Inspiration Corner: Building for Eco Lifestyle

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With a new pack just around the corner, it’s time to get inspired! The Sims 4 Eco Lifestyle comes out on June 5th, letting our sims live in an environmentally conscious paradise or in total dump if that’s your thing (we’re not here to judge).

After watching the official gurus livestream and some of the Game Changers footage, I went back to the game to look for stuff we already own that fit into the theme of the pack and into its world, Evergreen Harbor. Please bear in mind that my goal here was to put objects together to fit the themes, not to create rooms that would be good in game!

So whether you’re looking forward to make a community space or want to start building before the pack even comes out, this could be a good, and inspirational, starting point. 

Repurpose Everything

Upcycling is one of the main themes of this pack, and we’ll be able to have homes that look like they came directly from a thrift store or flea market. It doesn’t matter whether this stuff is old, chapped or worn out, we can still use them. So things that were once useful can now serve as decoration, and things originally meant to have a certain functionality can now work as something else (or just look cool). This is every hoarder’s dream, I’ll tell you.

Evergreen Indeed

Eco Lifestyle is a pack for those who love to be surrounded by nature so the more plants we have, the better. I’m not only talking about nice gardens on the outside, but also finding ways to integrate nature indoors, even if it means having natural themes on furniture and decor. So cover your floors and walls with leaves, petals and branches, it’s time to feel like one with nature.


Get Stoned

Evergreen Harbor has one of its neighborhoods built around a quarry, and a number of the nw Build/Buy items reflect that. So stone is a material that should be plentiful at our new homes, both in many objects and also as floor and wall patterns. For more on how to build with stone, check out this previous guide on how to use different materials in game.

Survival Mode

Maybe what you want is something different than living on an utopian world. Some of the new objects and also part of the new gameplay will let you do that whether you want to be off the grid or just have high levels of industrial eco-footprint around your sims. So it’s time to update our bunkers so our sims can live, or should I say “survive”, amongst smog, acid rain and piles of trash.

DYI Delight

As I said before, upcycling, repurposing and even fabricating items are all big parts of Eco Lifestyle, and the content we already have in game can already point to that. Try looking for objects that are either hand made or that have been altered with some creativity and elbow grease. This is also anticipating the next stuff pack, Nifty Knitting, that we all know will bring items (and gameplay) that point to the direction of arts and crafts.