Origin Update: July 23rd, 2018

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There’s a new update available in Origin: Version – 0

Version 10.5.24

  • We cleaned up a nest of bugs after they got into some lab equipment causing a slight telepod mix up that cronenberged a few employees. We got them sorted out – all good now!

Version 10.5.23

  • Our search feature really wanted to display game results in English…which is great for folks who understand English. It’s not so great for those who don’t. After a little tinkering, it’s back to it’s normal, multi-lingual self.
  • Added an “Are you really sure?” message for when you hit “Cancel” while installing the client. Great for those times when your button-clicking finger is moving a little bit faster than your brain.
  • Have your Mass Effect 2 DLC downloads been stalling out lately? We sent Garrus over to perform some calibrations and get things working properly again. Now you can take on the Shadow Broker, team up with Kasumi, investigate that mysterious Cerberus base and more!
  • We squashed a bug that was making players’ achievements pages look a little bland. Now the game art’s back where it belongs – making your achievements look even more stunning!
  • Some of our text badges were wandering off their game tiles and following players around from page to page. We left a trail of (virtual) breadcrumbs to lead them back home again.