Broken Mods for June ’18 Patch/Seasons EP

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Θ No longer being updated, thank you for all of your reports! Θ

Note – If anything becomes re-broken with patch 1.44.83 (June 26th update), a note will be made in the Notes section next to the mod. However, the majority of mods should be just fine.

New Game Update 1.44.77 is out! Please backup saves before using any untested mod! With this patch, you should consider most of these mods broken, even if they say Unknown!

Here we’ll list the status of Mods (and CC if needed) in the community, all in one place for your convenience!

We’ll keep this list up-to-date until this patch becomes obsolete (usually about a month or when the next patch comes). Make sure to check the Featured post at the bottom to see mod status changes for the day!

♦♦  Before submitting reports please read the following ♦♦

→If reporting a mod as broken:

Please make sure your script mods are ENABLED! Also, please include the following information to make sure the list is as correct as possible:

  1. Name of Mod and Author (if known):
  2. How is the mod broken? (please be as specific as possible):
  3. It will be a great help to test the mod alone in your Mods folder to make sure that it’s not a mod conflicting issue. Have you tried testing alone, with NOTHING else in your mods folder?:

→If reporting a mod as working or updated:

Only need the Name of the Mod/Author.

NOTE – Only report CC if it’s not working as it did before the patch, if it’s working fine, there’s no need to report it.

Mods that change game play, please feel free to report either way.

If there’s a mod not listed, please feel free to comment with the mod name.

♦♦ Submit reports by commenting below or tag me on twitter @ScarletQueenKat ♦♦

Game Mods ♦ Traits ♦ Careers

General Mods/CC that WILL need updated:

  • Custom Careers
  • Custom Harvestables/Plants
  • Terrain Replacement Mods (Some may no longer be needed)

Broken CC:

  • Custom Counters (Some seem to be working, need more info) – Peacemaker’s are confirmed fine.
  • Custom Skintones – Red X over swatches (Some seem to be working fine)
  • Custom Windows – Looks like the glass is missing from outside
  • Custom Furniture (Some)

*Based on the majority of users reporting that all of their CC listed above are just fine, I believe these reports may just be user error. If you’re having issues, try re-downloading, then use Sims 4 Studio to run the batch fixes from Cats & Dogs.* 

Broken Programs:

Incompatible – These mods have been reported as broken! Therefore, to be on the safe side, please do not add them back to your game, they may need updated!

Updated – Theses mods received an update for the current patch. Re-download needed!

Compatible – These mods do NOT need an update, you can continue using them.

Reported Working – These mods have not been confirmed compatible, however, they’re being reported as working. They may or may not need an update.

Mixed Reports – These mods are working for some, but broken for others. Please test without any other mods installed and report back.

Unknown – These mods have not received any reports. Use at your own risk! If you can test them with no other mods installed and report, would appreciate it!

Obsolete – These mods are no longer needed or they’re broken and no longer being supported.

NOTE – If you are having an issue with a mod that is listed as Updated or Compatible, then you need to make sure you have the latest version! If you do, test the mod ALONE in your mods folder. If you’re still having issues, then you need to report it to the creator. If a mod is listed as Compatible or Updated, their statuses will NOT be changed back to Incompatible without confirmation from the creator!

