Broken Mods for November ’18 Patch/Get Famous EP

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♦NOTE♦ Since status changes slowed down a lot (and there’s been new updates), I am no longer updating this! However, I am still linking updated mods (not just for this patch) on my new discord, so feel free to join and check there.

New Game Update 1.47.49 is out! Please backup saves and files before updating and using any untested mod. Remember Script mods need updated for this patch!

Table of Contents

  • How to Report a Broken Mod
    • Please READ before reporting, information needed!
  • Common Questions/Answers
    • Most common questions and their answers, please check here before posting your questions about mod status, mods not working, etc.
  • Compiled Mod List
    • List of mods, careers, traits, and programs in the community, check here for their status. Check the Custom Content tab for CC compatibility information!

How to Report a Broken Mod

  • Reporting a mod as Broken:

    • Before submitting a report:
      • Please make sure mods are ENABLED in your game settings.
      • Test the mod ALONE with no other mods installed.
    • Include the following information when submitting a report:
      1. Name of the Mod and Author?
      2. How is the mod broken? (please be as specific as possible)
      3. Did you have any other mods installed when experiencing the issue that you’re reporting?
        • If yes, please take other mods out for testing purposes. Are you still experiencing issues with no other mods installed?

*This information is to make sure that the issues you’re experiencing aren’t caused by another mod.*

  • Reporting a mod as Compatible or Updated:

    • Name of the Mod and Author (nothing else needed).

♦♦ Submit reports by commenting below, messaging me on Tumblr, or tagging me on Twitter ♦♦

♦♦ NOTE – ALL links submitted here need approval, we will approve your report ASAP. ♦♦

Common Questions/Answers

  • Something is wrong with my game, what do I do?
    • First, move your Mods folder to your Desktop, clear your caches, then test on a NEW SAVE. Are you still experiencing the issue?
      • Yes – Then it’s likely a bug. Check the Bug Reports forum to see if it’s listed there.
      • No – Then it’s something in your Mods folder. Please do the 50/50 method to find which mod is causing it. When you find the culprit, please let us know!
  • When will <insert mod/program name here> be updated?
    • I don’t know, my Crystal Ball no longer works……Seriously though, I don’t know. You just need to have patience and give creators time. Remember they have lives and other priorities too!
  • Any word on <insert mod name here>?
    • If there’s no status for the mod, then there’s no word. Please keep in mind though, I don’t list or track CC (Hair, Eyes, Makeup, Skins, Objects, Re-colors, etc).
  • My <insert CC name here> doesn’t work anymore, what do I do?
    • First, check the Broken CC tab, I keep a list of CC types that’s reported broken.
  • Is <insert mod name> working, I can’t find on the list!?
    • Please use the Tabs and Search boxes to find your mods. Most mods that aren’t on modthesims don’t get added until creators update or confirm them compatible. So for those, try searching by the creator name. If you still can’t find it, let me know so I can add it to the list.
  • <Insert mod name> isn’t working.
    • Make sure you have the latest update. If you have the latest version, then test without any other mods/cc installed. Contact the creator if it’s still not working, be sure to include details on how exactly it isn’t working.
  • I can’t find which mod in my game broke!

Compiled Mod List

Broken – These mods have been reported as broken. They may need updated!

Updated – Theses mods received an update for the current patch. Re-download needed!

Compatible – Confirmed working by the creator. They do NOT need an update, you can continue using them.

Obsolete – These mods are no longer needed or they’re broken and no longer being supported.

**Any mod that doesn’t have a status is Unknown**

NOTE – If you are having an issue with a mod that’s listed as Updated or Compatible, please report it to the creator! Mods listed as Compatible or Updated, will NOT be changed back to Broken without confirmation from the creator!

 Please use the Tabs and Search boxes to find your mods below! 

Script Mods

Mods that contain scripts (ex - .ts4script). The majority of Script mods will need updated for this patch! If there’s a Script Mod not listed, please feel free to comment with the mod name/link.

Mod NameAuthorStatusNotes
UI Cheats ExtensionweerbesuUpdatedRE-Updated 12/18 for patch 1.48
Show/Search Sim Info Moditasan2Updated
MC Command CenterDeaderpoolUpdatedRE-Updated 11/29 - Release 6.0.0
Lock Skill Gain Progress - Make Sims Your OwnTriplisUpdated
Plant Sim InteractionsTriplisUpdated
Child and Teen can Quit or Rejoin SchoolTriplisUpdated
Child Play InteractionsTriplisUpdated
Vampire Aging Enabled - With Life ExtensionSimsMods96BrokenOriginal by Hadron1776
No Skilling for Inactive SimsNeiaBroken
No CullingNeiaBroken
Get a random numberNeiaBroken
More Clubs per SimNeiaUpdated
No More Relationship CullingNeiaBroken
No More Same Sims EverywhereNeiaBroken
True HappinessroBurkyUpdatedRE-Updated 11/19 - Make sure you have the latest version!
Fitness Controls - with Expanded Fitness LimitsroBurkyUpdatedRE-Updated 11/24 - Make sure you have the latest version!
Variable Emotional TraitsroBurkyUpdated
Uncomfortable OverhaulroBurkyUpdated
Emotional InertiaroBurkyUpdated
Dollhouse Smashing Autonomy TweaksroBurkyBroken
Unlisted Phone NumbersscumbumboUpdated
Don't Prep Food Where You Angry PoopscumbumboUpdated
Pregnancy Mega ModscumbumboUpdatedRE-Updated 11/14 - Make sure you have the latest version!
Change Sim Name or GenderscumbumboUpdated
Packing Crates for TS4scumbumboUpdated
Self-Configurable Autonomy Mod (SCAM)scumbumboUpdated
Keep Instruments in InventoryscumbumboUpdated
Auto-Pause PregnancyscumbumboUpdated
Wakeup Early ModscumbumboUpdated
Don't Wash Dishes Where You Angry PoopscumbumboUpdated
Variable Default Relationships ModscumbumboUpdatedRE-Updated 11/17 - Make sure you have the latest version!
Outfit Tools - Copy Any OutfitscumbumboUpdated
No More Video DistortionscumbumboUpdated
Bugfixes - It's a Crying ShamescumbumboUpdated
Self-Configurable Adjusted Breakage (SCAB)scumbumboUpdated
Paint From Reference AnywherescumbumboUpdated
Always Start Lots PausedscumbumboUpdated
Higher & More Realistic Overmax PayweerbesuUpdated
Janitors on Community LotsweerbesuUpdated
More Deadly/Intense FireweerbesuUpdated
Visitors Not Spawning in Front of VenuesweerbesuUpdated
Fewer Random Townies on Community LotsweerbesuObsoleteMod taken down, therefore no longer supported.
Party AnywhereweerbesuUpdated
Longer Parties & More GuestsweerbesuUpdatedRE-Updated 11/29 - Make sure you have the latest version!
Autonomous Use of Hot Tubs at the SpaweerbesuObsoleteMod taken down, therefore no longer supported.
More CustomersweerbesuUpdated
Eligible Sims Always Show UpweerbesuObsoleteMod taken down, therefore no longer supported.
Faster Sim SpawningweerbesuUpdated
Random Traits & AspirationsgraycurseUpdated
Custom Drink InteractionsTheFoodGroupUpdatedRE-Updated 11/17 - Make sure you have the latest version!
Custom Food InteractionsTheFoodGroupUpdatedRE-Updated 11/17 - Make sure you have the latest version!
Cooking & Ingredients OverhaulgraycurseUpdatedRE-Updated 11/17 - Make sure you have the latest version!
More Cheat ShortcutsdarkhorusCompatible
NPCC RetailPaulsonUpdated
NPC ControlPaulsonUpdatedRE-Updated 11/23 - Make sure you have the latest version!
Aging ToolLynireBroken
Unify Hair, Makeup and/or TattoosLynireBroken
Reset Bathing OutfitLynireBroken
Gender Preference SetazoresmanUpdated
Nap on the GroundTriplisUpdated
Shaving MODnecrodogBroken
Drink beer and be funny MODnecrodogBroken
ExperiencesZerbuUpdatedRe-updated 11/14 - Fixed LE's
Go to SchoolZerbuUpdatedRe-updated 11/14 - Fixed LE's
Brush The Bad Taste AwaylemememeringueBrokenVersion 1 is Compatible
Cheater ModKrys29Broken
Crafting EnablerAndrewUpdated
Pose PlayerAndrewUpdated
Teleport Any SimAndrewUpdated
WickedWhimsTurbodriverUpdated*18+ NSFW*

