[Updated] New The Sims Roadmap: Stuff Pack and Expansion Pack Coming in 2023

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A new roadmap was presented in Today’s Behind the Sims and later shared on The Sims social media accounts for the remainder of 2023.

This next season is called “Hustle & Bustle” and will bring one Stuff Pack (which will be announced this Thursday, September 14th) and one Expansion Pack. Watch the teaser below.


Update: EA also shared a new blog post that also confirms two new kits for this next season. Read it below.

The Sims™ 4 – Hustle and Bustle

Embrace the Hustle & Bustle of Sims 4 with two exciting Kits, one tasty Stuff Pack, and a neighborly Expansion Pack

Life is busier than ever, but hustle culture isn’t what it used to be. It’s time to throw out the bad chaos of the hustle and bustle, and trade it in for the good so you can own your own storyline. Tune into the exploration of new passions and tune out the noise that gets in the way of them. Whether you’re learning to cook for the first time or rekindling your love for it, building a new home for you and yours or cultivating a local community, embrace the Hustle and Bustle.

Get Busy.