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Ever since September 2014, simmers across the world have been creating stories and experiencing their virtual characters’ lives in The Sims 4. And with the game having been released almost four years ago, it has expanded so much with various updates and lots of additional content packs, such as the recently released Seasons expansion pack.

And with the Sims experience being so different for every simmer out there, everyone has their own favorites and personal opinions on The Sims 4. So, here is your chance to talk about your thoughts on the game and what you like about it!


Here is a list of 15 questions about the game that you can answer for my version of The Sims 4 Tag! Put your answers in the comments to let everyone know about all the simming you have done since its release!

  1. What is it about the Sims franchise that draws you in to playing the game?
  2. What is your favorite feature that was introduced in The Sims 4?
  3. What is your favorite expansion pack, game pack, and stuff pack for The Sims 4?
  4. What is the wackiest experience you have ever had in the game?
  5. What “type” of simmer are you? (i.e. Do you use cheats? Do you like to rotate between households? Are you more of a storyteller?)
  6. Which pre-made household from The Sims 4 is your favorite?
  7. Which life stage (i.e. toddler or young adult) is your favorite to play?
  8. Do you like completing any “challenges”? If so, which ones have you done?
  9. How many generations did you reach in your longest-lasting Sims family?
  10. Which career is your favorite in the game?
  11. Which skill do you like progressing for your sims the most?
  12. Which do you like more, Create-a-Sim or Build Mode? Why?
  13. What are some tips and tricks that you use when playing your game?
  14. Who is your favorite sim that you ever made yourself? What is that sim like? What is your story for them?
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  16. What do you want to see from The Sims moving forward?

I would love to see your responses to these questions and get to know your play styles a little better!