RE-Updated 12/7 - Release -
Selectable PetsAOMUpdated
Road To FameSacrificialCompatible
Romantic Slow DanceSacrificialCompatible
Hoe It UpSacrificialCompatible*18+ NSFW*
Romantic SkygazeSacrificialCompatible
Extreme ViolenceSacrificialCompatible
Deadly ToddlersSacrificialCompatible
Haunted MirrorSacrificialCompatible
Toddler Potty Gloat InteractionTriplisUpdated
Get to Collegeitasan2Updated
Custom Event - Karaoke NightkonansockBroken
Studio Effect PlayerAndrewUpdated
Basemental DrugsBasementalUpdated*18+ NSFW*
Cats and Dogs want to walkarkeus17Broken
The Art of MagictheartofmagicBroken
Nisa's Wicked PerversionsNisaKUpdatedRE-Updated 12/8 - Make sure you have the latest version!
Always TestingTwistedMexiUpdatedAKA - Persistent TestingCheats - Cheats Always Enabled!
Occult Life State: Succubusbatman101Broken
Prince of darkness MODnecrodogBroken
Vacuum cleaner MODnecrodogBroken
Dissection MODnecrodogBroken
Cannibal MODnecrodogBroken
Beg for money modmome89xBroken
Enable advanced debug/cheat interactionsscumbumboUpdatedOriginal by clown
BuildBuyMode UnlockerItsmysimmodUpdatedOriginal by scripthoge
Skip Toddler LifestagescumbumboUpdated
Ultra Perk Points - Perk Points Console CheatAshenSeacedUpdated
Club UtilsscumbumboUpdated
Ultra Simulation SpeedUp - Game Simulation Speed UnlockAshenSeacedUpdatedRE-Updated 11/25 - Make sure you have the latest version!
Simulation Lag FixIury900UpdatedOriginal by Xerox
Bachelor(ette) Party Modkonansock (originally by brittpinkiesims)Updated
Funeral Eventkonansock (originally by brittpinkiesims)Updated
Graduation Eventkonansock (originally by brittpinkiesims)Updated
Life's DramaSacrificialCompatible
30 Minutes Power Workout & 30 Minutes SwimmingLittleMsSamUpdated
Anti Fear Training (Pets)LittleMsSamUpdatedRE-Updated 11/23 - Make sure you have the latest version!
Anti Heat Pill (Pets)LittleMsSamUpdated
Ask for a Romantic MassageLittleMsSamUpdated
Ask to Cook/Bake/Grill/Mix DrinkLittleMsSamUpdated
Ask to Go for a Walk & Bath (Dogs)LittleMsSamUpdated
Ask to UpgradeLittleMsSamUpdatedRE-Updated 11/23 - Make sure you have the latest version!
ATM Cards and now with real Credit Function!LittleMsSamUpdated
Autonomous GardeningLittleMsSamUpdated
Autonomous RepairsLittleMsSamUpdated
Autonomous Upgrade of Objects when FocusedLittleMsSamUpdated
Better Autonomous HomeworkLittleMsSamUpdated
Better Butler (and Second Butler)LittleMsSamUpdated
Better Nanny (Younger, Regular, Second Nanny & more)LittleMsSamUpdated
Buy a better Mattress (Better Energy/Comfort on Beds)LittleMsSamUpdatedRE-Updated 11/17 - Make sure you have the latest version!
Buy Comfortable Cushions (Energy/Comfort on Sofas & Co.)LittleMsSamUpdatedRE-Updated 11/17 - Make sure you have the latest version!
Call a BabysitterLittleMsSamUpdatedRE-Updated 11/16 - Make sure you have the latest version!
Calm BeesLittleMsSamUpdated
Carryable Performance Stage plus Sing Songs!LittleMsSamUpdated
Change Outfit via Closets, Coat Rack & WardrobeLittleMsSamUpdated
Choose who you Call to MealLittleMsSamUpdated
Collectibles (Rock Digging) Rework (Slower/Harder) LittleMsSamUpdated
Dog Walker & Dog JoggerLittleMsSamUpdatedRE-Updated 11/16 - Make sure you have the latest version!
Extract Fossils at the Archaeology TableLittleMsSamUpdated
First LoveLittleMsSamUpdated
Force to Leave | New Door InteractionLittleMsSamUpdatedRE-Updated 11/16 - Make sure you have the latest version!
Foster FamilyLittleMsSamUpdatedRE-Updated 11/23 - Make sure you have the latest version!
Give a Gift & MoreLittleMsSamUpdated
Go for a WalkLittleMsSamUpdated
Go for a Walk with CatsLittleMsSamUpdated
Go for a Walk with Dogs will fill up NeedsLittleMsSamUpdated
Go for a walk with more Pets (Rabbitholes)LittleMsSamUpdated
Hire certain Sims (incl. Family Members) at RestaurantsLittleMsSamUpdated
Hire certain Vet EmployeesLittleMsSamUpdated
Hired Employees earn Money (Vet, Retail, Restaurant)LittleMsSamUpdated
Improved Meditation StoolLittleMsSamUpdated
Improved Spa Day TabletLittleMsSamUpdated
Improved Yoga MatLittleMsSamUpdated
Kids can Order | EspressobarLittleMsSamUpdated
Let Friends Age UpLittleMsSamUpdated
Live in BusinessLittleMsSamUpdatedRE-Updated 11/16 - Make sure you have the latest version!
Longer Basketball GamesLittleMsSamUpdated
Marketstalls | Toddler can Order & More Food OptionsLittleMsSamUpdated
Miscarriage Chance & AbortionLittleMsSamUpdated
More Buyable Venues and new Venue TypesLittleMsSamUpdatedRE-Updated 11/23 - Make sure you have the latest version!
More Fun Stuff (Motives, Skills, Life Skills & More Overhaul)LittleMsSamUpdated
More Servings Options & Better MealTime MenusLittleMsSamUpdated
More Umbrella Variations in WorldLittleMsSamUpdated
More Visitors | Custom Lot Trait & Door InteractionLittleMsSamUpdatedRE-Updated 11/16 - Make sure you have the latest version!
No Restaurant Bill when being InvitedLittleMsSamUpdated
No Sick, Dirty, Sad and Hungry Cats & DogsLittleMsSamUpdatedRE-Updated 11/24 - Make sure you have the latest version!
Online Learning SystemLittleMsSamUpdatedRE-Updated 11/24 - Make sure you have the latest version!
Plasma Packs from Plasma FruitsLittleMsSamUpdated
Quick Shower & Quick BathLittleMsSamUpdatedRE-Updated 11/17 - Make sure you have the latest version!
Quick Walk (with the Dog)LittleMsSamUpdated
Random Small ModsLittleMsSamUpdatedSome RE-Updated 11/25 - Make sure you have the latest versions!

