate boxes in order to unlock all 4 interactions. 

When placing this object in your home, you can select any of the following interactions so long as you have the required items.

  • Try Fairy Fizz – Requires a Dining Chair
  • Try Xanadu Sunset – Requires a Plush Pouf
  • Try Cosmic Encounter – Requires the Sumptuous Rug
  • Blow Bubbles With – Allows 4 Sims to blow bubbles together

This concludes the guide for this event! Have any tips or suggestions for other players? Is there something that needs to be corrected in the guide? Leave a comment below!