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Ordering boxes of pizza through our smartphones has been the norm in this new age of technology. Naturally, some would get board of the unchanging six flavors of pizza and want something else brought to their doorstep. As an answer to market demand, a company rolled out a nationwide food delivery service on Fall 3rd. Minutes after launch, users were flabbergasted by the inadequate service quality.

The company that designed the application, Zoomers Food Delivery (ZMFD §60.06), aims to allow its users to order any meal or grocery they want. Their advertisement boldly states, “Maybe you are in the mood for pasta primavera or even a fancy steak dinner. All this and more are available through Zoomers Food Delivery. Order a delivery through the phone or the refrigerator and the food will arrive in a jif.”


In reality, a large number of users are sharing on social media that Zoomers’ deliverers refuse to hand over their orders. “Ridiculous,” a sim shared on Simmer (SMMR §4), “the delivery person said she didn’t know how to give me the bag of Mapo tofu pork, so she left with my food!” The post soon garnered attention as others chimed in with similar experiences. From the comments, it appears that the deliverers are “undertrained.” They would refuse to hand over the bags of order. In doing so, they would claim not knowing how to perform the task.


Four hours after launch, the CEO of Zoomers, Nicholas U’rug, released a statement online. He acknowledged the situation and affirmed that the company will ramp up employee training for their deliverers.

However, videos and stories on Simstagram indicate something problematic. Some users found out that as soon as one upgrades to the premium service—which unlocks a grocery shipping option—the deliverers would have no trouble dropping off their orders. “It’s as if Zommers are compelling us to pay more to actually receive the food we’d pay for,” one sim wrote on his post.


As of release, the food delivery brand has yet to comment on the latest discovery. The San Myshuno Times will update this story as events unravel.

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