Game Mods

This is a huge list, so you may need to use the Search box below to find your mod. Traits/Aspirations and Careers will have their own tables below if needed.
Mod Name/LinkAuthorStatusNotes
UI Cheats ExtensionweerbesuUpdated
More Columns in CASweerbesuUpdated
Show/Search Sim Info Moditasan2Compatible
MC Command CenterDeaderpoolUpdated
Lock Skill Gain Progress - Make Sims Your OwnTriplisIncompatible
Become a SorcererTriplisIncompatible
Plant Sim Interactions: Absorb Water, Poison Kiss, and moreTriplisIncompatible
Child and Teen can Quit or Rejoin SchoolTriplisIncompatible
Child Play Interactions - Fake Cry and Draw Air ShapesTriplisUnknown
Phone Animation Replaced with Listening AnimationTriplisUnknown
Music Lover Idle Animation in Live Mode (Occasional)TriplisUnknown
Club Requirement: Gender FiltersIam4everUnknown
Event: Movie EveningIlkaVelleReported Working
Vampire Aging Enabled - With Life ExtensionSimsMods96UnknownOriginal by Hadron1776
No Autonomous ReadingedespinoIncompatible
Less Waving GoodbyeedespinoUnknown
No Inappropriate Family and FriendsedespinoUpdated
Higher skill level threhold like rule for join a clubedespinoCompatible
Higher money requeriment for join to ClubsedespinoCompatible
Trade Voidcritters For All AgesedespinoUpdated
More Club Members [& Gender Requirements!]edespinoCompatible
Play Voidcritters For All AgesedespinoUpdated
Larger Hamper CapacityegurehCompatible
Negotiate More PerformanceegurehCompatible
More Intimate Emotional SupportegurehUpdated
Matched SpacesuitsegurehUpdated
Always Generate InsectsegurehCompatible
Toybox Stores CollectiblesegurehObsolete
Easygoing BabyegurehCompatible
Fridge Stores All HarvestsegurehObsolete
No Cooldown For Breeding Frogs egurehCompatible
"Work/Study Hard" Gains More PerformanceegurehCompatible
No Autonomous Rude/Flirty/Enchanting Introductions egurehUpdated
Longer Efficacy Emotion Potions egurehUpdated
Mischief MDK With HandbuzzerManderz0630Updated
Describe Flirty Dream AnytimeManderz0630Updated
Jungle Adventures - No cool-down for Mystical RelicsManderz0630Updated
Confident, Pregnant and Energized Walks DisabledManderz0630Updated
bug fix: Hides the Lovelorn Tense MoodletManderz0630Compatible
Be romantic and woohoo despite mood of simsManderz0630Updated
Parenthood - No Autonomous Secret HandShakeManderz0630Updated
No Cool Down Time for Alien Brain PowerManderz0630Compatible
No Autonomous ExerciseManderz0630Updated
Any Ghost Can Set a FireManderz0630Compatible
No making enemies for Farting and BelchingManderz0630Updated
Flirtatious Interactions Always AvailableManderz0630Updated
Happy Buffs Changed To FineManderz0630Compatible
Career Socials unhiddenManderz0630Updated
Pan De Muerto Retail Price FixMenaceman44Unknown
Molding Clay Builds CreativityMenaceman44Compatible
Thin Book Tuning FixMenaceman44Updated
Default "Park Sleeper" Tank TopsMenaceman44Unknown
"Life of the Party" Accessories FixMenaceman44Unknown
No Skilling for Inactive SimsNeiaCompatible
Less success for Try for BabyNeiaUpdated
No CullingNeiaCompatible
Get a random numberNeiaCompatible
No Brain FreezeNeiaCompatible
More Clubs per SimNeiaUpdated
No More Relationship CullingNeiaCompatible
No More Same Sims EverywhereNeiaCompatible
More french names for townies and CASNeiaUnknown
Autonomous VampiresPolarBearSimsUpdated
Retail~Hire Who Ever!PolarBearSimsUpdated
Breeding Unlimited!PolarBearSimsUpdated
Instant Morning SicknessPolarBearSimsCompatible
NO! Cry it Out!PolarBearSimsUpdated
Moody Laundry Piles ModPolarBearSimsUpdated
Restaurant~Hire Who Ever!PolarBearSimsUpdated
Vet-Hire Who Ever!PolarBearSimsUpdated
Birthday Anytime!PolarBearSimsUpdated
Praise Vet Employee All You Want!PolarBearSimsCompatible
Teen/Adult Romance & Mess AroundPolarBearSimsUpdated
Risky Woohoo & Try For Baby ChancesPolarBearSimsUpdated
Global Gender PreferencePolarBearSimsCompatible
Autonomous First Kiss!PolarBearSimsUpdated
Ghosts Can Have Babies!PolarBearSimsCompatible
Socialization is Fun!PolarBearSimsUpdated
NO! Think About Family Member~ParenthoodPolarBearSimsUpdated
Shower Bladder RelieverPolarBearSimsUpdated
NO! Change into Bear Costume~ParenthoodPolarBearSimsUpdated
NO! Ask for Advice~ParenthoodPolarBearSimsUpdated
Inappropriate To Marry FIXPolarBearSimsUpdated
Have Some Personality Please!PolarBearSimsUpdated
Autonomous "Ask to Move In"PolarBearSimsUpdated
Autonomous Weddings!PolarBearSimsUpdated
Faster Showers & Baths!PolarBearSimsUpdated
Autonomous Proposals!PolarBearSimsUpdated
Pregnant Aging & Death PLUS Children&ToddlersPolarBearSimsUpdated
Vampire Death & More ModPolarBearSimsUpdated
Labor Puddles PLUS Pets!PolarBearSimsUpdated
True HappinessroBurkyUpdated
Fitness Controls - with Expanded Fitness LimitsroBurkyCompatible
Variable Emotional TraitsroBurkyUpdated
Uncomfortable OverhaulroBurkyCompatible
Emotional InertiaroBurkyCompatible
No Happy Environment MoodletsroBurkyReported Working
Dollhouse Smashing Autonomy TweaksroBurkyUnknown
Unlisted Phone NumbersscumbumboUpdated
Don't Prep Food Where You Angry PoopscumbumboUpdated
