The Sims 4: Farming? Theme Parks? Trolling?

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UPDATE: SimGuruDuke confirmed that “Theme Parks” is not bring worked on.

Original story below…

If you ask Sims 4 players what types of themes they want to see now that the “expected” content is out of the way, most would say Farming, Theme Parks, and more. Just this week, SimGurus took to Twitter and dropped what many believe to be hints or teasers. SimGuru Ninja changed his profile picture to that of a MySims Farmer (concept art) and Duke took to Twitter to claim that a player had guessed the next pack was “Theme Park” related.


When asked about his new profile photo, Ninja insisted that he is just “showing love” to MySims and wanted to show off some concept art. Many are suspicious of this answer though, given Ninja’s history of dropping teasers and hints.


SimGuruDuke has not immediately responded to numerous tweets asking if his comments are indicative of what’s to come, but the day is still young. Could these be subtle hints at what’s in the pipeline for The Sims 4? Or are Gurus simply trolling because they can?

Update: It appears that the concept art is of the character Finn from the fully-released game MySims SkyHeroes, not from a canceled game.