The Sims 4: Mod Releases of the Week

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Each week we compile a list of mods that have been released to make your gaming experience unique. Be sure to use The Sims 4 Mods Category Tag for future reference.

❗ Please note that installing 3rd party content may cause problems with your game. It is a good idea to properly research the use of mods and custom content before putting them into your game.


❗ While EA unofficially supports the modding community, they will not be held liable should any 3rd party content damage your PC or game. 

❗ This list is here for informational purposes only. SimsVIP does not assume any liability should 3rd party content damage your PC or game.

❗ Always remember to remove mods and custom content before updating your game


Cheaper Aspiration Rewards – Reduces the costs for Aspiration Rewards
NPC Names Expanded – Alters certain NPC names in the game
No Rain Outfits – Prevents Sims from changing into other outfits in the rain
No Autonomous Drinking – Prevents Sims from autonomously drinking from the sink and fridge


No Autonomous Wash Hands – Prevents Sims from autonomously washing their hands
No Autonomous Play In Leaf – Prevents Sims from autonomously playing in leaves
No Autonomous Plants – Prevents Sims from autonomously planting
No Autonomous Build Snowpal – Prevents Sims from Autonomously building snowpals

No Autonomous Play In Rain – Prevents Sims from autonomously playing in the rain
No Autonomous Check Toddler – Prevents Sims from autonomously checking on toddlers
No Autonomous Snow Angel – Prevents Sims from autonomously making snow angels
No Autonomous Rake Leaf – Prevents Sims from autonomously raking leaves

No Autonomous Shovel Snow – Prevents Sims from autonomously shoveling snow
No Failure to Collect Insects – Removes the failure rate for Sims trying to catch bugs
No City Living Names for Townies – Changes the way townies are named if you have City Living
No Vampire Duels – Prevents vampires from participating in duels


All Radio Stations Unlocked – Unlocks all radio stations
Always Heterosexual or Homosexual – Makes your sims heterosexual only or homosexual only
More Costumes for Holiday Traditions – Adds the costumes from Spooky Day Stuff for this tradition
Willow Creek Map Override – Changes the map image of Willow Creek

Speed up Mirror Interactions – Increases the speed at which Sims perform mirror interactions
Perk Point Console Cheat – Various cheats to unlock perk points in the game
Sims Walk Inside During Blizzard – Sims will walk (instead of run) indoors during blizzards
Ultra Time Speed Changer – Modifies the game time to allow Sims to finish certain actions in the game quicker

Optional Vampire Weaknesses – Allows you to pick as many or as little vampire weaknesses as you want
Hire an Au Pair – Allows you to hire an au pair to replace butlers and the like
Multiple Jobs for Sims – Allows Sims to have more than 1 job
Arctic and True Desert Weather – Modifies certain worlds to allow for year round arctic weather or heatwaves


Festival Speakers Unlocked – Unlocks the special speakers and music available only during festivals
Balanced Death Moodlets – Balances out the buffs sims receive when someone they know dies to reflect their relationship
No! Clean Up Pet Toys – Stops sims from autonomously cleaning up pet toys
Seasons Build-A-Rink Set – Allows players to build their own roller and ice rinks

Pleasure Aspiration – Adds a custom aspiration to the game
Skip Toddler Life Stage – Aging babies will skip the toddler life stage and immediately become children
Broccoli Recipes – Adds custom recipes to the game
Harvestable Cauliflower and Leek – Adds custom harvestables to the game

Animated – Seaweed + Sandpipers – Unlocks and animates objects that were previously locked in the game
Teen Pregnancy Version 2 – Allows Teens to get pregnant and engaged
Christmas Tree Cupcakes – Adds a custom recipe to the game
Silent Night Cupcakes – Adds a custom recipe to the game


Peppermint Chocolate Swiss Roll – Adds a custom recipe to the game
Noel Cupcakes – Adds a custom recipe to the game