No Auto Put Away Toys PetToys, VetWarmlyGreeting, MoreCustomesForWearCostumeHoliday, GradeSchool_EverydayClothes, KeyboardPianoSounds, PhotosInStorages, AutoDrinkWhenEating, UmbrellaAutoOpenOnRainyDaysOnly, NoAutoClubGathering, BuyTreatsViaPC, DogsChangeIntoEverydayAfterWalk, BuyCurryChilieSaffronWasabiViaPC, ReleaseAllTheGhosts, NoAgingTrait, NoShoesAtHome
Retail Overhaul (Hire certain Employees/Better Shopping as a Customer & more)LittleMsSamUpdatedRE-Updated 11/25 - Make sure you have the latest version!
RoommatesLittleMsSamUpdatedRE-Updated 11/17 - Make sure you have the latest version!
School HolidaysLittleMsSamUpdated
Sell via SimbayLittleMsSamUpdated
Send Sims to BedLittleMsSamUpdatedRE-Updated 11/17 - Make sure you have the latest version!
SimDa Dating AppLittleMsSamUpdated
Skate EverywhereLittleMsSamUpdated
Sleep InLittleMsSamUpdated
Small Invite to Hang Out OverhaulLittleMsSamUpdated
Small Laundry OverhaulLittleMsSamUpdated
Social Activities (Visit Friends, Family and more)LittleMsSamUpdatedRE-Updated 11/24 - Make sure you have the latest version!
Spend Weekend WithLittleMsSamUpdated
Teach me the RumbasimLittleMsSamUpdated
Train your PuppiesLittleMsSamUpdated
Ultrasound ScanLittleMsSamUpdatedRE-Updated 11/23 - Make sure you have the latest version!
Unlock/Lock Doors for chosen SimsLittleMsSamUpdatedRE-Updated 11/16 - Make sure you have the latest version!
Vampire PowersLittleMsSamUpdated
Satisfaction Console CheatscumbumboUpdated
Thinking SkillTriplisUpdated
Genie ModNyxCompatible
cosmic gender rayhugsUpdated
All CheatsTwistedMexiUpdated
Always FreeBuildTwistedMexiUpdated
Always FullEditModeTwistedMexiUpdated
Always MOOTwistedMexiUpdated
Always TestingTwistedMexiUpdated
Sell InventoryTwistedMexiUpdated
No Weather BuildBuyTwistedMexiUpdated
Vampire ToggleTwistedMexiUpdated
Values ToggleTwistedMexiUpdated
Travel to Special LotsZerbuUpdatedRe-updated 11/14 - Fixed LE's
Private PracticeSimRealistUpdated
Order Groceries from ComputerSrslySimsUpdated
Purchase Antidote All ComputersSrslySimsUpdated
S4Studio AccessoriesAndrewUpdated
Smoking MODnecrodogUpdated*Beta version
Club CreditTwistedMexiUpdated
Nisa’s Lot Trait ExtenderNisaUpdatedRE-Updated 11/15 - Make sure you have the latest version!
Temporary Tattoos for KidsscumbumboUpdated
No Food SparklesArenBroken
Lifetime SkillsTwistedMexiUpdated
Pregnancy Mega ModArtUrlWWWUpdated
RelPrint Console Cheats: Sims relationships in exact numberstodoaboutUpdated
Gender Preference CommandsscumbumboUpdated

Game Mods

Any mod that overrides/tunes existing gameplay that is NOT a Script! This also includes Hiders, Sliders, Recategorizers, and New Objects (with custom interactions).

