Origin Update: September 5th, 2018

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There’s a new update available in Origin: Version – 0

Version 10.5.26

  • We noticed the navigation bar kept vanishing after looking at Origin Access subscription information so we super-glued its feet to the ground to keep it from running off.
  • We fumigated some DLC mites that knocked out a few plugs preventing Origin Access Basic members from adding the DAI DLC to their account.
  • We fixed a wonky plumbob that tipped over and prevented users logged in with a child account from viewing their The Sims 4 DLC.
  • Some gremlins moved things around causing the wrong messaging to display when trying to pre-download Battlefield V with Origin Access Premier. Our cryptozoologists wrangled them so our engineers could clean up their mess.
  • A tachyon surge caused a paradimensional rift to open, leaving some blank spaces on the Madden NFL 19 Origin.com page. Both the portal and spaces have been closed.
  • Say goodbye to long load times and buggy results – Origin.com’s filters now run on kyber crystals.
  • We had to clean up a bunch of necromorph corruption that clogged up the Origin.com cogwheel when trying to upgrade games. We should have left that Unitology Marker where we found it.