The Sims Mobile: New Game Update (June 14th, 2018)

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There is a brand new game update available for The Sims Mobile! Check the App Store and Google Play from your device to install the update. This update adds new features, makes heirloom revisions, adds new quests, adds an heirloom store, and more!

Hey Simmers,

We have an exciting update with some fantastic new features to share for the Summer season. We’re continuing to listen to your comments and make improvements, so please keep the feedback coming. Below is a breakdown of the key changes in Version 11.0.0, now available for download!


Note: If you are not seeing the Update in the iOS App Store, please try going to your Updates tab and pull to refresh the page.

Surprising Choices
We’re introducing a new feature where you can make fun choices to earn valuable bonuses. Here’s how it works!

  • Starting at Level 10, you will occasionally receive “A Surprising Choice” moment
  • The situation will be outlined by the Sims, and you’ll then be presented with a variety of choices on how to react to the news
  • The tradeoffs of each choice will be displayed, and you may choose which one to pursue
  • Choices may result in tangible bonuses for your Sim or even timed discounts on home items

Speeding Up Events
We wanted to provide more fun ways for players to use Cupcakes throughout the game. Now at the start of Events, you may spend Cupcakes to speed up the Event right from the start. You will also receive a bonus reward for using Cupcakes at the start or during an event!


Pro tip: Combine this with your Surprising Choice bonuses to get the most out of your timed rewards!

Heirloom Revisions
Heirlooms have long been a fundamental part of The Sims Mobile, but were often relegated to just Sim retirement. We wanted to make Heirlooms more consistent as part of the experience, so below are all the key changes made to Heirlooms in this update:

  • Upon reaching Level 16 you can now earn Heirloom Tickets from completing Story Chapters throughout the game
  • You may also earn Heirloom Tickets and other rewards from the Free Family Chest in the new Heirloom Storefront. Be sure to check back every day to collect the Family Chest!
  • When retiring a Sim, you will now receive an Heirloom Retirement Chest which can be opened in the Heirloom Storefront.
  • Upon reaching Level 16, you can now interact with the new Heirloom Storefront. It will be the furthest right tab in Storefront.
  • At the Heirloom Storefront, you may spend your Heirloom Tickets on a variety of Heirloom Chests to receive a random Heirloom
  • Every day, a different Heirloom will also become Featured, and may be purchased directly for Heirloom Tickets or Simcash
  • The Heirloom Details screen has been updated to provide more context and clarity on the bonus the Heirloom is providing

Sim Trait Switching

  • Sims now have the ability to swap their Traits!
  • To do this, simply go to the Sim Info panel / Traits tab and tap on the arrow swap button to choose a new trait
  • Note, swapping traits will cost Heirloom Tickets, which can be gained in a variety of new ways described above

New Quests
We’ve continued to add more goals for you to complete as you progress further in the game. Check your Quest Screen for more details once you reach Player Level 30.

New Collections
Enjoy two new collections which can be found in Build / Buy!

  • Farmhouse Living Collection (Level 14)
  • Kitchen Essentials Collection (Level 16)

Key Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where some players were not receiving their sticker contest rewards
  • Fixed an issue where Elder Sims were unable to move out from the family portrait
  • Fixed an issue where Hobby reward objects earned by retired Sims were displaying as locked in Build/Buy
  • Fixed an issue where not all Quests were showing up in the menu
  • Fixed an issue where the Cooking Hobby tutorial bubble wasn’t disappearing

Thanks for reading, and all your continued support of The Sims Mobile!