*Please use the Search box below to find the status of your mods. If there’s a Mod not listed, please feel free to comment with the mod name/link.*
Mod NameAuthorStatusNotes
Become a SorcererTriplisUpdated
Phone Animation Replaced with Listening AnimationTriplis
Music Lover Idle Animation in Live Mode (Occasional)Triplis
Club Requirement: Gender FiltersIam4everUpdated
Event: Movie EveningIlkaVelleCompatible
No Autonomous Readingedespino
Less Waving Goodbyeedespino
No Inappropriate Family and Friendsedespino
Higher skill level threhold like rule for join a clubedespino
Higher money requeriment for join to Clubsedespino
Trade Voidcritters For All Agesedespino
More Club Members [& Gender Requirements!]HavemUpdatedOriginal by edespino
Play Voidcritters For All Agesedespino
Larger Hamper CapacityegurehCompatible
Negotiate More PerformanceegurehCompatible
More Intimate Emotional SupportegurehUpdated
Matched Spacesuitsegureh
Always Generate InsectsegurehCompatible
Toybox Stores Collectiblesegureh
Easygoing BabyegurehCompatible
Fridge Stores All Harvestsegureh
No Cooldown For Breeding Frogs egurehCompatible
"Work/Study Hard" Gains More PerformanceegurehCompatible
No Autonomous Rude/Flirty/Enchanting Introductions egurehUpdated
Longer Efficacy Emotion Potions egurehUpdated
Mischief MDK With HandbuzzerManderz0630Updated
Describe Flirty Dream AnytimeManderz0630Updated
Jungle Adventures - No cool-down for Mystical RelicsManderz0630Updated
Confident, Pregnant and Energized Walks DisabledManderz0630Updated
bug fix: Hides the Lovelorn Tense MoodletManderz0630Compatible
Be romantic and woohoo despite mood of simsManderz0630UpdatedRE-Updated 11/27 - Make sure you have the latest version!
Parenthood - No Autonomous Secret HandShakeManderz0630ObsoleteNo longer supported.
No Cool Down Time for Alien Brain PowerManderz0630Compatible
No Autonomous ExerciseManderz0630ObsoleteNo longer supported.
Any Ghost Can Set a FireManderz0630Updated
No making enemies for Farting and BelchingManderz0630Updated
Flirtatious Interactions Always AvailableManderz0630UpdatedRE-Updated 11/27 - Make sure you have the latest version!
Happy Buffs Changed To FineManderz0630Compatible
Career Socials unhiddenManderz0630Updated
Pan De Muerto Retail Price FixMenaceman44
Molding Clay Builds CreativityMenaceman44
Thin Book Tuning FixMenaceman44
Default "Park Sleeper" Tank TopsMenaceman44
"Life of the Party" Accessories FixMenaceman44
Less success for Try for BabyNeia
No Brain FreezeNeiaCompatible
More french names for townies and CASNeia
Autonomous VampiresPolarBearSimsUpdated
Retail~Hire Who Ever!PolarBearSimsUpdated
Breeding Unlimited!PolarBearSimsCompatible
Instant Morning SicknessPolarBearSimsCompatible
NO! Cry it Out!PolarBearSimsUpdated
Moody Laundry Piles ModPolarBearSimsCompatible
Restaurant~Hire Who Ever!PolarBearSimsUpdated
Vet-Hire Who Ever!PolarBearSimsUpdated
Birthday Anytime!PolarBearSimsUpdatedRE-Updated 11/17 - Make sure you have the latest version!
Praise Vet Employee All You Want!PolarBearSimsCompatible
Teen/Adult Romance & Mess AroundPolarBearSimsUpdated
Risky Woohoo & Try For Baby ChancesPolarBearSimsUpdated
Global Gender PreferencePolarBearSimsCompatible
Autonomous First Kiss!PolarBearSimsUpdated
Ghosts Can Have Babies!PolarBearSimsCompatible
Socialization is Fun!PolarBearSimsUpdatedRE-Updated 11/24 - Make sure you have the latest version!
NO! Think About Family Member~ParenthoodPolarBearSimsCompatible
Shower Bladder RelieverPolarBearSimsUpdated
NO! Change into Bear Costume~ParenthoodPolarBearSimsUpdated
NO! Ask for Advice~ParenthoodPolarBearSimsUpdated
Inappropriate To Marry FIXPolarBearSimsUpdated
Have Some Personality Please!PolarBearSimsUpdatedRE-Updated 11/24 - Make sure you have the latest version!
Autonomous "Ask to Move In"PolarBearSimsUpdated
Autonomous Weddings!PolarBearSimsUpdated
Faster Showers & Baths!PolarBearSimsUpdated
Autonomous Proposals!PolarBearSimsUpdated
Pregnant Aging & Death PLUS Children&ToddlersPolarBearSimsUpdated
Vampire Death & More ModPolarBearSimsUpdated
Labor Puddles PLUS Pets!PolarBearSimsCompatible
No Happy Environment MoodletsroBurkyCompatible
Working Alarm Clocksscumbumbo
Working Medicine Cabinetsscumbumbo
Smarter Baby Carescumbumbo
Evolve All Plantsscumbumbo
Faster Gardening ModscumbumboCompatible
Call Anytime + Relationship Modscumbumbo
Longer Song Titlesscumbumbo
Darker Progress Circlescumbumbo
No More Creepy Play Date Callsscumbumbo
Adoption For TeenagersMSQSIMSUpdated
Flash-Based In-Game Pack Browserweerbesu
No More Random IllnessweerbesuObsoleteMod taken down, therefore no longer supported.
All Beds Give Same Energy, Comfort and Stress ReliefcyclelegsUpdatedRE-Updated 12/18 for patch 1.48
Better BirdwatchingcyclelegsCompatible
Drinks Give More Food and Energy BoostcyclelegsUpdated
Faster Eating and DrinkingcyclelegsCompatible
Friendly Birds At The BirdfeedercyclelegsUpdated
Automatic SunburnsflerbUpdatedRE-Updated 11/19 - Make sure you have the latest version!
Hidden Club Traits and More membersflerbUpdated
Less Annoying Return to Lotflerb
No Party Guest Maximum XML Tuninggraycurse
Hire More DJs & BartendersRevyReiUpdated
DJ Booth Plays Custom MusicRevyReiUpdated
Vamp Spar Gains Conflict ResolutionRevyReiUpdated
Community Speaker for ResidentialRevyRei
No DJ or Bartender UniformsRevyReiUpdated
No Pets at the ClubRevyReiUpdated
Vampire Reflection EnabledRevyReiUpdated
Mute the DJ BoothRevyReiCompatible
Hired DJs & Bartenders Stay LongerRevyReiCompatible
Zombie ModNyx
Mermaids ModNyxUpdated
Fairies ModNyx
Trait/Custom Life State Inheritance & Club FiltersKlingonDragonUpdated
Ghost Needs (Removed)KlingonDragon
Flirty Spouse (Angry Buff) - Reduced / RemovedKlingonDragon
Lower Threshold for Parenthood Traits (Negative, Positive, Lifespan Flavors)tyjokrUpdated
No/All Required Recipe IngredientsscarletqueenkatUpdated
Teleporter and Elevators for community and residential lotsK9DBCompatible
Tube TeleporterK9DBCompatible
More Portable ObjectsK9DBUpdated
Place in World ObjectsK9DBUpdated
Functional RadiatorK9DBUpdated
More Drinks For KidsK9DBUpdated
Slower Pet Motive DecaysntheUpdated
Slower Motives DecaysntheUpdated
Custom Foods/Recipesicemunmun
Hunger bonus Increase from harvestablesicemunmun
Candle MakingicemunmunUpdatedRe-updated 11/14
Jungle Adventure Minor mods - LIGHT Fix, Berry Tree, Rumbasim, Skeleton, Fall Bufficemunmun
Vampire Hearts - Harvestable Heart Tree and Edible Vampire HeartsicemunmunUpdated
Functional Canning Station and Custom Canning SkillicemunmunUpdated
Debug Gardening Interactions made visible icemunmunBroken
Custom Bar Drinksicemunmun
General MODS by DiffevairDiffevairDiffevair's General MODS will be added here when they're CONFIRMED Compatible or Updated.
Fix MODS by DiffevairDiffevairDiffevair's Fix MODS will be added here when they're CONFIRMED Compatible or Updated.
Harder Gameplay Series MODS by DiffevairDiffevairDiffevair's Harder Gameplay Series MODS will be added here when they're CONFIRMED Compatible or Updated.
FIX - Attend to Rabbit Hole eventsDiffevair
FIX - Not Sitting While Playing on ConsoleDiffevair
Romance gives Fun to Romantic and Alluring Trait SimsTriplisUpdated
Anyone can Swipe Moditasan2
Low Fun Is BoringNiesCompatible
Cooler Sicknesses ModNiesCompatible
Vampire XP Gain Mods - Two Types of ModsChaavik
Dark Meditation - Two Vampire ModsChaavik
Fish Stay Fresh FOREVERStaarchild
Start Life the easy wayazoresman
Move In interaction made Easyazoresman
Retail and Restaurant PricekouUpdated
Vet Clinic PricekouUpdated
Hire Additional VetkouUpdated
Improved Romance Animationssimsilver0
Less 'Musical Chairs', No Group ChatLittleMsSamCompatibleOriginal by Shimrod101
Longer/shorter Pregnancy for Sims HavemCompatible
Neighborhood Protection - No VampiresLittleMsSamOriginal by Tanja1986
No More Welcome WagonTheFandomGirlCompatible
Try for Baby in Larger HouseholdsclaudiasharonCompatible
Love Tester Modkonansock
Mods by NecrodognecrodogNecrodog's mods will be added here when they're CONFIRMED Compatible or Updated.
World Type ChangesZerbu
More Club MembersZerbu
Turbo CareersZerbuBroken
Venue ChangesZerbuUpdated
Bake Cupcake Machine Items in Ovenemilypl27
Smaller CensorlemememeringueCompatible
Mods by luumiasimsluumiasimsNo Blu, CAS Overhaul
Customer browse and buy fasterkrizz.88
Reveal the Handedness Traits!Spazmunki13
Hide or Reveal Pet Quirks!Spazmunki13
Microwave SlotsAOM
More CAS Traits for Simschingyu1023Updated
No EA Eyelashescienzroza
No Mosaic / Censor ModmoxiemasonReports that restaurant interactions won't work. Tested alone - Restaurants worked fine, possible mod/cc conflict.
Pillow Talk After WoohooShimrod101
Pointy Ears Unlocked - All AgesKhitsule
Smaller Cupcake MachineEsmeralda
Animated Grandfather ClockAndrew
The Sims 4: Anatomy Mod!Cmar*18+ NSFW*
Unlocked Lot TraitsDorsal Axe
VAMPIRES - Mega Modmars97mOriginal by Tanja1986
Vampires - Weakness Point gains removed/reducedlinkster123Updated
Woohoo Acceptance Anims Replaced Shimrod101
General Mods by coolspearcoolspearUpdatedSee Updated list.
Mods by JustAnotherSimsFanJustAnotherSimsFanUpdatedFaster computer chat social gain, Gender filters for clubs, Longer interaction queue, No autonomous dance to stereo and wall speaker, No autonomous push ups, sit ups and stretching. All of JustAnotherSimsFan's mods not on this list are Compatible with patch 147.49.
Reduced Random Townies GenerationAKLSimmerUpdated
Mods by CinderellimouseCinderellimouseCinderellimouse's mods will be added here when they're CONFIRMED Compatible or Updated.
Torture & ChaosSacrificialCompatible
The Cursed PaintingSacrificialCompatible
Mods by SimstopicsSimstopicsUpdatedChildren/Toddlers Can Die of Anything
Faster Homework
Faster Retail Actions
Walkstyles Override - RE-Updated 12/14
Mods by SimstopicsSimstopicsCompatibleBad Grades are OK
Employees Stay 24 Hours
CC Wrench Icon HidersAOMUpdated
Darker Loading Screen ModTeanmoon
Mods by DiabolicalsimsDiabolicalsimsDiabolical's mods will be added here when they're CONFIRMED Compatible or Updated.
Expanded Rewards StoreFrimlinUpdatedRE-Updated 11/20 - Make sure you have the latest version!
Mods by LittleMsSamLittleMsSamUpdatedUpdated 12/18 - Random Small Mods (Lowered Thermostat Costs, Famous Sims Gain Followers Automatically, and Small Get Famous Reactions Overhaul Updated for patch 1.48).

