The Sims 4 Gallery Spotlight


Respite Rentals

Overwhelmed feelings and the routines of every day will slip away, once checked in to these rentals designed to rejuvenate the spirit, help heal stress, and explore different hobbies. Each is custom content free and available for download in the Gallery. Enjoy!

1. Hawthorn Cottage by dork-brain-kate, §17,483

2. Coastal Getaway by DemiPia, §39,290


3. SeaShine Romance Rental by LilliethShadows, §44,773 

 A quirky honeymoon destination spot, this cozy one bedroom, one bath getaway offers all the amenities and lots of photo opportunities. 



4. Swedish Seaside Rental by taffissimo, §62,058

Forget any grey woes and step into this vibrant one bedroom, one bath beach house full of charm and detail.


5. Cottage Rose- Rental by PRinceXblood, §77,555

An older property cobbled with nostalgia, new memories are waiting around every corner of this three bedroom, two bath home.



6. Modern Air BnB by ACurtis2003, §85,651

Quiet comfort awaits in this ideal rental for a couple with one bedroom and two baths.


7. Winter Rentals by ChristinaMaria80, §93,942

Snuggled in the snow, twin two bedroom and two bath cabins offer luxury lodgings.


8. Admiral’s Wreckage Rental by deljla, §91,538

Nestled under formidable wreckage is a mysterious two bedroom, one bath getaway, still partially submerged in the sand.


9. Palm Springs Retro Rental by tiffompink, §147,559

This eclectic mid-century modern three bedroom, two bath party destination is perfect for a group of friends.


10. Rental Jungle Treehouse by XPASHE, §170,453

A secluded two bedroom, two bath paradise awaits under a canopy of trees at this lush rental.