The Sims 4: October 6th Game Patch to Correct Cosmetic Skin Tone Issues

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The Sims team has released an official blog confirming that they will be releasing a brand new game patch on October 6th, 2020 that will address and correct the “blotchy artifacts and ashy appearance of darker skin tones on mid and high spec machines*”. The Sims 4 on console will receive the same patch about a month later on November 10th, 2020.

The Sims team will be releasing a base game update around existing skin tones on October 6 for Mac/PC and November 10 for console. As we work on expanding skin tone variety, in this first step, we’ll be improving the blotchy artifacts and ashy appearance of darker skin tones on mid and high spec machines*. (Not sure whether this applies to your computer? See the note below!) As mentioned in our initial video, we recognize there is a need to improve the representation of hairstyles in our base game as well, so in October, we will start by updating two of the base game hairstyles.

*Please note that the October PC update will, at this point, be visible only to those running the game with the “Uncompressed Sim Textures” graphics settings turned ON. This will not be the default setting on all machines, so follow these steps to check your settings and see the graphic updates. To turn ON “Uncompressed Sim Texture” in the game, go to Options > Game Options > Graphics Tab > Graphics Sections > check “Uncompressed Sim Textures.” If your machine has lower graphics settings and you attempt to run with uncompressed graphics, you may experience a crash; to recover, please re-enable graphic compression. Based on the current specs that default “Uncompressed Sim Textures” to ON, we recommend a graphics card rated medium, high, or ultra and at least 2 GB video RAM.