The Sims 4 Island Living: First Impressions by Giuletta Sims

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Custom Content creator, Giuletta Sims, has published a post with first impressions and info on The Sims 4 Island Living. Details include mermaid powers, deaths, dolphins, and info on the new part time jobs in the game. Head over to Giuletta’s Tumblr to read the full post!

  • Sim turns into a mermaid when enters the water when you give a task to swim. Sim can wade in the water without turning into a mermaid.
  • Instead of hygiene mermaids need to fill hydration need. I think it gets filled when mermaid swims in the ocean. My mermaid had a few positive moodlets after swimming in the ocean.
  • Some interactions will deduct points out of hydration. For example my mermaid used 30 hydration points to call a dolphin.
  • Interactions with the water: sims can float, swim wherever you click, swim around (I haven’t tested this interaction), sunbathing. I am not 100% sure whether all sims can sunbathe in the ocean or only mermaids. When it’s cloudy sunbathing option won’t be selectable.
  • There will be 3 types of dolphins. Sim who becomes a friend with a dolphin can give it a name.
  • Sims who became friends with dolphins can feed the dolphin for §2, talk to them, ask to be squirted,  splash the dolphin, pet and ask to do the trick: dance, kiss, rub a belly or play catch.
  • There will be an active conservationist career that will have 2 branches: environmental manager and marine biologist.
  • Conservationist will need to take care of the garbage around the island. It will be scattered along the beach line, but main tasks will be available at Mua Pel’am district. It is a nature preserve where EA placed a shipwreck, a cave and waterfall.
  • There will be 3 part time jobs: diver instructor, fisherman and lifeguard.
  • They revamped fitness skill, and swimming in the ocean and working as a lifeguard on the beach will affect that skill. I saw one sim who was swimming front crawl with torpedo speed when other sims were swimming a bit slower. I didn’t interact with that sim, and wonder what fitness skill did he have.