21 Days Seasons instead of 28 Days, Autonomous go Jogging when Sims are Stressed & Children can Jog too
Autonomous Pay Bills at Computers, Cookbooks Cultural, Experimental, Seafood & Jungle, Herbalism | New Potions, Higher/Longer Payments for Apps/Games, Housewarming Party (instead of Welcome Wagon), Improved Kids Night Light, Kids can go for a Walk with Dogs, Automatic Stereo System, Food Delivery Service, Longer Sit in High Chair, Maid & Gardener Service, More Best Friends, More Experimental Food Servings, More Seafood Servings, No Auto Food Grab after Cooking, No Outfit Changing | Custom LotTrait & Traits, No Strangers knocking at your Door, No/Less Autonomous Picker (Dollhouse, TV, Dance), Objects don’t share Inventory, Parenting Skill for Teens & more, Pregnancy Overhaul, Quick Shower & Quick Bath, Quick Walk (with the Dog), Sell more self made Woodwork at the Flea Market, Slower Painting, Slower Songwriting, Slower Writing, Small Pet Food Overhaul, Stereos | Retro Station enabled, Toddler Ask for Food | No Junk Food, Watch Movie and Be Quiet please, Woodworking Table Rework + No Autonomous
Mods by KawaiistacieKawaiistacieCompatibleAll event mods, Ogre mod, Robots mod, NPC roommate, Functional Acne, Food = Calories
Mods by KawaiistacieKawaiistacieBrokenAfter school activities, Camping for kids, Boxing bundle, Cinderella, University,
HD feetnecrodogUpdated
Brewing tea and coffee for 5 minutes instead 11Galaxy777
Pets do not have fearssasha973
More CAS PresetsZerbu
3D LasheskijikoUpdatedWill soon be moved to upcoming Custom Content table for the list!
Various Seating Fixes/Additionscamsin259
Meaningful StoriesroBurky
Motive Decay Modpaessi
Rotating Animatics on Main ScreenweerbesuUpdated
Faster Social Gain From Socializingsimmythesim
Change Outfit On Inactive SimsShimrod101
More Club IconsZerbu
Cotton Candy Machineicemunmun
Functional candy Dispenser with Edible Candiesicemunmun
HarvestablesicemunmunSome have been Updated
Functional Grocery SetAlexCroft
Vampire TweaksAirianna
Nature's Kitty LitterK9DBUpdated
Beer for the Fridge ModAOM
No Gardening Club HarvestingManxCat
Mods by NekoMimiNekoMimi
More Monster Guards: Dragon, Ducky and Hippo DefendersK9DBUpdated
Little Monster Guards, Bear and Bot DefendersK9DBUpdated
Pregnancy For Teens + Get Engaged ModMSQSIMSUpdated
Erratic Trait Back To InsaneRory_Nutt123
Renamed EmotionsZerbu
No IntroSimser der Deutschen
Custom Food ProjectkonansockUpdated
Sliding Glass Doorsbrujah
Store Ice Cream Trays In The Fridgecrazyspaniard
Craftable Menu ExpanderLeniadUpdated
Welfare for SimsSpintherism
Buff Replacement Packchingyu1023
Shout Forbidden Words renamed to SwearOldcustard
"First Kiss" Interaction Fixsimsilver0
Project: More Sims In The World!arkeus17Broken
Harvestables OverhaulBrazenLotus
Set Filters on Paintings by ReferencescumbumboUpdatedRE-Updated 11/14 - Make sure you have the latest version!
No more cool-down period between sure salesMarquillotuca89Updated
All Perks Are Freesasha973Updated
Enable Makeup Categories for ToddlersAOM
No Fade Sims and ObjectsShimrod101
Less or No Spoilingsimmythesim
Tropical Getaway ModpackSimFansBroken
Bird Feeder gives feathersNoelleBellefleur
Hide lot trait head FXPeterskywalker!Compatible
Realistic Prices (Lower Career Salaries)Satira
No More Screen Slam When Developing a SkillmaloekoegirlUpdatedRE-Updated 12/1 - Make sure you have the latest version!
Faster SkillsmaloekoegirlUpdatedRE-Updated 12/1 - Make sure you have the latest version!
12 & 15 Hour Active Career Day with better Wagesmummy_001Updated
Sims Use the Toilet Standing Up More OftenWolfdude
Campfire Lighting Fixsimsilver0
Hidden Halfwalls RevealedbrujahUpdated
No Sparkle Effect During 'Play' Interactionjmem0
No Zzz for SimsKrys29
No Hygiene DirtShimrod101
No Blur In The DistanceShimrod101
Quiet Lot Introedwardecl
"Embrace" Interaction Improvedsimsilver0
Shimrod’s Facial Overlays Less Smiling FIXfloppant
Realistic Trees (No Fade)MSQSIMSUpdated
Higher Cost Aspiration Rewards from StoreaceposseUpdated
Dog Pregnancy Overhauln8smom8496
No-Fade Trees and StreetlampsFakeHouses|RealAwesome
Stand Still In CASkleptosims
City Living apartment problems for any lotPostcards from Sierra Nova
Keep Books After PublishingscumbumboUpdated
No Green Fumes from Garlicpearlbh
No Auto Grab Snacks!meharie
Refrigerate ALL The Harvestables!Karazhan87
Short School Hours For ChildrenMSQSIMSCompatible
Short School Hours For TeensMSQSIMSCompatible
More Phone Interactions For ChildrenMSQSIMSCompatible
25 Vacation Days (School Mod)MSQSIMSCompatible
Children Can Walk With DogsMSQSIMSUpdated
No Temperature DeathsRevyReiCompatible
Change Appearance with Mirror FIXMiss Puff
Longer Interaction QueueRainbow_BriteUpdated
Generic Lots Are Empty No MoreHumALittle
Faster Taking Turns When Bowlingddplace
Free Vampire Perksddplace
Criminal Work from HomeNoelleBellefleurBroken
Criminal can SwipeNoelleBellefleur
Astronaut Work from HomeNoelleBellefleurUpdated
Tech Guru Work from HomeNoelleBellefleurUpdated
Entertainer Work from HomeNoelleBellefleurUpdated
Culinary Work from HomeNoelleBellefleurBroken
Business Work from HomeNoelleBellefleurUpdated
Athlete Work from HomeNoelleBellefleurUpdated
Painter Work from HomeNoelleBellefleurUpdated
Writer Work from HomeNoelleBellefleurUpdated
Drink Blood, Not Plasma!Letisiya
No Romantic Rejectionnovalpangestik
Changeable hair for Plant SimsG1G2
Map OverridesMenaceman44
Hug/Kiss/Show Video Pre-Greeting Greeting Slower/Nixer/StiflerRavynwolvf
Multiplayer Modthepancake1
Less Laundry FiresRainbow_Brite
No Rain OutfitsRevyReiUpdated
NPC Names Expandednyandesu
Cheaper Aspiration RewardsAnakmay
"Throw Up" For EverysimNiesCompatible
Retail Fridge Holds Harvestablesemilypl27
Catch those pesky bugs! - No Failure to Collect InsectsElenaInTheSims
No/Less City Living townie names!simmytimeUpdated
No more Vampire Duels!Zuperbuu
All Radio Stations Unlockedmars97mObsoleteAll radio stations are now unlocked without the mod.
Heterosexual, Homosexual and Bisexual with No Romantic Rejectionnovalpangestik
Willow Creek Map OverrideMenaceman44
Sped up Mirror InteractionsGiakou
Optional Vampire Weaknessesnyandesu
Multiple jobs for your simsGalaxy777
Arctic and True Desert WeatherIndilwen
Festival Speakers Unlockedmars97m
Balanced Death MoodletsflerbBroken
No! Clean Up Pet ToysPolarBearSimsUpdated
No bubble blower or talking toilet reactions!simmytimeCompatible
CAS Hats Hiderfascination5
CandyD's Retuned Metabolism Mod - Natural Metabolism Part 3/3DarkSimisterUpdated
CandyD's Balanced Calories Mod - Natural Metabolism Part 2/3DarkSimisterUpdatedRE-Updated 11/21 - Make sure you have the latest version!
CandyD's Underweight Teens Fix - Natural Metabolism Part 1/3DarkSimisterUpdated
PIR - Pack Icon RemovertucatucUpdated
Hair Hiders For Cats & Dogs, Seasons And More fascination5
No Standing Up to GreetyakfarmUpdated
Pets Auto Fill Hygiene NeedsyakfarmCompatible
No Dark Form Cloud in CASlemememeringueCompatible
ATICAS 2.0tucatucUpdatedAKA - 100 Traits Unlocked for CAS
CandyD's Drink Drank Drunk Mod - 3 FlavorsDarkSimisterUpdated
Breastfeed Toddlers!PolarBearSimsCompatible
Fan Rotation Fix and RecatMenaceman44
Gain Hygiene From Swimmingsnthe
Enhanced Aliens ModNyx
Turn Into Vampire Always SucceedsCouch
Vampire - Non-Dark Form No More Growling [Updated 8-26-18]Xerox
Custom Club Activitiesicemunmun
Clothing Hidersfascination5
Vamp Spar Teen-AdultRevyReiUpdated
Ultra Employer - Potential Employee OverhaulAshenSeacedCompatible
Less Pet BarfingyakfarmCompatible
Unlocked "Nap in bath" interactionVmars
Reduced Mourning from Death NotificationscyclelegsUpdated
No More House FirescyclelegsUpdated
Doctor Career Job Titles Replacementd_unit
Nurse Career Replacement for Doctor Careerd_unit
parenting interactions updated and unlockedVmars
No homework to do - Always complete (100%)Nova JYCompatible
Freckles and Moles geneticsNova JYUpdated
Kids Make Less Mess & Clean Less MessMiss Puff
Teeth GeneticNova JYUpdated
Spice Jars can be sold and storage on retail fridgestrendorina
No more school project boxNova JYUpdated
Daylight Ring ModTheMoonlightEffectUpdated
Sleepiness Is Not UncomfortableGothyPanda
Pet Pregnancy Motive Decay Fixn8smom8496
More Columns in CASweerbesuUpdated
No more daily tasks, Only skills neededSigma1202
Werewolf ModNyxUpdated
ATS4 Beer Made Drinkableicemunmun
Better Romancesimler90 Updated
Permanent Skeletal AssistantTheMoonlightEffectCompatible
No More Autonomous Drinks from Fridge, Espresso and Tea MachineDaleko
No Date From Sleeping NPCwertyuio86UpdatedRE-Updated 12/1 - Make sure you have the latest version!
No Emotional Deathsthril1 Updated
Campfire - No FireDemonOfSarila
Less silly counter corner appliance placementplasticbox
Unlocked CAS PartsFogityUpdated
Gender LessFogityUpdated
Hidden HighlightFogityCompatible
Vampire Sun ImmunityRevyReiUpdated
Fanart MapsNoir Sims & DerShayan
No More Gross Leaf Piles!akacatCompatible
No Ashes Left from Burning Leaf PilesakacatCompatible
No Rain Outfitsmidnitetech
No Delay Between Instant UpgradesReubenHood
Send a Forged Breakup Letter Any DayManderz0630Compatible
Terrains Modk-hippieBrokenBlack lines and spots on random lots
Pet Themed Holiday Traditionsicemunmun
No Free Toysplasticbox
Moveable/Buyable City Living Apartment ObjectsNikNak513
The Pumpkin Projecticemunmun Updated
Electronics Work In the Rain!simmytime Compatible
Selfie OverridesDear Kim
No Autonomous ModsMSQSIMSCompatibleAll are Compatible!
No More Broken UmbrellasMSQSIMSCompatible
Patchy The Scarecrow BehaviourItsmysimmod Updated
Indoor SprinklerItsmysimmod Compatible
Reduce Decay of Vampire Thirst MotiveSweeneyTodd
More costumes for holiday traditionPeterskywalker!Compatible
Mods for SeasonsBienchenUpdatedUpdated 11/25 - somecatanddogstraysinotherworlds

