Origin Update: October 10th, 2018

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There’s a new update available in Origin: Version – 0

Version 10.5.28

  • We found and patched up an Einstein-Rosen bridge that was zipping members to the Origin Access landing page when trying to upgrade from Basic to Premium. We really need to stop leaving our Mass Relays on when we’re done with them.
  • Libraries grow. That’s a fact of nature. We think your library should grow, too, which is why we zapped the bug that removed your ability to add games to your library.
  • The “Buy it Now” button was hiding behind some cover in Battlefield 1 and Battlefield 4. But, the coast is clear and it’s out of hiding.
  • Looks like the Need for Speed Speedcross expansions and DLC got a weren’t going anywhere when trying to purchase from a wishlist due to a flat tire. We busted out our jack and tire iron and it’s back on the road.
  • Scraps of an invisibility cloak fell onto The Sims 4 Seasons page, causing text bubbles to seemingly disappear when adjusting your browser’s window size. We collected the scraps and knitted a lovely beanie. Now where did we put it…
  • Little circles on the Deals page understand one thing and one thing only: circular motion. But a professor tried to explain to them that time is not circular…or linear. It was pretty complicated, so the circles temporarily short-circuited. We put on The Terminator, and they returned to their cycles.
  • There was a bug where, when signed out, you could still access “Manage My Membership.” Who do we suspect caused this? Ghosts. Ghost subscribers who come in, move the furniture, and turn down the thermostat. Their shenanigans were stopped by a curious film crew.
  • A masked villain tried to taunt his nemesis by leaving clues all over Origin. He’s not tech-savvy (or even good at his job), but he did make something go all screwy when you try to add friends a second time. The spat between caped hero and amateur bad guy has since ended.
  • The radio towers were misaligned and keeping users from connecting to EA servers when opening Battlefield™ V. We scoured the city rooftops, made sure all the satellite dishes were pointed in the right direction, and restored the connection. Who knew high-tech could be so simple?
  • The Sims 3 University Life was displaying different prices for different users. Much like college tuition, though, the price should be fixed, equal & preferably under thirty bucks. We think that’s fair.
  • Nothing’s worse than buying something and coming home to see you already HAVE three tubs of cookie dough in the fridge. That’s why we made sure you get a warning message when buying bundles for The Sims 4 with content you already own. Now, who wants cookies?
  • All game editions deserve love (which is why we own 4 different copies of Skyrim and people ask us why and it becomes this whole big thing). So if you own standard & deluxe editions of a game you should be able to play either, even if you’re a Mac user.
  • Our Thermian’s translator box broke when he was operating the control board, so he mistakenly waved a tentacle over the boar, causing suggestions for Premier edition titles to appear for non-Premier users when buying a game. His translations (and human form) have been restored.
  • The Average Joe android operating the search function kept opening pink cans of diet soda instead of opening games in a new tab. He’s been sent back to the distributor to work on his language skills.
  • When viewing Origin.com in a window that’s not full-screen, the “Get the Game” button transformed into The Illusive Button. Thankfully, it was fixed before any Reapers could get involved.