Pregnancy Mega ModscumbumboUpdated
Change Sim Name or GenderscumbumboUnknown
Working Alarm ClocksscumbumboUpdated
Packing Crates for TS4scumbumboUpdated
Self-Configurable Autonomy Mod (SCAM)scumbumboUpdated
Keep Instruments in InventoryscumbumboUnknown
Auto-Pause PregnancyscumbumboUnknown
Wakeup Early ModscumbumboUnknown
Working Medicine CabinetsscumbumboUpdated
Smarter Baby CarescumbumboCompatible
Evolve All PlantsscumbumboUpdated
Faster Gardening ModscumbumboUpdated
Don't Wash Dishes Where You Angry PoopscumbumboUpdated
Variable Default Relationships ModscumbumboUnknown
Call Anytime + Relationship ModscumbumboUpdated
Longer Song TitlesscumbumboUnknown
Darker Progress CirclescumbumboReported Working
Outfit Tools - Copy Any OutfitscumbumboUnknown
No More Video DistortionscumbumboCompatible
Bugfixes - It's a Crying ShamescumbumboUpdated
No More Creepy Play Date CallsscumbumboUpdated
Self-Configurable Adjusted Breakage (SCAB)scumbumboUnknown
Paint From Reference AnywherescumbumboUpdated
Always Start Lots PausedscumbumboReported Working
Adoption For TeenagersMSQSIMSCompatible
Flash-Based In-Game Pack BrowserweerbesuUnknown
Higher & More Realistic Overmax PayweerbesuCompatible
Janitors on Community LotsweerbesuUpdated
More Deadly/Intense FireweerbesuUpdated
Visitors Not Spawning in Front of VenuesweerbesuUnknown
Fewer Random Townies on Community LotsweerbesuMixed Reports
Party AnywhereweerbesuReported Working
Longer Parties & More GuestsweerbesuReported Working
Autonomous Use of Hot Tubs at the SpaweerbesuUnknown
More CustomersweerbesuUnknown
Eligible Sims Always Show UpweerbesuReported Working
Faster Sim SpawningweerbesuCompatible
No More Random IllnessweerbesuUnknown
All Beds Give Same Energy, Comfort and Stress ReliefcyclelegsUpdated
Better BirdwatchingcyclelegsUpdated
Drinks Give More Food and Energy BoostcyclelegsUpdated
Faster Eating and DrinkingcyclelegsUpdated
Friendly Birds At The BirdfeedercyclelegsUpdated
Automatic SunburnsflerbUpdated
Hidden Club Traits and More membersflerbUnknown
Less Annoying Return to LotflerbIncompatible
Random Traits & AspirationsgraycurseCompatible
Custom Drink InteractionsTheFoodGroupUpdated
Custom Food InteractionsTheFoodGroupUpdated
No Party Guest Maximum XML TuninggraycurseUnknown
Cooking & Ingredients OverhaulgraycurseUpdated
Hire More DJs & BartendersRevyReiUpdated
DJ Booth Plays Custom MusicRevyReiReported Working
Vamp Spar Gains Conflict ResolutionRevyReiUpdated
Community Speaker for ResidentialRevyReiUnknown
No DJ or Bartender UniformsRevyReiCompatible
No Pets at the ClubRevyReiCompatible
Vampire Reflection EnabledRevyReiUpdated
Mute the DJ BoothRevyReiUpdated
Hired DJs & Bartenders Stay LongerRevyReiCompatible
Zombie ModNyxReported Working
Mermaids ModNyxReported Working
Fairies ModNyxReported Working
Trait/Custom Life State Inheritance & Club FiltersKlingonDragonUpdated
Ghost Needs (Removed)KlingonDragonUnknown
Flirty Spouse (Angry Buff) - Reduced / RemovedKlingonDragonUnknown
Lower Threshold for Parenthood Traits (Negative, Positive, Lifespan Flavors)tyjokrCompatible
More Cheat ShortcutsdarkhorusReported Working
No More ingredients needed modsscarletqueenkatUpdatedOriginal by catalina_45
NPCC RetailPaulsonReported Working
NPC ControlPaulsonUpdated
Teleporter and Elevators for community and residential lotsK9DBUpdated
Tube TeleporterK9DBUpdated
More Portable ObjectsK9DBUpdated
Place in World ObjectsK9DBUpdated
Functional RadiatorK9DBUpdated
More Drinks For KidsK9DBUpdated
Slower Pet Motive DecaysntheUpdated
Slower Motives DecaysntheCompatible
Aging ToolLynireReported Working
Unify Hair, Makeup and/or TattoosLynireReported Working
Reset Bathing OutfitLynireUnknown
Custom Foods/RecipesicemunmunCompatible
Hunger bonus Increase from harvestablesicemunmunUpdated
Candle MakingicemunmunUpdated
Jungle Adventure Minor mods - LIGHT Fix, Berry Tree, Rumbasim, Skeleton, Fall BufficemunmunUpdated
Vampire Hearts - Harvestable Heart Tree and Edible Vampire HeartsicemunmunUpdated
Functional Canning Station and Custom Canning SkillicemunmunUpdated
Debug Gardening Interactions made visible icemunmunUpdated
Custom Bar DrinksicemunmunCompatible
Homework - prefer deskDiffevairUpdated
English Names For EveryoneDiffevairCompatible
HGS - Faster Needs DecayDiffevairCompatible
Retire for adultsDiffevairCompatible
More traits for kidsDiffevairCompatible
Improve Logic skill - away actionDiffevairCompatible
HGS - More Expensive Club PerksDiffevairCompatible
HGS - More expensive partyingDiffevairCompatible
No More Elders and Ghosts In NightclubDiffevairCompatible
Early exit from schoolDiffevairCompatible
FASTER gain and lose character valuesDiffevairCompatible
FIX - ALLOW SUPER SPEED - Festivals and Loud NeighborDiffevairCompatible
Blicblock - Improve Logic SkillDiffevairCompatible
HGS - More Expensive SPA MassageDiffevairCompatible
FIX - Attend to Rabbit Hole eventsDiffevairIncompatibleBroken for Jungle Adventures.
Doesn't allow you to travel through the arches.
FIX - Not Sitting While Playing on ConsoleDiffevairReported Working
