The Sims 4: New Muslim Inspired Content Coming Soon

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During today’s Maxis Monthly stream, Gurus announced that Thursday’s game patch brings new Muslim inspired Create-a-Sim content and other build and buy mode items.

The update will bring the following CAS items:

(1) Female Teen/Adult Hijab

(1) Female Teen/Adult Outfit

(1) Male Teen/Adult Knitted Kufi

(1) Male Teen/Adult Shirt

(1) Female Child Traditional Dress

(1) Male Child Shirt


In addition to the Create-a-Sim content, the next game patch will also add the following new Muslim inspired build mode additions:


Pointed Arch

Single Door

Double Door

Single Windows

Double Windows

This new content and more will be available in the game with the next game patch coming September 5th, 2019. To check out the items in game, see the replay of today’s Maxis Monthly stream.