CONFIRMED: Firefighters Coming to The Sims 4 Base Game

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As SimGurus played in today’s Eco Lifestyle live stream, Firefighter hints popped up all over the place throughout the game. These hints have confirmed that Firefighters will be coming to the Sims 4 Base Game in the next game patch.

During the live stream, Gurus showed off the new object tags for Eco Footprints, and one of the objects was tagged with a “Fire Resistance” level. This is assumed to have an impact on whether the material you choose burns faster or not.


Their Sim also started an accidental fire in one of the game saves, and a special option on the fire popped up that allows Sims to “Call Fire Department”. After the Sim put the fire out, a small note from the Fire Department appeared to tell Sims to be more careful.

SimGurus did not officially announce this feature, but right at the end of the stream they did talk about the flammability of flooring (which can be turned off in game options) and they ended the stream with a fire, which prompted the fire department to come.