Origin Update: December 4th, 2018

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There’s a new update available in Origin: Version – 0

Version 10.5.31

  • We fixed an issue causing Premier exclusive game notifications to linger for a while, like that neighbor that always catches you between your car and your front door to just “say hi.”
  • Some dragons went on a team-building retreat causing all Fade to break loose and disrupt users’ ability to download free DLC packs for Dragon Age and Dragon Age 2. They’re back now and, being the tech-savvy ones, have restored the DLCs.
  • After downloading a game patch & restarting Origin, the play button would be grayed out. The inert gray portal that was the play button has since been scrapped, rebuilt, sonic screwdriver-ed and is now back in business.
  • We exorcised the ghosts that prevented The Count Lucanor from opening the Origin In Game.
  • Users encountered a bug where they couldn’t place voice calls. We swam to the bottom of the sea and reclaimed the stolen voices and calls from a sea witch and her moray eels.
  • Everything looks amazing in 4K. Except for crashes on startup. We worked out the kinks causing Origin to crash for some players with 4K monitors.
  • Don’t worry, we bagged and tagged the gremlins causing some games to start changing drive locations after users log out of Origin while repairing or locating another.

Version 10.5.30

  • We got rid of a bunch of real creepy crawlies that ran amok after we tried to use them as Halloween décor. We went a little overboard with our haunted house.

Version 10.5.29

  • We gave our ratings much needed dance lessons because they kept overlapping and stepping on toes of other content it shares the page with.
  • The download queue finished watching The Sopranos and decided to end its messages mid-sentence. The download queue has since agreed to display full messages as long as we make ziti and rewatch all 7 seasons with them.
  • Origin updates got some very necessary ninja training and will now be very, very quiet and work in the background when you start up Windows.
  • Imagine sampling an ice cream flavor, ordering it and being told they don’t have that flavor. The imaginary frustration you’re feeling was experienced by some users trying to upgrade from the Madden 19 trial to the full game. Both the full game and the hypothetical ice cream have been restored.
  • It’s that time of year to binge scary movies and the Origin Access banner is a more than a little jumpy, hiding when you come back from offline mode. We explained to the banner scary movies aren’t real and it’s not going anywhere.
  • Nope, you’re not experiencing déjà vu when changing your Origin Access membership plan from Basic to Premier, it was just a few nuts and bolts that needed some tightening.
  • The CTA on some DLC pages mastered being able to move so incredibly slow it became invisible to the naked eye. Okay, not really, but it is back where it belongs; nice and visible.
  • You may have noticed the awesome new layout making it easier to bundle games and DLCs at checkout. No bugs or anything, we refreshed that because we HEART you.
  • You know that face you have to practice when you’re gifted something you already own? Well, you won’t have to practice that because of Origin – we shook out some bugs that allowed friends to gift you stuff you already own.