Electronic Arts Updates “Trust and Safety” Guidelines for Game Changers

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Electronic Arts has updated the Game Changers website to reflect new and updated trust and safety policies. In an email to Game Changers recently, EA gives them a briefing on the new expectations and a link to the new policy.

These changes come just one month after inappropriate conduct was reported about a Sims Game Changer that was harassing minors with sexually explicit advances. Their new policy highlights this and many other policies they expect game changers to follow.



Updated: 4.11.2019

The Game Changer program is a community partnership between EA and gaming influencers. We want to build and be part of healthy communities, so we look for our Game Changers to maintain a positive reputation within their communities and across the games industry. We ask our Game Changers to always be respectful, act with decency and integrity, and maintain the trust of their audiences and partners.

We understand that Game Changers have a wide range of opinions, beliefs, backgrounds, and perspectives. We fully support the free exchange of ideas and viewpoints, even when they may passionately disagree with others, or even criticize or poorly review EA games. However, we expect everyone in Game Changers to treat others with respect, fairness and civility. We won’t condone any action or behavior by a Game Changer that would significantly embarrass themselves or the community, and this includes anything that might cause harm or bring discredit to the games industry.

Key elements of our Game Changer Trust and Safety Guidelines are below. Acting against any of these could result in suspension, program removal, and banning from all EA games and services.



As Game Changers and players of our games, each of you has already accepted EA’s User Agreement, including our Rules of Conduct. The Rules of Conduct are built on principles of common sense and common decency, and set out some important obligations for all our players when engaging with others, creating content, and ensuring they are following laws. The User Agreement, including these same Rules of Conduct also apply to all players participating in our Game Changers program when acting as a Game Changer, we expect you will follow these rules, including those that prohibit:

• Harassment, bullying, inappropriate, abusive or offensive conduct, including hate speech, coercion, unwanted sexual advances or solicitation.
• Involvement in or promotion of any activity that violates the law.
• Invasion of privacy of another.
• Cheating, hacking or the promotion of such activities.

Importantly, as ambassadors to the community, we expect our Game Changers to abide by these same Rules of Conduct even when you engage on other platforms, websites or services under your Game Changer profile. Acting against our Rules of Conduct when identifying as a Game Changer on any site or platform could result in suspension or dismissal from our program.



Players that are part of our Game Changer program are not allowed to partner with or promote sites or services that violate our Rules of Conduct or promote activities that are inappropriate for our communities. These would include gambling, coin selling, alcohol, e-cigarettes, and other mature content specifically noted in your agreements with EA.


Players should never use their membership or status as a Game Changer to earn favors, benefits, or influence over anyone.


Players must respect their contractual obligations to EA and to others, including non-disclosure agreements. Players must also adequately disclose advertising and endorsement deals with the public, including by following the FTC or other applicable guidelines.