Romance gives Fun to Romantic and Alluring Trait SimsTriplisUnknown
Anyone can Swipe Moditasan2Compatible
Low Fun Is BoringNiesCompatible
Cooler Sicknesses ModNiesCompatible
Vampire XP Gain Mods - Two Types of ModsChaavikUnknown
Dark Meditation - Two Vampire ModsChaavikReported Working
Fish Stay Fresh FOREVERStaarchildUnknown
Gender Preference SetazoresmanCompatible
Start Life the easy wayazoresmanCompatible
Move In interaction made EasyazoresmanUnknown
retail and restaurant PricekouUnknown
Vet Clinic PricekouUnknown
Hire Additional VetkouUnknown
Improved Romance Animationssimsilver0Unknown
Less 'Musical Chairs', No Group ChatLittleMsSamCompatibleOriginal by Shimrod101
New Art Collection for easelHavem Unknown
Longer/shorter Pregnancy for Sims Havem Unknown
Neighborhood Protection - No VampiresLittleMsSamUpdatedOriginal by Tanja1986
No More Welcome WagonTheFandomGirlCompatible
Try for Baby in Larger HouseholdsclaudiasharonUnknown
Nap on the GroundTriplisUnknown
Love Tester ModkonansockUpdated
Smoking MODnecrodogReported Working
Shaving MODnecrodogReported Working
Drink beer and be funny MODnecrodogReported Working
World Type ChangesZerbuUnknown
Go to SchoolZerbuUpdated
More Club MembersZerbuUnknown
Turbo CareersZerbuUpdated
Venue ChangesZerbuIncompatible
Bake Cupcake Machine Items in Ovenemilypl27Reported Working
Smaller CensorlemememeringueReported Working
Brush The Bad Taste AwaylemememeringueUnknown
CAS Lightning OverhaulluumiasimsReported Working
Cheater ModKrys29Reported Working
Crafting EnablerAndrewReported Working
Customer browse and buy fasterkrizz.88Unknown
Reveal the Handedness Traits!Spazmunki13Unknown
Hide or Reveal Pet Quirks!Spazmunki13Reported Working
Microwave SlotsAOMReported Working
More CAS Traits for Simschingyu1023Updated
No BluluumiasimsReported Working
No EA EyelashescienzrozaReported Working
No GloluumiasimsUnknown
No Mosaic / Censor ModmoxiemasonReported Working
Pillow Talk After WoohooShimrod101Reported Working
Pointy Ears Unlocked - All AgesKhitsuleUnknown
Pose PlayerAndrewUpdated
Smaller Cupcake MachineEsmeraldaReported Working
Teleport Any SimAndrewIncompatible
Animated Grandfather ClockAndrewUnknown
The Sims 4: Anatomy Mod!CmarReported Working*18+ NSFW*
Unlocked Lot TraitsDorsal AxeCompatible
VAMPIRES - Mega Modmars97mUpdatedOriginal by Tanja1986
Vampires - Weakness Point gains removed/reducedlinkster123Updated
Woohoo Acceptance Anims Replaced Shimrod101Reported Working
Custom Sliders and PresetsluumiasimsReported Working
Outdoor Living ModsBienchenUnknown
Get to Work modsBienchenSee Notes
Get Together modsBienchenSee Notes
Citylife ModsBienchenSee Notes
Vampire modsBienchenUnknown
Parenthood ModsBienchenSee Notes
Fitness Stuff Pack ModsBienchenUnknown
Cats & Dogs ModsBienchenSee Notes
Laundry ModsBienchenUnknown
Jungle Adventure ModsBienchenUpdated
Food related modsBienchenSee Notes
Misc modsBienchenSee Notes
WickedWhimsTurbodriverUpdated*18+ NSFW*
Selectable PetsAOMReported Working
General ModscoolspearSee Notes
Specialized ModscoolspearUnknown
Food & Drink ModscoolspearSee Notes
Career ModscoolspearUnknown
Aliens have human voicesJustAnotherSimsFanUnknown
All toddlers can climb stairsJustAnotherSimsFanReported Working
Faster computer chat social gainJustAnotherSimsFanUnknown
Gender filters for clubsJustAnotherSimsFanUnknown
Longer interaction queueJustAnotherSimsFanIncompatible
More household starting fundsJustAnotherSimsFanReported Working
No angry and embarrassed alien discoveryJustAnotherSimsFanUnknown
No autonomous dance to stereo and wall speakerJustAnotherSimsFanUnknown
No autonomous push ups, sit ups and stretchingJustAnotherSimsFanUnknown
No goals needed for schoolJustAnotherSimsFanUnknown
No monster under the bedJustAnotherSimsFanUnknown
30 Minutes Power Workout & 30 Minutes SwimmingLittleMsSamCompatible
Ask to Cook/Bake/Grill/Mix Drink!LittleMsSamUpdated
ATM Cards and now with real Credit Function!LittleMsSamUpdated
Auto Employees | Custom Lot TraitLittleMsSamCompatible
LittleMsSam’s Automatic Stereo SystemLittleMsSamUpdated
Autonomous GardeningLittleMsSamUpdated
Autonomous go Jogging when Sims are Stressed & Children can Jog tooLittleMsSamUpdated
Autonomous Pay Bills at ComputersLittleMsSamUpdated
Autonomous RepairsLittleMsSamCompatible
Autonomous Upgrade of Objects when FocusedLittleMsSamCompatible
Better Nanny (Younger, Regular, Second Nanny & more)LittleMsSamUpdated
Better Autonomous HomeworkLittleMsSamUpdated
Buy a better Mattress (Better Energy/Comfort on Beds)LittleMsSamUpdated
Buy Comfortable Cushions (Energy/Comfort on Sofas & Co.)LittleMsSamUpdated
Call a BabysitterLittleMsSamUpdated
Change Outfit via Closets, Coat Rack & WardrobeLittleMsSamCompatible
Choose who you Call to MealLittleMsSamUpdated
Collectibles (Rock Digging) Rework (Slower/Harder)LittleMsSamUpdated
Cooler are coolingLittleMsSamUpdated
Dress Code | Custom Lot TraitsLittleMsSamCompatible
Entrance Fee on Community Lots | Custom Lot TraitLittleMsSamCompatible
First LoveLittleMsSamUpdated
