Community Spotlight: SimsPandy (Builder)

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Here to kick off our February Community Spotlight is talented builder, SimsPandy! In a brief introduction below, SimsPandy gives readers a chance to learn a bit more on her work in the community. Take it away Pandy!

Untitl12124124ed Sul sul simmers! I’m SimsPandy, a 26 years old simmer from Switzerland and I’m so happy to share my Sims story with you today. I can still remember the first time I became aware of The Sims. I was at home with a childhood friend and her older sister played Sims. From that moment on I was fascinated by this game.


With the release of The Sims 2 in 2004 I got my first own Sims game. In the first years I spent a lot of my time in live mode, played through the careers, completed a 100 Baby Challenge in The Sims 3, travelled with my Sims to Al Simhara and fought with mummies and collected many more great memories. Only with The Sims 4 I came to my newest passion – the build mode. I love to try out new designs, think of a floorplan for a tiny house or create special landscapes with the debug items.

Last year I decided to share my buildings on Youtube. My first videos were speed builds. I started building small houses and have been able to improve my building skills through my Youtube channel. A little later I discovered stop motion videos and launched my current building series #StopMotionSunday. Every sunday there is a new stop motion video – no matter if it is a community lot, apartments or family houses, I let my creativity run free. For me, The Sims is my perfect world, which entertains and relaxes me after a long working day. I’m even more happy to share my little ideal world and my Sims buildings with my subscribers and get so much great feedback. That means a lot to me!

Last year I also joined the online Sims community on Twitter. Today I cannot imagine a life without the community anymore. The creativity, the exchange, the positivity and the inspiration are the things I appreciate most about the community. Here I collect new ideas every day and enjoy the designs of other simmers. Thank you Alexis for giving me the chance to share my Sims story with the SimsVIP community. I was very happy about the invitation for the SimsVIP’s February 2020 Community Spotlight and feel so honored. Happy Simming!


If you would like to follow my journey on my social media channels, you will find all links to my profiles below.