The Sims 4: Four New Create-a-Sim Tattoos Coming in March

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The Sims team has released a community spotlight blog, highlighting the work of leading tattoo artists who are working on 4 new tattoos for The Sims 4. The artists have developed a collection of special tattoos named “More Than Skin Deep,” that will be available through the Sims Delivery Express later this March. Check out the blog below!

The Sims 4™  is bringing a new selection of quite possibly the oldest, purest and definitely the most permanent form of self-expression to the Base Game.


To proudly recognize leading women in the industry, we’ve worked with four amazing tattoo artists who are shaping the future of tattoos for You Make The Sims, a series that spotlights creators across the world who inspire us. These women have developed a collection of special tattoos “More Than Skin Deep,” for Create-A-Sim that will be available through the Sims Delivery Express.

There’s Young 02, a Korean, Seoul-based artist known for her abstract expressions, figures, and vivid colors; Crys, a Taiwanese, Brooklyn-living tattooist who specializes in blackwork and floral designs (and she’s a professional esports athlete!); Mani, a Brazilian immigrant to the UK whose art celebrates Black Indigenous cultures and matriarchy; and Genesis, a NYC-bred skater-slash-tattooist who enjoys creating ornamental pattern work as well as illustrating insects and botanicals.

We sat down with these inspiring women to talk about what they designed for The Sims 4, their individual styles, what it’s like being a woman tattooist, and why adorning your body with art is the ultimate form of self-expression.


Let’s talk about tattoos! What excites you most about tattooing? 

Crys: The people! This industry gives you the potential to meet so many different types of people, and I have made so many friends through tattooing. I also am super thankful to have the ability to always be able to learn and grow. I am constantly inspired by new artists, and hope to always keep improving my work.

Young 02: That I can leave something eternal in a person’s eternity.

Genesis: Learning, and growing as an artist. I get excited when I see the reaction of a client when they first see their completed tattoo and having the satisfaction of knowing that my knowledge/wisdom in this craft is paying off.

Now, how would you describe your work as a tattoo artist? 

Crys: I am very versatile in style, however as I progress as an artist, I especially identify with gaming culture, anime, and flora and fauna tattoos.


Young 02: By using abstract forms and vivid colors, I give people time to think and talk about their stories and feelings, and comfort their minds.

Genesis: My work is very multifaceted. I go back and forth between simplicity and complexity. Some days I do very illustrative/detailed work, other days my work is very simplistic in nature. Themes pertaining to my work includes natural archetypes, such as planets, the Occult, spirituality, and ornamental pattern work integrated with magic. I enjoy creating intuitive designs for my clients which assists them in fulfilling their desires and manifestations pertaining to their own spiritual journey.

We can absolutely see these styles come to life in the tattoos you created for The Sims. Can you tell us more about these designs and why you created them?


Crys: The designs I created were based mainly on the theme of anime and floral components. Recently, a lot of anime’s have female leads, but it’s really cool to see a surge in allowing these females to be powerful without the damsel in distress trope. Without being literal, the tattoo itself can represent the balance between beauty and power, and just how special that connection is.

Young 02: I drew it by comparing the beauty of women to nature. Just as nature is beautiful in any way it exists, I wanted to say that women are beautiful in that way. We all are perfect!

Genesis: The designs I created for The Sims are similar to the kind of designs I normally do for my clients. Tribal repetitive patterns along with some celestial serpent energy for The Sims! I tried my best to create designs that I felt would grant players the option of creating an avatar with a spiritual context. Some people like to be completely covered in tattoos; however I wanted to grant players the option of having simplicity while still being adorned.


We can’t wait to see players start experimenting with these tats! Now, let’s learn a bit about yourselves. How did you become a tattoo artist?

Crys: My love for tattooing stems back to when I was a child in Taiwan. I would go down to the boat docks where there were old biker dudes covered in traditional tattoos. My parents thought differently, but art on skin has always intrigued me, and I started drawing on people as a kid. Even though I did classical music throughout my youth, I came to New York for art school and through word of mouth I ended up getting a job at my first shop as a shop girl.

Young 02: I’ve always felt that tattooing is very attractive in that I draw on the body, not on canvas.

Genesis:  My love for tattoos began when I was 14 years old. I was always interested in art growing up, but it wasn’t until I started watching music videos that I saw some of my favorite musicians wearing markings on their skin. The idea of translating my artwork into a medium that can be worn on individuals seemed very appealing to me; as well as the idea of wearing my story on my skin. I met my first mentor in college, who was also studying the same major as me, graphic design; he was already a tattoo artist. A conversation was initiated between the two of us and the rest is history.


Because these tattoos are meant to celebrate what it means to identify as women, what makes you proud to be a woman in the tattoo industry? 

Crys: To be a female artist is to embrace my ability to empathize and connect with my clients on a personal level. As we grow as women, we often realize there are many obstacles. However, these obstacles present themselves as opportunities for growth and self reflection. While many negative gender and industry stereotypes exist, it makes me proud that I am able to overcome challenges as well as create a nurturing and positive environment. For me, being a female artist is having the ability to embrace fierceness and fragility both in kind.

Young 02: Tattoos make people more themselves. Tattoos are a very powerful and permanent way to express people who you are. As a female tattoo artist, I’m very proud to help other females express themselves to be themselves.


Genesis: Just being a female alone in a male dominated industry and making strides in my career despite the obstacles that are purposely placed in this industry to limit women make me  feel not only proud of myself but very grateful to have made it this far in my career.  Through my experience alone I can inspire other women to go against the grain of what’s expected from females in this industry. I want to inspire women to refuse taking no for an answer, to stand firm in their convictions and not feel that they have to compromise their bodies, or freedom of speech or autonomy in order to learn this craft. I want them to know that if we aren’t welcomed to table in this male dominated industry, we’ll just make our own seating arrangements at our own table.

To close out our conversation, what do you hope people take away from you, your work and the tattoos you are bringing to The Sims?

Crys: I hope that people will be happy with whatever choices they make in life. I hope my tattoos are a reminder of the experience they had, whether it’s meaningful, or nothing, or everything. Ultimately. I hope my tattoos and my work are reminders to be happy for that person wherever they end up in life, and to always strive for improvement. There is so much room to grow.


Young 02: I draw/tattoo about peoples’ feelings and stories. I use abstract expressions, figures, and vivid colors so I can express stories, or feelings, of various spectrums and hide them if I want. I want people who look at my paintings (or getting tattoos from me) to feel and imagine whatever they want. I want them to make their own stories or feelings when they look at my artworks so they can have time to look into their hearts and take care of themselves.

Genesis: I hope players are inspired to get more body adornments in real life. I also hope that they are inspired to integrate their interests into different modalities.

The four Create-A-Sim tattoos will be available later in March in The Sims™ 4 on PC and Mac via Origin™ and Steam®, PlayStation®5, PlayStation®4, Xbox Series X|S and Xbox One systems.