The Sims Artist Showcase: Morgyn Ember


I never thought any sim could rival with the fan favorite of Caleb Vatore. Then, The Sims 4 Realm of magic made its debut causing Sim fans to focus on a new fan favorite: Morgyn Ember. A lot of fan art came out for Morgyn, many of which involve Caleb (some shipped with Morgyn while others viewed as his rival.) Enjoy this lovely fan art and leave who your favorite is in the comments below!

4. Credit: Jeb-CC

5. Credit: strayyuuu

6. Credit: SvanetianRose

7. Credit: LunarisRaven

8. Credit: Ryjenic

9. Credit: DepressoDemon

10. Credit: DepressoDemon

12. Credit: TavyaPL

14. Credit: mavesatheartist

15. Credit: mavesatheartist

17. Credit: simmister

18. Credit: Pyroritz

19. Credit: GamingTweety

20. Thank you

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