The Sims Launches Its Official Discord Server

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The Sims has just announced its official Discord server. At its launch, the service supports three languages: English and Spanish. Brazilian Portuguese, French and German channels will be created soon.

Anyone with a Discord account can already join The Sims server through this link. Here’s what Maxis has shared on a blog post.


Sul sul, Simmers! Discord is a community hub for so many, whether it’s a private server with your friends or a place  to connect with larger groups in official or fan-made community servers. So, it made perfect sense for The Sims to officially join Discord and create a new community hub for all our Simmers. Regardless if you are a seasoned Discord user or new to the platform, we are ready to welcome you in!

Joining The Sims – What it means for you!

The Sims Discord server is a place where you can get the latest news from your favorite The Sims games, connect with the development team, participate in challenges, find tips and tricks, make friends, get inspiration, enter giveaways, and more.

We’re launching the server with a general area for all Simmers. You’ll have the option to select different roles allowing you access to dedicated areas within the server focused on specific Sims titles. Within that dedicated area, Simmers can chat about the game, share their gallery links and photos, receive and offer community help, launch their own challenges, and check out CC and mods from their favorite creators. Upon selecting The Sims 4 role, you will get access to a dedicated area for The Sims 4. Our other titles will be rolling out with dedicated spaces in the coming months so keep an eye out for updates. As we launch more sections, you’ll have control over which sections you see by self-assigning your roles for each title.

At launch, the server will cater to the English and Spanish languages with announcement channels for both translated updates and regional specific updates and events. These will also be unlockable using a self-assigned role. We’ll be releasing channels for Brazilian Portuguese, French, and German within the coming month and exploring the possibility of adding more languages as the server grows.

This is just the beginning of The Sims journey on Discord! We cannot wait for you to join us and to see all the creativity and community connections that grow.

Join the server here.

New to Discord?

Here are some terms to help you get started:

Server – The encompassing name of the area which houses the categories and channels. For example, this is The Sims server and it houses lots of categories and channels you can participate in!

Category – A group of channels under one theme.

Channel – A text, voice, stage, or forum that has a specific category of communication.

Stage – A channel where one or a few people can talk either via voice or video while everyone else watches.

Forum – A channel where you can post a contained post with its own comments and reactions. There are also tags so you can easily find what you’re looking for.

Role – A role is a user tag that is either self-assigned or assigned by a moderator or administrator that gives you access to channels. You can also use these roles to self-identify. For instance, you can select your pronouns so everyone can clearly see them. Roles are visible to all members by clicking a username.

Admin – These are folks who run the server.

Mod – These are moderators who are in-place to help keep the community safe.

Staff – These are people who work directly on The Sims from our developers to our community managers and beyond!

Bots – These are handy little robots who help run the server and offer other functionalities such as auto-posting our YouTube videos.