Forbidden Fruit fills Hunger & Water Motive of PlantSimsLittleMsSamUpdated
Force to Leave | New Door InteractionLittleMsSamCompatible
Free Staff and no phone call animation for marketstalls, chef, barista & bartenderLittleMsSamUpdated
Gender & More | Custom Lot TraitsLittleMsSamCompatible
Give a Gift & MoreLittleMsSamUpdated
Go for a WalkLittleMsSamUpdated
Higher/Longer Payments for Apps/GamesLittleMsSamCompatible
Hire Caterer FixLittleMsSamUpdated
Housewarming Party (instead of Welcome Wagon)LittleMsSamUpdated
Improved Spa Day TabletLittleMsSamUpdated
Let Friends Age UpLittleMsSamCompatible
LittleMsSam’s Food Delivery ServiceLittleMsSamUpdated
Live in BusinessLittleMsSamUpdated
Longer Sit in High ChairLittleMsSamUpdated
Maid & Gardener ServiceLittleMsSamUpdated
Miscarriage Chance & AbortionLittleMsSamCompatible
More Away Actions & Vampire FixLittleMsSamUpdated
More Best FriendsLittleMsSamUpdated
More Fun Stuff (Motives, Skills, Life Skills & More Overhaul)LittleMsSamCompatible
More Servings Options & Better MealTime MenusLittleMsSamUpdated
More Visible Wall ObjectsLittleMsSamCompatible
More Visitors | Custom Lot Trait & Door InteractionLittleMsSamCompatible
New Precious TreasuresLittleMsSamUpdated
No Auto Food Grab after CookingLittleMsSamUpdated
No Gender Chance (Pregnancy)LittleMsSamCompatible
No Outfit Changing | Custom LotTrait & TraitsLittleMsSamUpdated
No Puddles under Bathtubs from splashing ToddlersLittleMsSamUpdated
No Strangers knocking at your DoorLittleMsSamCompatible
No Tiny HarvestablesLittleMsSamCompatible
Objects don’t share InventoryLittleMsSamUpdated
Power Napping on SofasLittleMsSamUpdated
Preferences | Custom Lot TraitLittleMsSamCompatible
Pregnancy OverhaulLittleMsSamUpdated
Quick Shower & Quick BathLittleMsSamUpdated
Random Bug FixesLittleMsSamUpdated
School HolidaysLittleMsSamCompatible
Sell via SimbayLittleMsSamUpdated
Send Sims to BedLittleMsSamUpdated
Sleep All NightLittleMsSamCompatible
Sleep InLittleMsSamCompatible
Slower PaintingLittleMsSamCompatible
Slower SongwritingLittleMsSamCompatible
Slower WritingLittleMsSamCompatible
Small Invite to Hang Out OverhaulLittleMsSamUpdated
Stereos | Retro Station enabledLittleMsSamUpdated
Toddler Ask for Food | No Junk FoodLittleMsSamUpdated
Ultrasound ScanLittleMsSamCompatible
Unlock/Lock Doors for chosen SimsLittleMsSamUpdated
Social Activities (Visit Friends, Family and more)LittleMsSamUpdated
Woodworking Table Rework + No AutonomousLittleMsSamUpdated
Hired Employees earn Money (Vet, Retail, Restaurant)LittleMsSamCompatible
More Buyable Venues and new Venue TypesLittleMsSamUpdated
Retail Overhaul (Hire certain Employees/Better Shopping as a Customer & more)LittleMsSamUpdated
Kids can Order | EspressobarLittleMsSamUpdated
Carryable Performance Stage plus Sing Songs!LittleMsSamUpdated
Cookbooks Cultural, Experimental, Seafood & JungleLittleMsSamUpdated
Flea Market appears every SundayLittleMsSamCompatible
Longer Basketball GamesLittleMsSamUpdated
Marketstalls | Toddler can Order & More Food OptionsLittleMsSamUpdated
Sell more self made Woodwork at the Flea MarketLittleMsSamUpdated
WEE Working Elevators EverywhereLittleMsSamUpdatedUpdated 6/24, make sure you have the latest version!
Anti Fear Training (Pets)LittleMsSamUpdated
Anti Heat Pill (Pets)LittleMsSamUpdated
Ask to Go for a Walk & Bath (Dogs)LittleMsSamUpdatedRe-uploaded, make sure you have the latest!
Dog Walker & Dog JoggerLittleMsSamCompatible
Go for a Walk with Dogs will fill up NeedsLittleMsSamCompatible
"SimDa" Dating AppLittleMsSamUpdatedRe-updated 6/22, make sure you have the latest version!
More Seafood ServingsLittleMsSamUpdated
No Pets Allowed | Custom Lot TraitLittleMsSamCompatible
No Sick, Dirty, Sad and Hungry Cats & Dogs (NPCs)LittleMsSamCompatible
Quick Walk (with the Dog)LittleMsSamUpdated
Random Small ModsLittleMsSamUpdatedRe-updated 6/24, make sure you have the latest version!
Small Pet Food OverhaulLittleMsSamUpdated
Vets | Longer Crafting at the Medicine StationLittleMsSamCompatible
Herbalism | New PotionsLittleMsSamUpdated
Herbalism | No Insects as IngredientsLittleMsSamUpdated
Ask for a Romantic MassageLittleMsSamCompatible
Improved Meditation StoolLittleMsSamCompatible
Improved Yoga MatLittleMsSamCompatible
Dine Out 6 Fish AquariumLittleMsSamCompatible
Hire certain Sims (incl. Family Members) at RestaurantsLittleMsSamUpdatedRe-uploaded, make sure you have the latest!
More Experimental Food ServingsLittleMsSamUpdated
No Restaurant Bill when being InvitedLittleMsSamUpdated
No Burning Sun in Forgotten HollowLittleMsSamCompatible
Plasma Packs from Plasma FruitsLittleMsSamUpdated
Vampire Invasions on Community Lots Fix (kind of)LittleMsSamUpdated
Vampire Powers | “Be able to eat Human Food”, “Enable own Mirror Reflection”, “Stop Hissing” and moreLittleMsSamUpdatedRe-updated 6/24, make sure you have the latest version!
No/Less Autonomous Picker (Dollhouse, TV, Dance)LittleMsSamUpdated
No Autonomous Set the Table & Wash “Invisible” DishLittleMsSamUpdated
Parenting Skill for Teens & moreLittleMsSamUpdated
