EA Announces Two New Kits Coming September 7th

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After various leaks these past few days, EA has officially announced two new kits for The Sims 4: Poolside Splash Kit and Modern Luxe Kit.

The first one is for Create a Sim items and, as the name suggests, brings an assortment of clothes in the swimwear category and also accessories that go with them.


As for the second one, Maxis has partnered up with simmer and creator @XureilaYT for items that “celebrate hard work with new elegant furniture that says ‘I made it'”, as they say on social media.

Below, you’ll find both the announcement tweet and the community blog. Both kits come out this Thursday, September 7th.

Sul Sul Simmers!


It’s time to turn heads with your most vibrant looks – both indoors and outdoors! From bright and playful swimwear designs to luxurious modern furniture, create the very best ensembles and spaces that make a statement this season in The Sims™ 4!

With The Sims 4 Poolside Splash and Modern Luxe Kits, players can style their Sims for a day strutting their stuff at the pool and design a luxurious bedroom for an evening of relaxation in comfortable elegance.


Become the Life of the Pool Party

The Sims 4 Poolside Splash Kit empowers Sims to turn heads at the pool with bright and playful swimwear that compliments a variety of skin tones and body types.

Dive into the plethora of patterns, colors and trendy cuts of this collection that celebrate your Sim’s unique style. Whether your Sim is looking to get flirty in the hot tub or be the life of the party by the pool, these lively looks will surely make your Sim stand out.

Sims can even dip their toes into the world of aquatic accessories, perfecting their poolside ensemble with stylish shades, rainbow nails, sandals, fabulous floaties and more. Mix and match all of these pieces for dazzling results that indulge in your sense of fun as you bask in the sun.


Live in the Luxury Your Sims Deserve

It’s time to sit back and treat your Sim to a life of luxury. They’ve worked hard and it’s time to celebrate how far they’ve come. With The Sims 4 Modern Luxe Kit, your Sim can say “I made it,” through elegant art, sophisticated décor and cushy comfort. Leave frugality in the past and showcase your Sims’ signs of success.

Embrace your creative side and design a stylish and inviting space filled to the brim with high-end pieces like TV’s disguised as wall art, designer handbags, sculptures and a functional record player.

Xureila collaborated with our developers and art director to create this Kit. “This entire experience has been amazing! I really enjoyed working with The Sims team,” said Xureila. “From my vision board of the design to choosing the style and colors of the furniture, it was surreal seeing my ideas come to life. This is truly a dream come true! I drew inspiration from Black artists who showcased the luxurious lifestyle of Black individuals. This ultimately served as the primary influence for the project. I mixed in my own personal tastes and interests to create the final product.”


As your Sims relax in their space, wind down the evening in a state of bedroom bliss. With a lavish bed and tufted headboard, vanity, plush rug and other decadent details, discover that an evening in has never felt so good.

The Sims 4 Poolside Splash and Modern Luxe Kits will be available on September 7, 2023 on PC via EA app™, Mac® via Origin, Epic Games Store and Steam®, PlayStation®5, PlayStation®4, Xbox Series X|S and Xbox One systems.