carryumbrellafix, holidaytraditionwalkby_fix, immediatedecooptionsforunownedlots, leafpile_destroy, leafpile_nofreshnessdecay, mistletoekissinwinteronly, naturewalkforeveryone, nocoldsitonpooledge noholidayghostwalkbys, noholidaysingingsocial, stormmoodlettweak, walkbyrainfix_version1, lessrainmoresun, plantsgodormantinwinteronly
Desserts as Baking ModSrslySimsBroken
Writers Lore TypewriterSrslySimsBroken
No More MySims Treasures!lemememeringueUpdated
Mods by KawaiistacieKawaiistacieUpdatedUpdated 11/25 - Explore Mod.

RE-Updated 11/24 - Slice of life.

Better Schools, Preschool mod, Homeschool mod, Social media mod
Mods by LittleMsSamLittleMsSamCompatibleDine Out 6 Fish Aquarium, Dress Code | Custom Lot Traits, Entrance Fee on Community Lots | Custom Lot Trait, Flea Market appears every Sunday, Forbidden Fruit fills Hunger & Water Motive of PlantSims, Free Staff and no phone call animation for marketstalls, chef, barista & bartender, Gender & More | Custom Lot Traits, Herbalism | No Insects as Ingredients, More Holiday Icons, More Visible Wall Objects, New Precious Treasures, No Autonomous Set the Table & Wash “Invisible” Dish, No Burning Sun in Forgotten Hollow, No Gender Chance (Pregnancy), No Tiny Harvestables, No Pets Allowed | Custom Lot Trait, No Puddles under Bathtubs from splashing Toddlers, No Work! (New Holiday Tradition), Power Napping on Sofas, Preferences | Custom Lot Trait, Random Holiday Traditions, School Holiday (New Holiday Tradition), Schoolproject is Fun (for some ;)), Sleep All Night, Vets | Longer Crafting at the Medicine Station, WEE Working Elevators Everywhere, Wellness Tradition Pack (Spa Day DLC)
Mods by LittleMsSamLittleMsSamObsoleteVampire Invasions on Community Lots Fix, Hire Caterer Fix, Clear Bullitin Board Fix, Calm Emotions Fix
Kiss Neck For AdultsscarletqueenkatUpdatedOriginal by Shimrod101
Mods for Get TogetherBienchenUpdatedautonomousespressobar, lessautonomousespressodrinking, nochaletgardenghosts, singinshowernogroupinteraction
Mods for FoodBienchenUpdatedRE-Updated 11/20 - usemoreingredients

banquettabletuning, betterbread, faster cooking, fridge_moresnacks, icecreamdeco, morefoodatbar, morefoodatcafe, restaurantguestoverhaul, restaurantsittweak
New Art Collection for easelHavemCompatible
Random Bug FixesLittleMsSamUpdatedRE-Updated 11/25 - Eat Lunchpack when at work/school.

Updated 11/23 - Personal Objects (Computer, Tablets & more).

Weather Death Fix, Pet Pet fix, Pet Pet Greeting Fix are updated, Rest should work fine
Mods for Cats & DogsBienchenUpdatedRE-Updated 11/25 - hiddenpetsocialsnuker

buypettreat, dogwalkersinotherworlds, lessfilthydogwalkers, lesspetbushexplore, moreefficientpetbrushing, norandompetclothing, norandompetclothing_addon, petanxiousbufffix, petinheattweak, petwalkbysinotherworlds
Misc ModsBienchenUpdatedRE-Updated 11/25 - extendedinvitationsoverhaul, lessautonomouscomputer, morechildrenatparks, townieoverhaul, whimoverhaul

RE-Updated 11/20 - awayactions, lessnpcgrilling

aquariumtweaks, asktoleaveoverhaul, autonomousboygirlfriend, autonomousfirstkiss, autonomoussharebignews, betrothedoutfits, betteratworkactions, childdollhousestory, clubdancertweak, congratulatemore, dancingtweak, deathofsimreactiontweak, deepconversation, divorceaffectschildrenmore, friendlycoworkersandclassmates, gardeningfunfornaturelovers, inviteguesttweak, justfriendstweak, lessautonomousbath, lessautonomouscheckontoddler, lessbarnights, lesseldersatlounge, lesslonglivingactivesims, lessrandombarflys, lesswatchtoddler, loveemailtweak, moreaskwhathappened, morechildrenatparks_version1, morechildrenatparks_version2, moredonate, moreeffectiveskillbooklearning, nakedfootfountain, noagingatbirthdaypartyinvites, noautonomoushomeworkandjournal, noautonomousjogging, noautonomousmouldclay, noautonomousswipe, noautonomouswashdishaftereating, noghostfix, noplayfrominventoryexcepttoddler, normalhugisnocrassact, partytoddlers, partytoddlers_version2, partytoddlers_version3, photoframe_family1t, photoframetweak, nosicklygrocery, pregnantsimscandomore, rocketsciencebooklearningtweak, sadmourning, sharedeaththoughts, siblingcaretweaks, simpleflirtisnocrassact, socializefix, swimmingisfunandhygienic, thirsttweak.
Mods by BienchenBienchenObsoletenomarketstallflowerbunny, notvzapping
Drop Out of High School and Get a Real Jobemile20UpdatedOriginal by telford
KH Woohoo for Money ModKrullehoofdBroken*18+ NSFW*
Slider | No More Flat ShoesSome Pieces of HellBroken
Vampires: No friendship loss with Uncontrollable Hissing WeaknessUlgrymUpdated
Mods for City LivingBienchenUpdatedRE-Updated 11/25 - fleamarketvendor

RE-Updated 11/20 - touristoverhaul_version1.

