The Sims 4: Official Maxis “Laundry List” (3/3/22)

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Maxis has released their ninth “Laundry List”, letting players know which community concerns are being investigated and are likely to be resolved with the next game patch. You can check out the previous Laundry Lists in our dedicated Laundry List category.

Welcome back to the Laundry List where we share a list of the top community concerns that we’re currently investigating for resolution in an upcoming patch. At this time we are addressing the technical issues we understand you have been experiencing in The Sims 4™  My Wedding Stories Game Pack.


We are aiming to issue an upcoming patch that prioritizes the below and more, with a deployment of improvements from our dev team:

  • Please Take Seats update for receptions and prevent blocking of other player-directed activities
  • Walking Down the Aisle adjustments
  • Invite Sims from both sides of the wedding, regardless of which Sim is planning the event
  • Guests arrive in their proper clothing
  • Guest attire stays selected after closing and reopening Wedding Planner
  • Improvements to Sims gathering for dessert time
  • Improvements to Sims gathering around the cake
  • Improved the amount of time needed before Wedding Cakes spoil
  • Cake toppers no longer floating
  • Cake model looks correct after cutting and serving
  • Adjustments to the Passionate Kiss animation
  • San Myshuno’s Myshuno Meadows Center Park appearing in the wedding venue list
  • Paired dancing improvements

You can expect two individual patch updates in the coming weeks, one that will release ahead of this My Wedding Stories patch of featured improvements.

Thank you for continuing to share with us about any issues you’re experiencing on Answers HQ.