Schoolproject is Fun (for some ;))LittleMsSamUpdated
Extract Fossils at the Archaeology TableLittleMsSamCompatible
Small Archaeology OverhaulLittleMsSamUpdated
Teach me the RumbasimLittleMsSamUpdated
Watch Movie and Be Quiet pleaseLittleMsSamUpdated
Improved Kids Night LightLittleMsSamCompatible
Better Butler (and Second Butler)LittleMsSamUpdatedRe-updated 6/27, make sure you have the latest version!
More Bowling OptionsLittleMsSamObsoleteEA added the same
Small Laundry OverhaulLittleMsSamUpdated
Mods by brittpinkiesimskonansock (Rex's Place)UpdatedBaby Shower Mod, Bachelor(ette) Party Mod, Prom Mod, Slumber Party Mod, Harry Potter Traits, Funeral Mod, Graduation Mod, Fashion Career
Reduced Random Townies GenerationAKLSimmerUpdatedUpdated 7/1, make sure you have the latest version!
Private PracticeSimRealistCompatible
Buy Groceries and Fish from GTW RegistersCinderellimouseUpdated
The Junk Mod V2CinderellimouseUnknown
Hire Market Vendors for FreeCinderellimouseUpdated
More Flea Market ObjectsCinderellimouseUpdated
Specific Seed Packets (Base Game)CinderellimouseUnknown
Free Bartender and Barista!CinderellimouseUpdated
Portable Basketball HoopCinderellimouseUpdated
Portable Professional Photography StudioCinderellimouseUnknown
Alternate Monster Night LightCinderellimouseUpdated
Road To FameSacrificialUpdatedAlso available at S4S
Romantic Slow DanceSacrificialUpdatedAlso available at S4S
Hoe It UpSacrificialUpdated*18+ NSFW*
Romantic SkygazeSacrificialUpdated
Extreme ViolenceSacrificialUpdatedAlso available at S4S
Deadly ToddlersSacrificialUpdatedAlso available at S4S
Haunted MirrorSacrificialUpdatedAlso available at S4S
Torture & ChaosSacrificialUpdated
The Cursed PaintingSacrificialUpdated
Children/Toddlers Can Die of Anything!SimstopicsUpdated
Faster Retail ActionsSimstopicsUpdated
Walkstyles OverrideSimstopicsUpdatedPee Now Jog Walkstyle & Pregnancy Walks Disabled are compatible.
Faster HomeworkSimstopicsUpdated
Employees Stay 24 HoursSimstopicsCompatible
Bad Grades are OK! SimstopicsCompatible
CC Wrench Icon HidersAOMUpdated
Darker Loading Screen ModTeanmoonUpdated
Toddler Potty Gloat InteractionTriplisUnknown
Grandma’s Comfort SoupDiabolicalsimsUpdated
Functional Essential OilsDiabolicalsimsUpdated
Functional Tidy PodsDiabolicalsimsUpdated
Perfect Summer Drink TrayDiabolicalsimsIncompatible
Functional Christmas StockingsDiabolicalsimsCompatible
Functional Medicine CabinetDiabolicalsimsCompatible
Get to Collegeitasan2Updated
Expanded Rewards StoreFrimlinUpdatedRe-updated 7/3, make sure you have the latest version!
Custom Event—Karaoke NightkonansockUpdated
Kids can go for a Walk with DogsLittleMsSamUpdated
Explore ModkawaiistacieUpdated
Studio Effect PlayerAndrewUpdated
Vaping MODnecrodogMixed ReportsReport of one person getting LE's. However, I tested this mod myself and it was working just fine, no LE's.
Height SliderluumiasimsReported Working
Brewing tea and coffee for 5 minutes instead 11Galaxy777Reported Working
Pets do not have fearssasha973Reported Working
Basemental DrugsBasementalUpdated*18+ NSFW*
More CAS PresetsZerbuMixed Reports
3D LasheskijikoMixed ReportsRemove-EA-Lashes seems to be working.
Simulation Lag FixduderocksUnknown
Cats and Dogs want to walk in others neighborhood tooarkeus17Unknown
Various Seating Fixes/Additionscamsin259Unknown
Meaningful StoriesroBurkyCompatibleJust missing icons, otherwise compatible!
TeleporterArtUrlWWWReported Working
The Art of MagicWildWitchUpdated
Preschool MODkawaiistacieUpdatedRe-download for the Umbrella fix.
Private School ModkawaiistacieUpdated
After School MODkawaiistacieUpdated
University ModkawaiistacieUpdated
NPC Roommate modkawaiistacieIncompatible
"More Human" Butler ModkawaiistacieIncompatible
Favorite Food MODkawaiistacieIncompatible
Functional Robots ModkawaiistacieUpdated
Motive Decay ModpaessiCompatible
Rotating Animatics on Main ScreenweerbesuUpdated
Faster Social Gain From SocializingsimmythesimReported Working
Change Outfit On Inactive SimsShimrod101Reported Working
More Club IconsZerbuReported Working
Cotton Candy MachineicemunmunUpdated
Functional candy Dispenser with Edible CandiesicemunmunUpdated
CAS FullEditMode Always OnTwistedMexiUpdated
Functional Grocery SetAlexCroftUnknown
Vampire TweaksAiriannaCompatible
Nature's Kitty LitterK9DBUpdated
Beer for the Fridge ModAOMReported Working
No Gardening Club HarvestingManxCatUpdated
Anyone Can PickpocketNekoMimiCompatible
No Autonomous SingingNekoMimiCompatible
Vampire Drink TraysNekoMimiCompatible
My Buffet TablesNekoMimiCompatible
Portable Floor MuralNekoMimiUpdated
Less Checking on ToddlersNekoMimiCompatible
Void Critters for EveryoneNekoMimiCompatible
No More Thirsty SimsNekoMimiCompatible
No Putting Away ToysNekoMimiCompatible
Pet Food Doesn’t SpoilNekoMimiCompatible
More Monster Guards: Dragon, Ducky and Hippo DefendersK9DBUpdated
Little Monster Guards, Bear and Bot DefendersK9DBUpdated
Pregnancy For Teens + Get Engaged ModMSQSIMS Updated
Nisa’s Wicked PerversionsNisaKUpdated
