Community Blog: Take Sustainability to the Next Level in Eco Lifestyle

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The Sims team has released an official blog on The Sims 4 Eco Lifestyle Expansion

Nestled up against a quarry by the water, Evergreen Harbor has a long history of natural beauty marred by pollution. Over the years, it has become… well, not so green at all. Smog and dirty air cloud the skies, junk has accumulated in empty lots, and trash litters the docks of the harbor—it’s maybe not the best fishing environment. But in The Sims™ 4 Eco Lifestyle Expansion Pack*, it’s up to your Sims to return it to its former glory! (Or they can just party it up in filthy style. We won’t judge!)

Move It, Move It

Sims arriving in Evergreen Harbor have their choice of three different neighborhoods. The community of Grims Quarry is best off, environmentally speaking, though grimy and cluttered with waste. Still, its clean air accentuates its appeal when compared to the middling Conifer Station and rundown Port Promise. Once Sims start making an effort, though, each of these neighborhoods transforms. Go all-in on the industrial-chic aesthetic by turning an old shipping container lot into your new home in Port Promise, or take a leisurely stroll atop of the old train station’s parkway in Conifer Station when Evergreen Harbor finally lives up to its name.


Sims also reap the rewards of living either the green or industrial lifestyle even beyond Evergreen Harbor. Check your impact in almost any neighborhood or world of your choosing—excluding Strangerville and Destination Worlds—or pause the eco-footprint effects from the game options menu. You decide where and when it matters to you.

Hit the Dump(ster)

Need a TV, a table, or even a mattress? Check the dumpster! A lot of the things you find in the trash aren’t junk at all. That first-generation TV is a nostalgic but functional throwback! Sure, the mattress might have a coffee stain and a tear or two, but you can fix it up—or just use it as-is. And that singed oven is perfectly fine after you wipe it down. There’s no reason to buy new when you can basically furnish your house without spending a single Simoleon. Just make sure the dumpster’s not already occupied by any other Sims getting frisky…. You’ve been warned.

Waste Not, Want Not!

So, your Sim just bought a new couch and needs to get rid of the old one. You can sell it, of course, but why not turn it into something new? With the Recycler, you can break that old couch down into reusable components for your next invention. To get the rest of the materials, keep an eye out for Bits & Pieces while you’re scrounging around in the dumpster. Once you’ve collected enough, you can create your own items in the amazing new Fabricator!


You Have the Power

What power? The power of sustainable resources! Who do? You do! From wind turbines to solar panels, generate your own electricity at home. Whether you place them on your roof or in your yard, they offset your bills and take you off the grid—literally, they expand off-the-grid functionality. Sims might choose to gather their own water with a dew collector too. Who needs infrastructure now? Of course, you could always go for a traditional power generator if green energy isn’t your thing.

Incorporating solar energy into our day-to-day lives empowers individuals to take control of their energy consumption and contribute to a more sustainable future. By harnessing the power of the sun, homeowners can generate their electricity and reduce their reliance on traditional energy grids. The installation of solar panels on rooftops or in yards not only offsets energy bills but also enhances off-the-grid functionality, providing a sense of independence and resilience. As more people embrace the benefits of sustainable energy, it becomes easier to envision a future where households generate their power and rely less on centralized infrastructure. If you’re considering making the switch to solar energy, exploring options and obtaining information specific to your location, such as an Austin, Texas solar panel quote, can provide valuable insights into the financial aspects and benefits of adopting solar power in your daily life. By embracing renewable energy sources, individuals become active participants in creating a greener and more sustainable world for generations to come.

Work Hard, Play Hard

Explore two new careers in The Sims 4 Eco Lifestyle. As a Civil Designer, it’s your job to fix this town up—with help, of course. Once you get your Eco Inventions up and running, your neighbors are sure to take notice. On the other hand, if you’re more of a creative soul, why not turn a profit on the stuff you’re making? Perhaps you’re a Fizzy Juicer, a furniture maker, or a candlemaker. Once you’ve gathered your resources, like ingredients or repurposed dyes, you can get to work and fill orders through the computer as a Freelance Crafter! You can also sell your goods with an Entrepreneur’s Table at the Community Space on your own time.


Come Together

Every week, you and your neighbors can vote on a Neighborhood Action Plan like funding Green Initiatives, supporting Self-Sufficiency, or encouraging Free Love. You can also designate a purpose for the Community Space. Transform it into a shared garden, a maker space, or a marketplace for everyone to enjoy. You get to build it in nearly any world in The Sims 4! Bring Sims together around vertical gardens and hydroponic planters in Brindleton Bay; learn from other craftspeople in the workshop of Willow Creek; or sell your goods and peruse other offerings at the market in Evergreen Harbor. It’s up to you—and your neighbors. Don’t forget to convince them to vote your way!

Bug Out

Bees aren’t the queen bees in The Sims 4 anymore (though they do produce wax!). The new Insect Farm introduces a plethora of bugs. While toddlers and children can play with grubs and crickets, bombardier beetles provide biofuel for the power generator. Or, if you’re feeling adventurous, treat your Sims to a healthy, crunchy, protein-filled meal. Just don’t let them smile at anyone afterward or they might see beetle legs stuck in their teeth. Gross.