The Sims: Threadless Interviews Maxis

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Threadless, the Official Merchandise store for The Sims, sat down with Maxis for a lengthy interview on The Sims’ 20th Anniversary.

What magical surprises will The Sims experience in their twentieth year of existence?

Oh we’re always looking to surprise and excite The Sims’ community and this year (and beyond) is going to be amazing. First and foremost, anyone playing the game will find a new birthday hot tub waiting for them to help celebrate this momentous anniversary! Let’s party!


We also are really looking forward to the upcoming Community Voted Stuff Pack. The arts and crafts knitting theme that our players have chosen is going to be super fun and provide some compelling new activities to keep your Sims busy!

Since we’ve already released a lot of the “expected” Sims content (i.e. Seasons, Cats & Dogs, etc.), we’re now approaching a point in time where fresh, new ideas can more easily come to the surface. We have some thoughts and interesting ideas for what cool new content to make and directions to go in, but more importantly, the players will let us know what they want! We’ll be listening and poised to make it happen! Their continued involvement in this Simming community is more impactful than ever, and we’re going to continue building upon this game together.

Frankly, our development team is incredibly excited and ready to explore this new chapter in The Sims!