Erratic Trait Back To InsaneRory_Nutt123Compatible
Renamed EmotionsZerbuReported Working
Always MOO: Move Objects On AutomaticallyTwistedMexiUpdated
No IntroSimser der DeutschenReported Working
Custom Food ProjectkonansockUpdated
DayWalker VampiresTwistedMexiCompatible
Sliding Glass DoorsbrujahIncompatible
Store Ice Cream Trays In The FridgecrazyspaniardIncompatibleSim pops out of action.
Craftable Menu ExpanderLeniadReported Working
Persistent TestingCheats - Cheats Always Enabled!TwistedMexiUpdated
Welfare for SimsSpintherismUnknown
Buff Replacement Packchingyu1023Reported Working
Adopt a teenagerDiffevairCompatible
Shout Forbidden Words renamed to SwearOldcustardReported Working
"First Kiss" Interaction Fixsimsilver0Reported Working
Project: More Sims In The World!arkeus17Incompatible
Harvestables OverhaulBrazenLotusIncompatible
Occult Life State: Succubusbatman101Incompatible
Prince of darkness MODnecrodogIncompatibleEvent goals are broken
Vacuum cleaner MODnecrodogMixed Reports
Dissection MODnecrodogIncompatible
Cannibal MODnecrodogMixed Reports
Set Filters on Paintings by ReferencescumbumboUpdated
No more cool-down period between sure salesMarquillotuca89Updated
All Perks Are Freesasha973Updated
Beg for money modmome89xReported Working
Enable Makeup Categories for ToddlersAOMUpdated
Enable advanced debug/cheat interactionsweerbesuReported WorkingOriginal by clown
No Fade Sims and ObjectsShimrod101Incompatible
Less or No SpoilingsimmythesimReported Working
Tropical Getaway ModpackSimFansIncompatible
Better SchoolskawaiistacieUpdatedBetter grade school and Better high school (combined)
Bird Feeder gives feathersNoelleBellefleurUpdated
Hide lot trait head FXPeterskywalker!Reported Working
Tuck in for Teen, YA and Adultdhikaodonk Compatible
Realistic Prices (Lower Career Salaries)SatiraUpdated
Storage CrateCinderellimouseUpdated
Slippy Slide Plain RecoloursCinderellimouseUpdated
Always FreeBuildTwistedMexiUpdated
BuildBuyMode Unlockerscripthoge Reported Working
No More Screen Slam When Developing a Skillmaloekoegirl Updated
Faster Skillsmaloekoegirl UpdatedRe-updated 7/2 for patch 1.44.83!
12 & 15 Hour Active Career Day with better Wagesmummy_001Reported WorkingResources checked, should work fine.
Sims Use the Toilet Standing Up More OftenWolfdudeReported Working
Campfire Lighting Fixsimsilver0Reported Working
Hidden Halfwalls RevealedbrujahReported Working
No Sparkle Effect During 'Play' Interactionjmem0Reported Working
No Zzz for SimsKrys29Reported Working
No Hygiene DirtShimrod101Reported Working
No Blur In The DistanceShimrod101Reported Working
Quiet Lot IntroedwardeclReported Working
Baby with Hidden CribKiolometro Reported Working
"Embrace" Interaction Improvedsimsilver0Reported Working
Shimrod’s Facial Overlays Less Smiling FIXfloppantReported Working
Realistic Trees (No Fade)MSQSIMSUpdated
Higher Cost Aspiration Rewards from StoreaceposseUpdated
Dog Pregnancy Overhauln8smom8496Compatible
No-Fade Trees and StreetlampsFakeHouses|RealAwesome Incompatible
Stand Still In CASkleptosimsUnknown
City Living apartment problems for any lotPostcards from Sierra NovaReported Working
Keep Books After PublishingscumbumboUpdated
No Green Fumes from GarlicpearlbhUpdated
No Auto Grab Snacks!meharieUpdated
No Autonomous Watch TVMSQSIMS
Refrigerate ALL The Harvestables!Karazhan87Updated
No Autonomous Browse Websites by PhoneMSQSIMSCompatible
No Autonomous Play Games by PhoneMSQSIMSCompatible
Short School Hours For ChildrenMSQSIMSCompatible
Short School Hours For TeensMSQSIMSCompatible
More Phone Interactions For ChildrenMSQSIMSCompatible
25 Vacation Days (School Mod)MSQSIMSCompatible
No Autonomous DancingMSQSIMSCompatible
No Autonomous EarbudsMSQSIMSCompatible
Children Can Walk With DogsMSQSIMSCompatible
Live Drag: Move Objects without PausingTwistedMexiUpdatedRe-updated 6/30, make sure you have the latest version!
No Temperature DeathsRevyRei
Change Appearance with Mirror FIXMiss Puff Updated
Longer Interaction QueueRainbow_BriteIncompatible
No Distortionkrizz.88IncompatibleScumbumbo's No More Video Distortion is compatible.
Generic Lots Are Empty No MoreHumALittle Updated
Faster Taking Turns When BowlingddplaceCompatible
Free Vampire PerksddplaceCompatible
Criminal Work from HomeNoelleBellefleurReported Working
Criminal can SwipeNoelleBellefleurUnknown
Astronaut Work from HomeNoelleBellefleurUnknown
Tech Guru Work from HomeNoelleBellefleurUnknown
Entertainer Work from HomeNoelleBellefleurUpdated
Culinary Work from HomeNoelleBellefleurUpdated
Business Work from HomeNoelleBellefleurUpdated
Athlete Work from HomeNoelleBellefleurUpdated
Painter Work from HomeNoelleBellefleurUpdated
Writer Work from HomeNoelleBellefleurCompatible
Drink Blood, Not Plasma!LetisiyaUpdated
No Romantic RejectionnovalpangestikUpdated
Gain Hygiene from Bubbly FountainCinderellimouseUpdated
Changeable hair for Plant SimsG1G2Updated
Map OverridesMenaceman44Reported Working
Hug/Kiss/Show Video Pre-Greeting Greeting Slower/Nixer/StiflerRavynwolvfUnknown
Multiplayer Modthepancake1Updated


