The Sims 4 Gallery: More Updates Planned + Custom Images Likely

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In today’s Sims 4 Live Stream, SimGuruGrant stated that The Sims 4 Gallery will receive  additional updates later this year. He mentioned that most of the changes will be pushed to the game once they have everything in order on the PC side, this way they can try to bring this experience to consoles as well. Additionally, Grant verbally expressed a “winky face” to players who want to use custom images and thumbnails in their uploaded creations.

We’re actually planning on more updates for the gallery; some big ones later this year. I can’t talk about them yet, they’re in progress, but they’re pretty cool we think and we have a lot more plans down the road for the gallery. Like it years out.


One of the things is because we have to port those changes to the console, we want to make sure that we have the changes finished on the PC first so that we don’t have to constantly go back and forth. We plan (hoping) to support the gallery on the console as well, that’s our intent, but we want to make sure that we get things settled a little bit on the PC first so that we’re not going back and forth three or four times. 

We know a lot of you who use the gallery really wish that you could upload your own pictures and thumbnails. We know this – winky face -that’s all I can say right now. One other thing that we know is a really hot button issue for the gallery is the sense of plagiarism and people republishing other people’s creative works. We also know this issue – it’s kind of a sticky one – but we have some ideas we’re actively pursuing how to improve this as well.

I want to bring up something which some of you probably noticed this morning. The gallery was down a little bit and it’s something that we’re working. It’s been live for four years and we’re trying to do some server maintenance. We’re trying to improve the stability of the gallery how well it performs, and so this morning it was down which is really frustrating, but it’s something that our engineers are actively working on to try to improve