EA Rolls Out “Pay Per Color Swatch” in The Sims Mobile (UPDATE)

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Pricing and inventory issues have been corrected, and The Sims Mobile team are giving players 150 SimCash for free for a limited time. See here for details

One of the newest “features” introduced with the latest Sims Mobile game update, was the ability for players to purchase items by color swatch. This meant paying extra money for a different color variant of the same Create-a-Sim or Buy Mode item using in-game currency.

As you can imagine, the uproar from players spread from Facebook to Twitter, with players starting a #SimsNObile hashtag to share their thoughts. This “feature” was implemented in such a way that it costs about $14 to buy a color swatch for a dress or fridge.


The Sims Mobile team eventually took to Twitter to let players know they have been heard, and sent out the following series of tweets:

As you can see in the tweets above, they claim that the intention was to offer single swatch items for a lower cost, presumably to entice players to spend more real money in the game on items they might otherwise not own or purchase. Where this goes, only EA knows.