Traits/Aspirations will only be visible if they're Incompatible or have been Updated. If they seem to be working, you don't need to report them.
Well-Aligned TraitchihuahuazeroUpdated
Class Clown AspirationscumbumboUpdated
Cross-Dressing TraitkonansockUpdated
GTW Active Career AspirationskonansockUpdated
Absent Minded TraitTwilightsimsUpdated
Perceptive TraitTwilightsimsUpdated
Super Keener TraitSimmillerUpdated
Scholar TraitSweetMelodyxxUpdated
Brave TraitTwilightsimsUpdated
Allergic to Fur Trait and more!IlkaVelleIncompatibleNeeds updated to include the new Reward Store trait.


All Custom Careers WILL need updated for this patch! When a custom career gets updated, it will be added to the list.
Career NameAuthorStatusNotes
Psychologist CareerkittyblueUpdated
Baker CareerPiscean6Updated
Wedding Planner CareerPiscean6Updated
Chiropractor CareerPiscean6 Updated
Filmmaker CareerkittyblueUpdated
Fitness Instructor CareerPinkySimsieUpdated
Bookstore Clerk Part-time CareerkittyblueUpdated
Animal Care CareerkittyblueUpdated
Jungle Adventurer Custom CareerDrAnimaniacUpdated
Teen CriminalkonansockUpdated
Slacker CareerFenaTiXUpdated
Brindleton Boarding Kennels CareerSimmerCharlieUpdated
Veterinary CareerSimmerCharlieUpdated
Self-Employment CareerNeiaUpdated
Law CareerNeiaUpdated
Architecture CareerNeiaUpdated
Education CareerNeiaUpdated
Military CareerNeiaUpdated
Biology CareerNeiaUpdated
FullTime JobsKawaiistacieUpdated
Fame Career TS1 to TS4MSQSIMSUpdated
Hairstylist CareerMSQSIMSUpdated
Aviation CareerxTheLittleCreatorUpdated
Actor/Actress CareerxTheLittleCreatorUpdated
Circus ArtistxTheLittleCreatorUpdated
Singer CareerxTheLittleCreatorUpdated
Graphic Designer Careeryusril Updated
Lifeguard Career (Sims 3 Remake)Sims_LoverUpdated
Part-time Spa Career (Sims 3 Remake)Sims_LoverUpdated
Firefighter Career (Sims 3 Remake)Sims_LoverUpdated
Real Estate CareerSims_LoverUpdated
Hacker CareerSims_LoverUpdated
Military Career (Sims 3 Remake)Sims_LoverUpdated
Part time jobsKawaiistacieUpdated
9-5 CAREER PACKmidnitetechUpdated
METEOROLOGY CAREERmidnitetechUpdated
JEWELRY CAREERmidnitetechUpdated
MANUAL LABOR CAREERmidnitetechUpdated
JOURNALISM CAREERmidnitetechUpdated
POLITICS CAREERmidnitetechUpdated
MONARCHY “CAREER”midnitetechUpdated
CLUB LEADER CAREERmidnitetechUpdated
MEDICAL CAREERmidnitetechUpdated
SWINDLER CAREERmidnitetechUpdated
HEALTH & BEAUTY CAREERmidnitetechUpdated
TRUST FUND “CAREER"midnitetechUpdated
GHOST HUNTER CAREERmidnitetechUpdated
CROP FARMER CAREERmidnitetechUpdated
NIGHTCLUB CAREERmidnitetechUpdated
MUSICIAN CAREERmidnitetechUpdated
ACCOUNTING CAREERmidnitetechUpdated
FITNESS CAREERmidnitetechUpdated
DOG TRAINER CAREERmidnitetechUpdated
ASTRONOMER CAREERmidnitetechUpdated
SLACKER CAREERmidnitetechUpdated
Airline Employee CareerSimmillerUpdated
Event Planner CareerSimmillerUpdated
Music CareerTwilightsimsUpdated
Zookeeper CareerPiscean6 Updated
Librarian CareerPiscean6 Updated
YouTuber CareeritsmeTroiYTUpdated
The Sims Castaway Stories CareersTwilightsimsUpdated
Game Development Career (The Sims Life Stories)TwilightsimsUpdated
Circus CareerTwilightsimsUpdated
Animal Care CareerTwilightsimsUpdated
Adventurer CareerTwilightsimsUpdated
Xtreme CareerTwilightsimsUpdated
Kingdom Hearts CareerTwilightsimsUpdated
Daycare CareerTwilightsimsUpdated
Ghost Hunter CareerTwilightsimsUpdated
Interior Design CareerDiamondVixen96Updated
Divergent Series CareerDiamondVixen96Updated
Fashion and Modelling Career - Design, Model, WriterDiamondVixen96Updated
K-pop CareerKawaiistacieUpdated
Bowling CareerMarduc_Plays Updated
Market Vendor CareerMarduc_Plays Updated
Private Investigator CareerMarduc_Plays Updated
Wellness CareerMarduc_Plays Updated
Security Guard CareerMarduc_Plays Updated
Game Developer Careersnowleopard__x Updated
Archaeology Careersnowleopard__x Updated