Maxis GM Catharina Mallet: We’re Committed to The Sims 4 for “Long-Term”

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In a recent article by, Maxis VP/GM Catharina Mallet states that Maxis is committed to a “long term” nurture of The Sims 4 community. How long is “long term? Well according to Catharina, the gaming industry talks about supporting successful games for 10 years, 15 years or longer. She then goes on to state that Maxis is committed to long term success, but does not specify how long that will last.

The Sims 4 turns 7 in September.

It seems so long ago — over seven years — since Sims 4 launched,” Ryan adds. “We learned a lot. We doubled down since then and the team has done an amazing job of adding to the depth and breadth of the game. Folks in the industry used to talk about having successful games that could live for five years. Now we talk about them lasting ten years, 15 years, or more. There’s been a shift across the entire games industry to support and nurture our communities long-term, and we’re committed to doing just that with The Sims 4. In fact, we also do more than ever to partner closely with our community. We often speak directly with them, seeking their guidance and input.