CONFIRMED: No More Quarterly Teasers for The Sims 4

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Communinity manager SimGuruKate came to the official The Sims forums to confirm that the team won’t be releasing any more quarterly teasers for upcoming content in the game.

Through short videos (and at one time just a single image) Maxis has teased new packs and even free game updates through these teasers. The first one came out for Q2 (April, May and June) 2016, showing off what would later be known as Dine Out Game Pack, Kids Room Stuff Pack and even two free updates: The sad clown and the major CAS overhaul that removed gender barriers in game.


This past quarter was the first one in two years when we didn’t get a quarterly teaser. Instead, The Sims team decided to announce The Sims 4 Seasons and then release it in a bit less than a month from its announcement.

According to SimGuruKate’s statement, The Sims team is “shifting our approach regarding the types of packs we create, and when they’ll be released. This change means that there will be quarters where we don’t release new paid content, so quarterly teasers won’t be the right format for sharing information”. She also lets players know that there are many more packs and game updates being produced at the moment.

It’s still unclear whether we’re getting any releases during July, August and Steptember or not. You can read her entire post in The Sims official Forums.