The Sims 4 Gallery Spotlight


Spectacular Spooks

Spooky season beckons us to venture into homes less used, for one diabolical reason or another. Ignore the instinct to run and settle into a lifestyle that’s slightly less human. All homes are available for download in the Gallery. Enjoy!

1. Your Neighbors House by SatyrUnderwood, §55,732

This old, abandoned(?)1 bed, 1 bath house used to be the happy abode of Charlie, his wife, and their cute dog, Bob. The doggo and his wife have been strangely absent…


2. Witchy Tudor Castle by 0906lady, §65,081

A home for solitude, but not necessarily to be alone, this cozy home is ideal for those seeking a little privacy to practice the finer arts.


3. Deadgrass Manor by xHoneySimsx, §73,730

Despite its decrepit exterior, the interiors of this home are tidy and neat, so the residents can apply their efforts towards other types of housekeeping.


4. Coldhill Estate by sophiesockettx, §143,420

Slightly overgrown, and ever so slightly neglected, this tiny home with twisting corridors needs a resident with nerves of steel. Note: The staircase went buggy in the upload, so it needs to be placed, but it somehow seems fitting in a home that needs repairs.


5. For the Dark Hearted by pop_suul_suul, §152,496

Vampiric? Maybe. Great neighbors? Probably. Keep up the facade of typical human existence in this five bedroom, four bathroom, home.


6. Vampire Hilltop by Lunapig, §158,518

A two bedroom home ideal for vampires, the exterior reflects how difficult it is to make home repairs in the dark.


7. Vampire Dollhouse by Cynquilla, §192,197

A classic Victorian home with one noted difference, the cold basement isn’t only for storage, it certainly eases the heat of the day while trying to sleep.


8. Vampire Victorian by gas434, §406,734

With two bedrooms and bathrooms to serve the living, an enclosed and caged area is reserved for the dangerously undead. Four pictures aren’t nearly enough to do justice to the decorating in this detailed home.