RE-Updated 11/18 - craftsalestablefix.

lottraiteffectshider, lottraiteffectshiderv2, barflykaraoke, blossomfestival_version1, blossomfestival_version2, coffeeandsnack_destroy, foodfestival, lampfestival, landlordtextfix, lessNPCmarketstallorders, nerdfestival, noautonomoussingingselfpractise, nocurrycontestshirt, thirsttweak_festivaltea, uniformraccoon, watchspeechtweak, weirdooverhaul, touristoverhaul_version2
Calendar Event Add On: Plan Your Datekonansock
Calendar Event Add On: Plan A Meal in a Restaurantkonansock
Prom Modkonansock (originally by brittpinkiesims)
Baby Shower Eventkonansock (originally by brittpinkiesims)
Mods for Get to WorkBienchenUpdatedRE-Updated 11/25 - amazingpromotion.

alwaysdeterminebabygender, amazingbirth, criminalcareerfix, deathpenalty, hospitalcareerfix, lesssickness, patientssit, strongercoffeeinactivecareers.
Mods for ParenthoodBienchenUpdatedRE-Updated 11/18 - curesickness.

grannyssupersoup, noautonomousmakemess, notextmessagesforfixedbadrelationships.
Mods for Outdoor LivingBienchenUpdatedhikingincreasesherbalism, vacationwedding.
Mods for Laundry DayBienchenUpdatedlaundy_buffsandsoloidlesfix
Mods for VampiresBienchenUpdatednofakevampire
Child Vampire ManifestationSimsMods96Updated
Teen Careers for All Agescas-fulleditmodeNeeds to at least be updated to include the Get Famous "Career Hopper" perk for those with Get Famous.
NORMAL Lifespan Mod (108+ day lifespan)caucasiandad Updated
Specialized Mods by coolspearcoolspearUpdatedSee Updated list.
Food & Drink Mods by coolspearcoolspearUpdatedSee Updated list.
Career Mods by coolspearcoolspearUpdatedSee Updated list.
No Festival OutfitsyakfarmCompatible
Wear More CostumesScarletUpdatedUpdated 11/28 - Added Costumes from Get Famous Acting Career!
Vampires - Drink Deeply KillsTremerionUpdated
Adult skills for childrenPeterskywalkerUpdated
Ask for treats and satisfy trick or treat holiday traditionPeterskywalkerUpdated
Improved Weather Variety for WorldsPeterskywalkerUpdated
Restaurant Price IncrementbananatassleUpdated
Bigger Busking TipsThaMaddCompatible**Needs updated with new Get Famous code.
Sleep All NightLittleMsSamUpdated
Mods by LittleMsSamLittleMsSamObsoleteBetter Disable Celeb Walkstyle - Fixed with 1.48
Hire Gardnener Fix - Fixed with 1.48
No More Blocky TVs & Projectorsmars97mUpdated


New Custom Careers (this does NOT include mods that edit EA Careers, check Game Mods for those). Please use the Search box below to find the status of your Careers. If there’s a Career not listed, please feel free to comment with the name/link.

*All Custom Careers WILL need updated for this patch because they all include .ts4scripts and the patch includes new code!

Career NameAuthorStatusNotes
9-5 CAREER PACKmidnitetechUpdated
METEOROLOGY CAREERmidnitetechUpdated
JEWELRY CAREERmidnitetechUpdated
MANUAL LABOR CAREERmidnitetechUpdated
JOURNALISM CAREERmidnitetechUpdated
POLITICS CAREERmidnitetechUpdated
MONARCHY “CAREER”midnitetechUpdated
CLUB LEADER CAREERmidnitetechUpdated
MEDICAL CAREERmidnitetechUpdated
SWINDLER CAREERmidnitetechUpdated
HEALTH & BEAUTY CAREERmidnitetechUpdated
TRUST FUND “CAREER"midnitetechUpdated
GHOST HUNTER CAREERmidnitetechUpdated
CROP FARMER CAREERmidnitetechUpdated
NIGHTCLUB CAREERmidnitetechUpdated
MUSICIAN CAREERmidnitetechObsolete
ACCOUNTING CAREERmidnitetechUpdated
FITNESS CAREERmidnitetechUpdated
DOG TRAINER CAREERmidnitetechUpdated
ASTRONOMER CAREERmidnitetechUpdated
SLACKER CAREERmidnitetechUpdated
University ModKawaiistacieBroken
Part Time jobsKawaiistacieBroken
Full Time JobsKawaiistacieBroken
K-pop CareerKawaiistacieBroken
Teen CriminalkonansockBrokenPreviously listed as Updated. However sims are not getting paid, so it needs updated again to include the new code.
Slacker Career (Sims 2)NekoMimiBroken
Daycare CareerTwilightsimsBroken
Ghost Hunter CareerTwilightsimsBroken
Graphic Designer Careeryusril Broken
Slacker CareerFenaTiXBroken
Actor/Actress CareerxTheLittleCreatorUpdated
Psychologist CareerkittyblueBroken
Neo-Roman/Byzantine AdministrationandrefortesBroken
Baker CareerPiscean6Updated
Filmmaker CareerkittyblueBroken
Wedding Planner CareerPiscean6Updated
Chiropractor CareerPiscean6 Updated
Zookeeper CareerPiscean6Updated
Fitness Instructor CareerPinkySimsieUpdated
Bookstore Clerk Part-time CareerkittyblueBroken
Animal Care CareerkittyblueBroken
Cat Judge CareerSatiraBroken
Veterinary CareerSimmerCharlieBroken
Jungle Adventurer Custom CareerDrAnimaniacUpdated
Librarian CareerPiscean6 Updated
Lifeguard Career (Sims 3 Remake)Sims_LoverUpdated
Market Vendor CareerMarduc_Plays Broken
Brindleton Boarding Kennels CareerSimmerCharlieBroken
Bowling CareerMarduc_Plays Broken
Wellness CareerMarduc_Plays Broken
Divergent Series CareerDiamondVixen96Updated
Security Guard CareerMarduc_Plays Broken
Fashion and Modelling Career - Design, Model, WriterDiamondVixen96Updated
Private Investigator CareerMarduc_Plays Broken
Interior Design CareerDiamondVixen96Updated
Aviation CareerxTheLittleCreatorUpdated
Circus ArtistxTheLittleCreatorBroken
Airline Employee CareerSimmillerUpdated
Part-time Spa Career (Sims 3 Remake)Sims_LoverUpdated
Game Development Career (The Sims Life Stories)TwilightsimsBroken
Event Planner CareerSimmillerUpdated
The Sims Castaway Stories CareersTwilightsimsBroken
Fame Career TS1 to TS4MSQSIMSUpdated
Firefighter Career (Sims 3 Remake)Sims_LoverUpdated
Circus CareerTwilightsimsBroken
Animal Care CareerTwilightsimsBroken
Hairstylist CareerMSQSIMSUpdated
Singer CareerxTheLittleCreatorUpdated
Adventurer CareerTwilightsimsBroken
Real Estate CareerSims_LoverUpdated
Game Developer Careersnowleopard__x Updated
Xtreme CareerTwilightsimsBroken
Music CareerTwilightsimsBroken
Architecture CareerNeiaBroken
Archaeology Careersnowleopard__x Updated
Military Career (Sims 3 Remake)Sims_LoverUpdated
Kingdom Hearts CareerTwilightsimsBroken
Hacker CareerSims_LoverUpdated
YouTuber CareeritsmeTroiYTUpdated
Law CareerNeiaBroken
Military CareerNeiaBroken
Self-Employment CareerNeiaBroken
Education CareerNeiaBroken
Biology CareerNeiaBroken
Doctor Career: Rabbit Hole Conversion from GTWshannenenenBroken
Detective Career: Rabbit Hole Conversion from GTWshannenenenBroken
Scientist Career: Rabbit Hole Conversion from GTWshannenenenBroken
Corporate Gardener Custom CareerDrAnimaniac Updated
Nursing CareerKaiSimsCCBroken
Oceanography CareerxTheLittleCreator Updated
Mafia CareertumblrpotatoUpdated
Soccer Player CareertumblrpotatoUpdated
Part Time Careers (TS3 to TS4)TwilightsimsBroken
Sports Massage Therapist CareertumblrpotatoUpdated
Astronomer CareerTwilightsimsBroken
Clinical Psychologist CareerShannie115Updated
WWE Superstar CareerMSQSIMSUpdated
Ultimate Graphic Design Careerasiashamecca Updated
The SBA Baller CareerasiashameccaUpdated
Ultimate SBA BallerasiashameccaUpdated
Working Class HeroMaiaMadnessBroken
Ultimate Animator CareerasiashameccaUpdated
Drag Me to FabulousasiashameccaUpdated
Queen of Soul CareerasiashameccaUpdated
Pharmacist CareerxTheLittleCreatorUpdated
Skateboarder CareerUrlocalpisces Broken
Mental Therapist Careerhelene912Updated
Ultimate Dancer CareerasiashameccaUpdated
Accounting CareerRetr0Broken
Postal Service CareerSimscovery Updated
Private Security Contractor Careergreasemonkey98Updated
Retail CareerCharmingBirch Broken
Media InfluencerpugglerockUpdated
Ultimate Fashionista CareerasiashameccaUpdated
Perfumer CareerjulcyfruitBroken
Ultimate Educator CareerasiashameccaUpdated
Musical Theatre CareerMarduc_PlaysBroken
Ultimate Beauty CareerasiashameccaUpdated
Office Assistant CareerMarduc_PlaysBroken
Waiter CareerMarduc_Plays Broken
Coffeeshop Worker CareerSatiraBroken
Dock Worker CareerMarduc_PlaysBroken
New Career: An Easy JobDalekoBroken
Engineering Career ModSimply_Sims8Broken
Daycare Career TS3 to TS4MSQSIMSBroken
Babysitter Fulltime Job For TeensMSQSIMSBroken
WickedWorktvhebdoBroken*18+ NSFW*

