LGR Reviews The Sims 4 Cottage Living Expansion

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LGR has emerged from his “Sims hiatus” to provide us with a Cottage Living review!

So! Regarding my statement about future videos at the very end. To elaborate: I do not plan on reviewing any more Sims 4 packs, other than full expansions most likely. There are only so many times I can say I’m disappointed or that something sucks, after all.

The Sims 4 continues to get new content all the time and I generally just don’t care, man. Over the past seven years and 50+ videos I’ve made about it, I have said everything that I wanna say about it, many times over. At this point I feel like I’m going nuts repeating myself. Like, we all know EA is a pile of turds and the core gameplay of The Sims 4 isn’t gonna change all of a sudden, so I haven’t bothered talking about the last six or seven content packs because my heart simply isn’t in it anymore.

I value my time enough not to waste it on covering things I’m not fully invested in. Years ago now, covering this series went from “ooh, I get to make videos on The Sims!” to “ah crap, I have to make videos on The Sims.” It became an obligation, then a burden, and now it’s just a pain the dick to keep up with.

So yeah. I’m tired of this onslaught of products. Exhausted, honestly. The series has gone off in confusing directions with monetization schemes I don’t care for, and each new pack is clearly being made for an audience different from what old school simmers like me are looking for. I’d rather not waste my time and yours talking about overpriced products made by a corporation I dislike. So going forward I only plan to check in on the series when a full expansion comes along (if that), since at least there are only one or two of those a year. That’s as much as I can stomach.

Thank you to all of you for watching over the years, and I truly appreciate all the messages you’ve sent in asking for more Sims videos. But for all intents and purposes, I’ve mentally checked out and left The Sims behind. Which is fitting, since it left me behind years ago.