Site News: Disqus Commenting System (GIFs)

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Hey everyone! Today I received an email from Disqus, our website commenting system, to let me know that they have now added an option for users to post GIFs as comments. I’ve enabled this option for SimsVIP as I know many of you have been asking for photo enabled comments for a long time. Now, you can safely use their GIF option.

❗ If you’re logged into Disqus and prefer to view comments without GIFs, click the “hide media” button in the drop down when clicking your username. This will hide all media for you and you’ll be left with text only. Click here to see a photo of this option.

In the past I have been reluctant to add the regular “photo” option to comments as I didn’t want to end up monitoring for tasteless photos, but with Disqus’ controlled GIF system, we can now have a little more fun in the comments.


Go ahead and test it out below!

❗ Side Note: When I tested the new GIF option, it seems that only a link displays upon submitting the comment, but if you refresh the page, the photo will be visible.