Freelance Career (although technically a Trait)
'AEP' Pornography ModKsuihuhUpdated*18+ NSFW*
Fashion Careerkonansock (originally by brittpinkiesims)BrokenPreviously listed as Updated. However sims are not getting paid, so it needs updated again to include the new code.
Auto Service careerYouLieUpdated
Film Career (Sims 3 Remake)Sims_LoverUpdated
Photographer Career (Sims 3)Sims_LoverUpdated
Spa Career (Sims 3 Remake)Sims_LoverUpdated
Stylist (Sims 3 remake)Sims_LoverUpdated
Education (Sims 2 Remake)Sims_LoverUpdated
Social Services Careermissmani09Updated
Stylist Career TS3 to TS4MSQSIMSUpdated


Traits & Aspirations. Please use the Search box below to find the status of your Traits & Aspirations. If there’s a Trait or Aspiration not listed, please feel free to comment with the name/link.

Medium TraitLukeProduction
Grey Warden TraithayleysimzyUpdated
Healthy Lifestyle traitKPC0528
Feminine & Manly TraitsDaleko
Scholar TraitSweetMelodyxx
Sports Enthusiast TraitSimplyInspiredSims4
Tinkerer TraitSimplyInspiredSims4
Gardener TraitSimplyInspiredSims4
Charismatic TraitGoBananas
Schmoozer TraitGoBananas
Adventurer TraitGoBananas
Apollo TraitPurpleThistles
Ares TraitPurpleThistles
Daredevil TraitGoBananas
Small/Minor Pet TraitsGoBananas
Perceptive TraitGoBananas
Hestia TraitPurpleThistles
Dionysus TraitPurpleThistles
Hates Cats/Dogs/Pets TraitsGoBananas
Absent Minded TraitGoBananas
Tea Lover TraitkawaiistacieCompatible
Lucky and Unlucky TraitsGoBananas
Farmer TraitSims_Lover
Well-Aligned Traitchihuahuazero
Five Trait PackNekoMimiCharismatic, Intelligent, Mischievous, Gamer, and Party Sim
Sustainable Living TraitPurpleThistles
Class Clown Aspirationscumbumbo
Cross-Dressing TraitkonansockUpdated
GTW Active Career AspirationskonansockUpdated
Social Anxiety Disorder TraitEmma The Simmer
8 Pack of Child Exclusive TraitsTriplisCompatible
8 Pack of Teen Exclusive TraitsTriplisCompatible
Absent Minded TraitTwilightsims
Perceptive TraitTwilightsims
Super Keener TraitSimmiller
Scholar TraitSweetMelodyxx
Brave TraitTwilightsims
Allergic to Fur Trait and more!IlkaVelleUpdated
Pleasure AspirationNekoMimi
Bad Parent TraitZuperbuu
Social Pariah TraitTriplis
More Traits // Volume TwoKawaiistacieCompatible
Over Emotional TraitNekoMimi
Whale Ate My ParentsTwilightsims
Misanthrope TraitTwilightsims
Insomnia Traitdidelphimorphia
Vain TraitTwilightsims
God/Goddess TraitTheLovelyGameryt
Muse TraitTheLovelyGameryt
Mischievous TraitTheLovelyGameryt
Night Owl TraitTwilightsims
Early Bird TraitTwilightsims
Valkyrie TraitTheLovelyGameryt
Juiceoholic TraitTheLovelyGameryt
Conspiracy Enthusiastchozobo
Angler TraitSimplyInspiredSims4
Neurotic TraitTheMuseSway
Reaper Traitdoggydog1989
Crohn's Disease and IBS CAS TraitsSunnyElsa
Tween TraitPrincessNatalie09
Sweet TraitCatMuto
San Myshuno: Become Human (Detroit: Become Human Inspired Traits)KatIsHere
Intellectual TraitDaleko
Antisocial TraitDaleko
Karaoke TraitSims_Lover
Creative Trait for ToddlersUltimateGamer89Compatible
Immortal Traitjodi521 Compatible
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Custom Content – objects, clothes, hair, makeup, re-colors, etc. This is NOT a compiled list as the mods are because there is WAY too much out there! This is just a general list:

  • Hair (Including Eyebrows, Facial Hair) – FIXED with 11/20 Patch.
  • Eyes – Not the correct colors.
  • Makeup – Some doesn’t show as it did before the patch, more faint now.
    • Just one report
  • Beds/Sofas disappearing when placed
    • Just a couple reports
  • Clothing seems fine
  • Bunk beds – Sims can’t route to them
    • Just one report


Note to Mod Users – Please do not use this list to tell creators that their mod is broke. They know when they need to update their mods (we have tools that we use to check), so please have patience.
Note to Mod Creators – Please remember this list simply serves as a guideline based on community reports. The only way I can 100% guarantee the status is correct is if it comes from you. Please let me know if your mod has the wrong status and I will change it ASAP.